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      GHS - June 2014

June 2014 #78

Recently, we came across a couple of small booklets that had seen better days. They were in reasonable condition but just “old.” They were autograph books that were popular in the 19th and 20th century, designed for collecting autographs. One was of personal interest since it belonged to my grandmother, with the dates in the 1880's. It appears that one was expected to write a message and not just scribble a signature. Some were a standard verse and others appeared to be quite original. Some had a religious theme, others were a “best wishes” theme and one offered some lifestyle advice. “Take the advice of an old man and have nothing to do with the boys. N.M.” Obviously she ignored that one. The opposite was written by a girl friend: “May you be happy each day of your life, Get a good husband and make a good wife.” Interesting reading, especially since a number of the names were Glanford people.

In visiting the local cemeteries taking photos of the headstones, we came across a stone that had an inscription moved from the rather ordinary ones “Together Forever” or “Always Remembered.” It was one of a pair, husband and wife, found at Mount Zion cemetery, Copetown. They were both in the RCAF in WW II, he as aircrew and she in the Women’s Division. The inscription that seemed appropriate was on the bottom of the wife’s stone and reads: “ SHE SERVED THAT MEN MAY FLY.” We’ve posted the photos for your perusal below. View and reflect.

We’ve asked the president for an update on “things historical” and here’s the news: I hope everyone is looking forward to our end of season Strawberry Social and, maybe with the improved weather we may even have strawberries!!! It will be great to see everyone on June 23rd at the Shaver Homestead in Ancaster for our most popular meeting of the year. You probably think this is early but we need to talk about the summer and gearing up for the Fall Fair. For many years we have been able to count on Al & Shirley Rumbles to deliver materials to and from the Fair and to do multiple shifts at our exhibits. This year they have a great adventure planned for September, a trip through the mountains on the Rocky Mountaineer. Have a wonderful time Al and Shirley, the rest of us are jealous. Coincidentally, Art and Jackie French will be cruising the Rhone in September. All of this goes without saying that we need some volunteers to help co-ordinate our exhibit (scheduling shifts, set up, take down and providing help with getting things to and from the Fair). Janis and Olivia have volunteered to put together an exhibit once we know what theme the BAS has established this year. Let me know on the 23rd if you can help with co- ordinating things or can take a shift on Friday, Saturday or Sunday of Fair weekend. The update of our Inventory of properties of historical or cultural interest will take place this summer. Volunteers are also needed for this project that will involve driving the back roads of Glanbrook determining if listed properties are still there and, for this update, taking a new photograph of the building(s). This is needed in advance of the City of Hamilton's fall initiative to assess properties of interest for inclusion on the City Register. Let me know what role you might play in this initiative at the Strawberry Social.

Two other things require new volunteers. First, I am stepping down as the Guest Speaker co- ordinator. We need someone with fresh ideas to identify and arrange guest speakers for the following meetings in 2014-15 -- October & November/2014 and April & May/2015. I'll most certainly help anyone to take over this responsibility. Second, we are concerned that our membership has been declining over the past few years and need a couple of volunteers to work with the President on surveying other heritage groups to determine what they may be doing that could help us attract and retain new members. For your interest, statistics from our newsletter mailing list indicates approximately half our membership do not attend meetings and their only connection is the quarterly newsletter. This in itself is not a problem but when it comes to taking on things like the Fair, it means we have a considerably smaller pool of volunteers to draw on. Again, if you are interested in this type of project talk with me at the Social. That's it but enough for now. It is shaping up to be a busier summer than you would think considering the office closes for vacation on June 20th and re-opens after Labour Day. Signed Ron Sinclair.

Here’s a mystery object that we’ve inherited. It may have something to do with late 19th century farming or gardening. It’s made by a blacksmith, two wooden handles, and one of the prongs has a notch at the end. It’s about 48" in length and the operation is similar to pliers, scissors or any hinged forceps-type instrument. Guess away!

Upcoming Society Events:

  • Monday, June 23, 7:00 PM : Strawberry social at the Shaver Homestead, 1166 Garner Road west, Ancaster, just east of Duff’s Corners.

  • Thursday, September 4: Our heritage office re-opens at 1: PM

  • Friday - Sunday, September 12 - 14 : Binbrook Fair. Opening times announced later.

  • Monday, October 20, 7:30 PM : Regular social meeting at St. Paul’s Glanford Anglican church, 2869 Upper James Street, Mount Hope

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