Hamilton Spectator

Marriages, Nov-Dec 1877


November 20, 1877


GURNETT‑SILVERTHORN - At the Wesley Church, Mount Pleasant, on the 24th of October, by the Rev. T. Stobbs, R. Gurnett, eldest son of L. A. Gurnett, Esq., of Ancaster, to Miss Ellen Silverthorn, second daughter of A. Silverthorn, of Mount Pleasant.


November 21, 1877


HARROW‑CAWLEY - In this city, on Monday, 19th November, by the Rev. Mr. Bell, Mr. John Harrow, of Philadelphia, to Mary, only daughter of Alfred and Jane Cawley, of Montreal.


ALLEYN‑DELERY (Quebec) - Mr. Richard Alleyn was married this morning at the Basilica, to Bliss DeLery, daughter of the ex‑senator for Beauce.


November 22, 1877


NORTON‑CARR - By the Rev. E. Card, at the residence of the bride's father, on Wednesday, November 11th, 1877, Mr. Nathan Norton, of London, to Bliss Clara Carr, of Strathroy.


November 24, 1877


TAPLIN‑FERGUSON - At Canifton, on the 20th instant, by the Rev. I. B. Aylesworth, L.L.B., Mr. William Henry Taplin, eldest son of Sidney Taplin, Esq., of Farmersville, to Miss Susie Ferguson, daughter of Rev. John Ferguson, pastor of Canifton Circuit.


EYVEL‑JAMES - At the residence of the bride's father, Napanee, on November 22nd, by Rev. A. B. Chambers, M.A., George Eyvel, of the "Globe", to Ella, eldest daughter of Charles James, Esq.


November 28, 1877


MCMURRAY‑MCCRARY - By the Rev. Samuel Might, at his residence, Napanee, on the 21st instant, Mr. John S. McMurray, to Miss Sarah S., youngest daughter of Mr. William McCrary, all of Belleville.


November 29, 1877


GRANT‑WILSON (Montreal) - George Grant, a prominent merchant of Belleville, was married to‑day at St. Patrick's Church, to Bliss Wilson, daughter of William Wilson, Esq., a retired merchant. The marriage was a very brilliant affair, and it is said the bride received a dowry from her father of $50,000.

December 5, 1877


YOUNG‑COOK - At St. George street, Toronto, the residence of Charles Davidson, Esq., on Tuesday, 4th December, by the Rev. David Mitchell, John B. Young, of Hamilton, to Maggie M. Cook, second daughter of the late Alexander A. Cook, Esq., of Welland, Ontario.


December 13, 1877


ARMSTRONG‑BATTEN - On the 12th instant, at St. John's Church, Thorold, by the Rev. T. T. Robarts, Mr. Fergus Armstrong, of this city, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late John Batten, Esq.


December 15, 1877


HUMPHREY‑KERNIGHAN - On Wednesday, 12th instant, by the Rev. Canon Dixon, rector of Guelph, at the residence of the bride's father, Rosanna, third daughter of Thomas Kernighan, Puslinch, to Edwin Humphrey, of Guelph.


BISHOP‑CASHER - On the 15th instant, at St. George's Church, Owen Sound, by the Rev. A. H. R. Mulholland, Thomas Avery Bishop, of Invermay, to Emma Matilda, youngest daughter of the late John Casher, Esq., of Chippawa.


FISHER‑ACRES - On the 5th December, at St. James Church, Stratford, by the Rev. J. P. Curran, Mr. E. W. Fisher, of Seaforth, to Elizabeth, second daughter of the late J. W. Acres, Esq., of Hern Bay, Kent, England.


DUCK‑MACARTNEY - In Chatham, on November 29th, at the residence of R. Merton, Esq., brother‑in‑law of the bride, by Venerable Archdeacon Sandys, John M. Duck, of Windsor, to Flora Macartney.


December 19, 1877


ALLAN‑TAYLOR - On the 19th of December, 1877, by the Rev. D. H. Fletcher, Mr. John Carruthers Allan, to Miss Charlotte Louisa Taylor, both of the Township of Nelson.


ALEXANDER‑BOOKER - On the 18th instant, at St. Andrew's Church, Grimsby, by the Rev. Canon Pettit, M.A., rector of Cornwall, uncle of the bride, assisted by the Rev. Canon Read, D.D., rector, Robert Arthur Alexander, M.D., to Sarah Harriet, eldest daughter of the late Alfred Booker, Esq.

December 22, 1877


PALMER‑BROWN - By Rev. Mungo Fraser, assisted by Rev. S. Williamson, at the residence of Mr. Charles B. Shearer, St. Thomas, on December 18th, Rev. H. B. Palmer, of St. Thomas, to Miss Alice Brown, eldest daughter of Dr. J. L. Brown, of Green Springs, Ohio.


December 27, 1877


BINKLEY‑PATTEN - On Christmas Day, 1877, by the Rev. J. Turner, at the Methodist Church in the village of Carlisle, Edward, eldest son of David H. Binkley, Esq., J.P., to Mary Alice, youngest daughter of the late Andrew Patten, Esq., deceased, all of the village of Carlisle. No cards.


PARKER‑ROY - In Grimsby, on December 25th, 1877, at the residence of Mr. J. Teeter, brother‑in‑law of the bride, by the Rev. J. G. Murray, Robert Parker, of St. Catharines, to Miss Addie Roy, second daughter of Jacob Roy, Smithville. No cards.


PIERS‑JARVIS - On the 27th December, at the Church of the Ascension, by the Very Rev. the dean of Niagara, Arthur H. B. Piers, to Mary Emilia Jarvis, eldest daughter of the late W. D. P. Jarvis.


December 28, 1877


LOCKWOOD‑KING - In Toronto, the 11th instant, by the Rev. Joseph Elwell, Mr. Harry Lockwood, of the Bank of Montreal, Guelph, to Annie Small of Stratford, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Joseph King, of Jamaica.


BAUGH‑MANWARING - In Woodside, St. George, on the 12th instant, by the Rev. H. F. McHish, assisted by the Rev. E. R. Stinson, Mr. James L. Baugh, of Ingersoll, formerly of Stratford, to Florence, only daughter of N. E. Manwaring, M.D.


BURTON‑TAYLOR - At the Methodist Parsonage, on the 12th Instant, by the Rev. J. Philp, Mr. William Burton, of St. Mary's, to Miss Sarah Taylor, of Seaforth.


BOX‑NIXON - At the residence of the bride's father, on the 19th Instant, by the Rev. J. Philp, Richard Box, ex‑mayor of the town of St. Mary's, to Mrs. Jane Nixon, of Blanshard.


HANKEY‑ROWAND (Quebec) - A very fashionable wedding took place this morning at the English Cathedral, the ceremony being performed by the Bishop of Quebec. Miss Minnie Greenshields Rowand, daughter of Dr. Rowand of this city, was married to Mr. Ernst T. Hankey, son of a leading London banker, and nephew of Thompson Hankey, Esq., now a director, and for five years, a Governor of the Bank of England.