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March 2010 Newletter, Issue #61

It’s finished. The question that you’re asking is “What’s IT?” The subject is the scanning of the Barton Stone United church collection of historical memorabilia by the Society over the past several months. This was a collective effort by members of Glanbrook Heritage Society and we thank all those who helped with the project. For those members who may not have the background, here’s a summary. Barton Stone church has a collection of 2,925 items, containing 4,041 images which includes photos and news clippings relating to the church and the surrounding area of Barton and Glanford Townships. It was collected, catalogued and researched over a twenty year period by Gordon Allison (1918-1998), church member, school teacher and historian. It is stored in four fireproof filing cabinets on church property. The material had been fastened to green or white construction paper and stored upright in the cabinets. Over time, some minor transference of colour from the green paper has occurred on a few of the photos. Fading of newspaper articles had taken place as well. The Society purchased a lap-top computer with this project in mind, and with an already-owned scanner, the process was completed on site. It’s a win-win for all involved.

February was Heritage Month, and in spite of Dalton and the gang, we refer to the third Monday holiday as Heritage Day. To encourage heritage, a number of events were held in our area. Glanbrook Heritage Society had their “annual” show-and tell”, with members bringing out an assortment of historical items for all to enjoy. Hamilton Historical Board recognized Ancaster resident, Jim Green, with the Mel Bailey award for contributions to local history. At the same ceremony, Hamilton-Wentworth Heritage Association presented volunteer awards to twenty recipients representing twelve different heritage and historical groups. At the Ancaster Old Town hall, Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee gave out twelve heritage property certificates to owners of historical buildings throughout the city. A presentation of local interest was a certificate from the Ontario Heritage Trust to Olivia Newport,a recipient of the junior volunteer achievement award by OHT. There was the history and heritage for Heritage Month, and we repeat, “Family Day??”

The Society’s participation was one of dozens at the 2nd annual Grimsby book fair on Saturday, February 20. Our early volunteers were greeted at the door with offers to carry in displays,free coffee and muffins and baby-sit the display for lunch and washroom breaks, if one was alone. A very warm welcome indeed! There were old friends and new ones, interesting and different groups and some good news was heard through the rumour mill. Susan Ramsey, former curator at Battlefield House, was retuning! In case you didn’t know, the city swapped curators between Whitehern and Battlefield sometime last summer. Before you ask why, the answer is “Who knows?” Battlefield volunteers apparently were not pleased and a large number resigned in protest. Perhaps the message filtered through and all has been returned to “normal.” Good news again for heritage.

We’ve been helping a volunteer from Westfield Heritage Village in trying to find information on two of their buildings that were donated by Binbrook and Glanford families. The donations were made in the early days of the village and their records are incomplete. A smokehouse came from the Elmer Hendershott farm in Binbrook and a blacksmith shop came from the Archie Turner farm in Glanford. Westfield has provided us with a photo of the smokehouse now at the Village. And no, that’s not in Appalachia, it’s right here in Hamilton.

Our masthead photo, taken in downtown Mount Hope, comes to us courtesy of our president,Ron Sinclair. He found it at a postcard show recently and we now have a scanned image in our files. It says “Temperance Hotel” but it was called the Standard Hotel before the time of the picture. The original postcard owner had written on the back (1912), “Mount Hope the wonderful, forty miles from nowhere. This is where I board.” In an enhanced version, the sign says “Ice Cream and Ice Cream Sodas” and there’s a girl in a hammock on the left end of the porch. The news item below may be referring to the later Standard/Temperance Hotel.

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, March 15 at 6:00 P.M.Annual meeting and potluck supper at St. Paul’s Glanford Anglican Church, 2869 Upper James Street, Mount Hope. Members are requested to bring a ‘potluck’ and take part in the business meeting following supper.

  • Monday, April 19 at 7:30 PM.Regular meeting at Orchard Court, 2800 Library Lane, Binbrook; a presentation on the Barton Stone scanning project.

  • Monday, May 17 at 7:30 PM Regular meeting at St. Paul’s Glanford Anglican Church, 2869 Upper James Street, Mount Hope

  • Monday, June 21 at 7:00 PM: The annual strawberry social. Hosts are Tony, Janice and Olivia Newport, 7349 Airport Road, Mount Hope

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