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This section contains information of war veterans from the former townships of Binbrook and Glanford and is an ongoing project that was begun by Hugh Brown. The initial format was to have a record of all those who fought in WW I and WWII and had a connection to the former townships. The beginning was relatively easy; take the casualty names from the local cenotaphs and start a folder. Only a couple dozen names or more. Then, add in those fortunate enough to come home, check the memorials in township halls and the count is in the sixties. And that was only WW I. The collection of material for each individual serviceman has been made easier by use of the internet, along with donations of the descendants of those who went to war. Items collected include attestation papers, service records, diaries and letters. Some files contain 3 or 4 pieces, while one has 180 images, mostly of letters sent back friends and relatives in Binbrook and Glanford. Not all of the material will be posted. The goal is to give an indication of the collection housed at the Glanbrook Heritage Society archives, to encourage those seeking more information to contact or visit the Society. Material on WW II has been collected but is not yet formatted for digital storage. It's a "work in progress."

Names collected so far are:

Killed In Action:

Ashbaugh, Albert ;

Ashbaugh, Vernon; Bell, Albert Gordon; Bell, Elvis Albert,; Bliss, Linnell; Bull, Alexander; Butler, Frederick Charles; Cleghorn, John; Fletcher, Angus; Fowler, Reginald; Gowland, Roy; Hildreth, James Gordon; Krick, Norman; Osgood, Cecil Wilfred; Packham, Earle Allan; Pettit, Erle Sylvester; Switzer, Harold Edward; Switzer, Richard Arthur; Thomas, William.

Returnees and Home Service:
Allison, Harold; Beaty, James; Beer, Ethel Louise; Brooks, Charles; Butter, Fred Cameron; Cline, Clarence Wilfred; Cook, Garfield Hiram; Cutts, Thomas Alfred; Dalgleish, William Robert; Daw, Stanley Charles; Etherington, David Archie; Etherington, Harry Barcly; Gawley, Ernest Gilbert; Gowland, Reginald; Guyatt, Benjamin L.; Harrison, Albert Gordon; Harrison, Earle Joseph; Harrison, Frederick George; Harrison, John; Hopkins, Cecil George; Horsfield, John; Kellogg, Edward; Laidman, Arley; Laidman, Francis Marmaduke; Laidman, James Russell; Laidman, Lewis; Laidman, Lorne; Laidman, Sidney; Laidman, William; Lifford, William; Marshall, Cecil; Moffat, William; Moore, John; O'Driscoll, Denis; Packham, John; Packham, Robert; Parker, Brant; Passmore, Richard; Ptolemy, David; Ridge, Frank; Ridge, Wray; Sarro, Eugene; Simpson, Thomas; Start, George; Start, Russell; Stremble, William; Sykes, Sidney.

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