Hamilton Spectator

Marriages Jan-June 1876


January 3, 1876


LANGTRY‑MARSHALL - On December the 29th, by the Rev. E. W. Waits, Presbyterian minister of Waterdown, at the residence of the bride's father, George Langtry, Esq., of the Township of Trafalgar, to Marlon, second daughter of John Marshall, Esq., of the same place.


January 5, 1876


MCDONALD‑DYNES - In the Township of Saltfleet, at the residence of the bride's father, on the 25th ultimo, by the Rev. J. C. Smith, M.A., of Hamilton, Mr. Alexander McDonald, machinist, to Miss Sarah Jane Dynes.


TODD‑SYLVESTER - This city, on the 5th instant, at the residence or the bride's father, by the Rev. J. Banning Richardson, rector of St. Thomas Church, P. Fulton Todd, to Emily Turner, second daughter of Thomas Sylvester, of this city.


SCOTT‑ELLIOT - At the residence of the bride's brother‑in‑law, Mr. W. M. Bell, on December 31st, Miss Nellie Elliot, of Hamilton, to Mr. Walter M. Scott, of Toronto.


January 6, 1876


LEONARD‑WILLIAMS - On the 5th instant, by the Rev. D. M. Fletcher, at 'Mapleside' , the residence of the bride's father, Frank Elton, eldest son of the Hon. Elijah Leonard, senator, London, to Jane Mary, daughter of J. W. Williams, Esq., M.P.P.


January 3, 1876


HASTINGS‑MILLER - At the residence of the bride's father, No 9 Park street south, on the 1st of January, by the Rev. Hugh Johnston, B.D., Mr. George A. Hastings, of Orange, Mass., to Miss Georgina F. C. Miller, youngest daughter of Joseph Miller.


January 12, 1876


HENRY‑MURRAY - At the cathedral, by the Rev. Father Heenan, on Tuesday, the 11th instant, Daniel Henry, of Hamilton, to Ellen, second daughter of Mr. John Murray, of Barton.


ZINGSHEIM‑LEISTEIN - At St. Joseph's Church, Rochester, N.Y.,

on the 11th instant, by the Rev. Father Schneider, assisted by Rev. Fathers Friechbier and Blanche, Jacob Zingsheim, of this city, to Catherine, daughter of George Leistein, Esq., Rochester.


January 19, 1876


WANZER‑PHILLIPS -  On December 29th, at the parish church, Pentraeth, Anglesey, by the Rev. D. Lewis, curate, T. D. Wanzer, Esq., Hamilton, Canada, nephew of R. M. Wanzer, Esq., to Mary Ellen, daughter of the late Rev. John Phillips, Calvinistic Methodist, Bangor, North Wales.


January 25, 1876‑


SCLATER‑WALLACE - At the residence of Aemilius Irvine, Esq., M.P., on the 26th instant, by the Rev. J. C. Smith, M.A., Mr. John S. Sclater, to Miss Margaret Wallace, all of Hamilton.


January 27, 1876


SOVEREIGN‑MCDONNELL - At St. James Church, Paris, on the 26th instant, by the Rev. Adam Townler, D.D., Mr. S. J. Sovereign, of this city, to Mattie, youngest daughter of the late George McDonnell, of Windsor.


January 28, 1876


WRIGHT‑SIMPSON - We are pleased to chronicle the marriage of our highly esteemed friend, Mr. A. W. Wright, editor of the Stratford "Herald", with Miss Elizabeth Simpson, of Guelph, which took place at the residence of her father on Wednesday afternoon. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. W. S. Ball, and several of the friends of the bride and bridegroom were present who were afterwards entertained at a 'recherche' repast by the bride's father. Mr. and Mrs. Wright left Guelph by the 3 o'clock train going west with the hearty wishes of all their friends for their future happiness and prosperity.


January 31, 1876


GARRICK‑CUNNINGHAM - At their residence in Hamilton, on the 27th of January, by the Rev. James Little, Mr. James Garrick, of Hamilton, to Miss Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. James Cunningham, of Binbrook.

February 3, 1876


ST. GEORGE‑THIBAUDEAU - A marriage in high life took place in Quebec yesterday. D. de St George, M.P., for Port Neuf, was married to Miss Laura, daughter of the Hon. Mr. Thibaudeau, M.P. for Quebec east.


February 9. 1876


FRENNETTE‑OUIMET - The oldest daughter of the Hon. G. Ouimet was yesterday morning married to Mr. F. X. Frennette, advocate, at, Quebec


March 3. 1876


BROWN‑WOOD - On March 1st, at the residence of the bride's mother, Selkirk, Ontario, by the Rev. J. Francis, incumbent of St. Paul's Church, Jarvis, Mr. William Brown, of Brantford, to Miss H. E., fourth daughter of the late William Wood, Esq., Lake Shore, Walpole.


March 16, 1876


SMITH‑GRIFFIN - Waterdown, on the 15th instant, by the Rev. J. Ridley, of Drummondville, brother‑in‑law of the bride, Mr. William G. Smith, druggist, of Guelph, to Mina, third daughter of James K. Griffin, Esq., of Waterdown.


March 21, 1876


MENGER‑SHEARSMITH - At London, on Thursday, 18th instant, by the Rev. James Graham, Mr. F. Menger, of London, to Emma, fourth daughter of the late William Shearsmith, Esq., of this city.


April 6, 1876


ELSOR‑JOHNSTON - In the Scotch Church, Bayfield, on the 31st ultimo, by the Rev. Mr. Moffat, Scotch Minister, Alexander L. Elsor, Esq., of Stanley, to Miss Sarah Johnston, of Stanley, Huron County.


April 12, 1876


WATSON‑MAXWELL - On the 16th April, at the Church of the Holy Trinity, Toronto, by the Rev. John Pearson, Mr. Andrew Watson, Toronto, son of Andrew Watson, Esq., Glasgow, Scotland, to Miss Susan Emily, youngest daughter of Mr. Thomas Maxwell, Hamilton.

April 19, 1876


TURNER‑CAMPBELL - In the Scotch Church, Bayfield, on the 13th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Moffat, Scotch Minister, Mr. Robert Turner, Stanley, to Miss Margaret Campbell, of Stanley, County of Huron.


April 21, 1876


GLASS‑HUNTER - At the residence of the bride's father, on the 29th March, by the Rev. Thomas McGuire, Thomas Glass, Esq., Hamilton, to Margaret Hunter, daughter of Samuel Hunter, Townsend.


FEE‑TAMLYN - On Wednesday, April 9th, at Richmond Street W. M. Church, by the Rev. T. Jeffery, Mr. W. G. Fee, principal of Bronte Public School, to Miss J. M. Tamlyn, of the town of Bowmanville.


April 28, 1876


MCISAAC‑STEWART - At the residence of Mr, Benjamin Fowler, on the 2bth instant, by the Rev. Mr. Smith, Miss Maggie Stewart, to Mr. Robert McIsaac, all of Hamilton.


May 4, 1876


NICHOL‑TUCKER - At Ingersoll, on the 26th ultimo, by the Rev. Mr. Grant, Mr. George Nichol, of Walsingham, to Miss Jane Tucker, of Dorchester.


May 15. 1876


STERLING‑SMITH - At St. Luke's Church, Woodstock, New Brunswick, by the Rev. Thomas Neales, on the 15th instant, Mr. Robert N. Sterling, of this city, to Ella, eldest daughter of the late Capt. C. Lewis Smith, of Woodstock.


June 2, 1876


MACDONALD‑MURRAY - At Toronto, on the 1st of June, by His Grace the Archbishop, assisted by the Rev. Father Harris, at the residence of the bride's father, 146 Wellington street, Hugh J. Macdonald, Esq., son of the Right Honourable Sir John A. Macdonald, to Jeannie King, eldest daughter of W. A. Murray, Esq.


June 6, 1876


LEE‑NIXON - When Caesar said, "Man should marry in old age, for in his youth his hand, head and heart are soft," he had a different idea of matrimony than Mr. George M. Lee of Toronto whose marriage to Miss Nixon of Manitoba was solemnized this morning at three o'clock in the first parlour of the Royal Hotel. This is, perhaps, the earliest marriage, in one sense of the word, that was ever consummated in this city and was brought about, not by caprice of the parties interested, but by the force of circumstance. It appears that Mr. Lee, has been engaged to be married to Miss Nixon for some time and arranged to be married in this city and to start away from Hamilton on a tour by the nine o'clock train this morning. Miss Nixon was to bring a clergyman with her, the Rev. George Young of Manitoba, and the bridegroom was to have the licence ready so that there would be no delay whatever. Unfortunately the train which bore Miss Nixon and her clergyman was late, and did not arrive in this city until half past two this morning. The meeting between the two at the Royal Hotel was very touching. Mr. Lee had the licence in his pocket, Miss Nixon's clergyman had his prayer book in his hat, and after a short conference it was agreed that the marriage should take place at once and have the agony over. They, therefore, adjourned to the parlour where the solemn rite of matrimony was gone through in due form, and the old, old story was told again at three o'clock in the morning. The urbane proprietor of the Royal did his best to make the party comfortable, knowing that he, too, would have to go through the same ordeal at no distant day. After partaking of refreshments, the party retired to the marriage chamber from which they re‑appeared at eight o'clock and shortly after nine were in a Pullman car for Suspension Bridge.