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      GHS - December 2013

December 2013 Issue #76

We hope the first question is “What’s the photo on the masthead of the newsletter?” The answer, like a TV promotion, will come later. But first, a report from our president, Ron Sinclair.

In 2001, shortly after amalgamation, the City of Hamilton requested the former municipalities submit their "LISTS" or Inventories of properties of historical interest to the Heritage Planning Department. The result was an inventory of over 6,000 properties, some of which are regularly monitored and updated (Glanbrook and Flamborough) and, elsewhere remains unchanged since compiled by local LACACs in the 1980's. At the time the lists were compiled, the focus was architectural significance and properties were either listed or designated. In 2005 the Province of Ontario modified the Heritage Act to include a third category called the Register of Properties of Historical/Cultural Interest or Value. Hamilton, given other priorities, chose not to act on this new classification until 2013 when it launched the Downtown Built Heritage Project which looked at 800 properties in the downtown core to determine criteria beyond those established in the Ontario Heritage Act for placing properties on the "REGISTER". What does this have to do with Glanbrook and, for that matter other parts of the City? The Downtown project will provide its final report and recommendations in February 2014. The Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee (specifically the Inventory/Research Sub-Committee which I co-chair), is preparing to introduce the process for identifying community based criteria throughout the city in order to select properties for the "REGISTER". This is a large project which will have significant meaning for properties on the list of 6,000 as it will provide properties of true cultural/heritage interest with protection from demolition (60 days vs. the current 10 day application period). The increased turnaround time for a demolition permit will allow for alternatives to demolition to be proposed for a property or, if demolition is ultimately approved, the period of 60 days would allow for heritage/cultural elements to be documented. In the new year the Inventory/Research Sub-Committee plans to initiate in communities throughout the City, a process of involvement to identify criteria that are significant to each community, which adds further definition of what it means to be of cultural/heritage value. The Sub-Committee will be seeking the participation of local heritage societies to implement the project. It is anticipated that a subset of the 450+ properties on the Glanbrook "LIST" would be candidates for the "REGISTER". We are currently discussing this project with Councillor Johnson to best determine how we can ensure meaningful community involvement and timely implementation. As more information about the results of the Downtown Built Heritage Project becomes available in February 2014, I'll provide a further update and discuss with you how the Glanbrook Heritage Society may want to be involved.

Some members may be aware that the Haldimand Branch OGS has given notice that they will be closing at the end of the year. The reason for the action is a familiar one to many heritage-related groups - “age and health issues, along with the ‘no new blood’ problem.” Their publications are reported to be available for ½ price as long as supplies last. The Branch’s reference library will still be available at the haldimand County Museum in Cayuga.

The Glanbrook Veterans collection that has been a favourite project of Hugh Brown has been digitized to include WWI personnel. There’s still some housekeeping items to finish, but the bulk of the work has been completed. In the New Year, we may start the larger task of WWII veterans.

Now to reveal the answer to the mysterious photo. It’s a postcard from the early 20 th century, found in a donation to the Society from the Ruth Barlow estate. It’s taken a while to look through the material and we came across a dozen photos and cards from Colorado, all of the same era. They were from Mancos, Pikes Peak and Rico, Colorado. We tracked down contacts in each of the towns, emailed them, received replies of thanks and now the photos are back in their historic home locales. The mast head is of the cog railway up Pikes Peak CO, an elevation of over 14,000'. The reply we received from the railway included the offer of a free ride to the top. So..... if you’re going to Colorado ...

Recently, we attended an employee appreciation night at G.T. French Paper, not as an employee but as a guest and part of the G.T. French family. The company was founded in 1867, George bought it in 1914 and it continues under the watchful eye of Bill and Laura Martin, along with Bill’s brothers. Our thanks to the company for their generous donation to the heritage society to assist us in maintaining Glanbrook’s heritage.

As reported in the last newsletter, we now have internet access at the heritage office through the city’s Wifi. It’s not perfect but the price is right. The computer was so slow with picture downloading that we splurged and bought a new computer. The new one is much better but it runs on Windows 8, a throwback to the last decade, in our humble opinion. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is not in Microsoft’s design manual!!

Each year, the Society sponsors two events at the South Wentworth Plowing Match. One is for “horse-power” plowing and here’s the winner, Cecil Wells.

Upcoming Society Events:

  • Monday, December 16, 7:00 PM Annual Christmas Social at Orchard Court, 2800 Library Lane, Binbrook. Bring a favourite Christmas treat and a donation to the local food bank.

  • Monday, Feb. 18, 2014, 7:30 PM Another infamous show-and-tell evening by Society members at Orchard Court, Binbrook.

  • Monday, March 18, 6 PM St. Pauls Glanford Anglican church, 2869 Upper James Street, Mount Hope. Annual pot-luck supper and annual meeting. Nominations are open for positions on the Board of Directors.

  • Monday, April 28, 7:30 PM Orchard Court, Binbrook. Guest Speaker Elaine Cougler, author of the novel “The Loyalist's Wife.”

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