Hamilton Spectator

                                                                Marriages, 1864


January 1, 1864


WALKER‑WILSON - By the Rev. J. G. Geddes, on Sunday, the 27th ultimo, Mr. George Walker, to Miss Ann Wilson, of Nova Scotia and this city.


FLETCHER‑ARMSTRONG - At the P. M. Parsonage, Hamilton, on the 31st ultimo, by the Rev. J. Cheetham, Mr. Robert Fletcher, to Miss Eleanor Armstrong, both of Barton.


HOOKEY‑HOLCOMB - At the Holy Trinity, on the 30th ultimo, by the Rev. Mr. Darling, Thomas Hookey, Esq., to Miss C. M. Holcomb, both of Toronto. No cards.


January 13, 1864


CHARLEBOIS‑CAHILL - At St. Mary's Cathedral, Park street, Hamilton, C.W., on Tuesday, the 12th January, 1864, by the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Hamilton, Pierre G. M. McN.

Charlebois, Esq., of Montreal, C.E., to Mary Ruth, eldest daughter of James Cahill, Esq., barrister‑at‑law, Police Magistrate of Hamilton.


January 18, 1864


NOBLE‑LAINE - On Thursday, the 14th instant, at the Green Farm, Flamborough West, by the Rev. John Skinner, D.D., of Waterdown, Mr. Robert Noble, miller, Freelton, Flamborough West, to Marion, daughter of the late Alexander Laine, farmer, parish of New Monkland, Lanarkshire, Scotland.


January 22, 1864


PAPPE‑SIMPSON - On the 21st January, instant, by the Rev.  Dr. Neville, Henry Spencer Pappe, Esq., to Laura Louise, youngest daughter of J. Simpson, Esq., Hamilton.


January 30, 1864


BELL‑BELL - At 116 Main street, Blythewood Square, Glasgow, on the 6th instant, by the Rev. John Sullie, Girvan, Mr. Dugald Bell, to Helen Inglis, eldest daughter of James Bell, printer, Glasgow.


February 4, 1864


BATES‑WETMORE - On the 2nd instant, by the Rev. G. A. Bull, M.A., Barton, Joseph Bates, eldest son of James Bates, Esq.,Glanford, to Miss Angelina Wetmore, youngest daughter of the late Caleb Wetmore, Esq., of Grimsby township.

February 5, 1864


GEDDES‑GILKISON - Christ's Church, Hamilton, on the 4th instant, by the Rev. J. G. Geddes, M.A., rector, James C. Geddes, Esq., manager , Bank of B. N. America, Brantford, to Isabella Grant, only daughter of Archibald Gilkison, Esq., barrister‑at‑law.


February 9, 1864


FLAHERTY‑MOORE - At St. Mary's Cathedral, in this city, Monday, February 8th, by the Very Rev. E. Gordon, V.G., Mr. M. Flaherty, of this office, to Mary, second daughter of the late Mr. Moore, of Wellington Square.


February 16, 1864


ANDERSON‑WOODALL - By the Rev. C. W. Drinkwater, rector of St. Thomas Church, Mr. William James Anderson, to Miss Emma Jane Woodall, both of the city of Hamilton.


February 24, 1864


LEWIS‑MCKENZIE - In this city, on the 22nd instant, by the Rev. R. J. Wilson, M.A., Mr. John Lewis of the G.W.R., to Miss Margaret Strachan, eldest daughter of Mr. Kenneth McKenzie, all of Hamilton.


March 3, 1864


MICKLE‑DUNLOP - At Hope Cottage, Hamilton, on the 2nd instant, by the Rev. Robert Irvine, D.D., Rev. John Mickle, Lachute, C.E., to Aggie, youngest daughter of the late Capt. Robert Dunlop, Greenock, Scotland.


March 10, 1864


FILMAN‑KERN - At St. Peter's Church, Barton, on the 9th instant, by the Rev. G. A. Bull, M.A., John Harmanus Filman, eldest son of Peter Filman, Esq., to Charlotte, only daughter of Samuel Kern, Esq. (correctly, Clarinda)


March 16, 1864


PETTIT‑FOTHERGILL - On Tuesday, the 8th Ultimo, at the residence of the bride's mother, by the Rev. Dr. Greene, rector of Wellington Square, Jonathan M. Pettit, Esq., of Nelson,

to Mary Jane, daughter of the late Christopher Fothergill, Esq., and niece of the Ven. the Archdeacon of British Guiana. No cards.


March 19, 1864


BAMBERGER‑KIRKWOOD - At the residence of the bride's father, on the 17th instant, by the Rev. Robert Burnet, Mr. George Bamberger, to Catherine, youngest daughter of Robert Kirkwood, Esq., of this city.


SWINHOE‑REYNOLDS - At Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, on the 17th March, by the Rev. J. Gamble Geddes, rector of Hamilton, C.W., William George Swinhoe, Esq., of the Prince Consort's Own Rifle Brigade, son of General Swinhoe, Bengal Army, to Harriett, second daughter of Thomas Reynolds, Esq., of Montreal, formerly of Sparesbrook, Essex, England. No cards.


March 22, 1864


FRASER‑SHEWAN - In this city, on the 21st instant, by the Rev. R. Burnet, minister of St. Andrew's Church, Mr. George B. Fraser, merchant, Guelph, to Miss Margaret Shewan, of the same place.


DALTON‑HARTFORD - On Moose Head Lake, forty rods from the shore, on Wednesday the 17th ultimo,  (mercury 20 degrees below zero), by J. H. Evelett, Esq., Mr. Samuel Dalton, to Miss Marion Hartford.


March 30. 1864


CHAMP‑HILLMAN - On the 29th instant, at St. George's Church, St. Catharines, by the Rev. T. T. Roberts, W. S. Champ, Esq., of Hamilton, C.W., to Sarah Emily, only daughter of the late Thomas Hillman, Esq., St. Catharines.


April 29, 1864


WATTERS‑GEDDES - In Christ's Church, on Thursday, the 28th April, by the Rev. Henry J. Grassett, B.D., rector of St. James Cathedral, Toronto, John Watters, Esq., M.B., assistant surgeon of the P.C.O. Rifle Brigade, to Mary Allan, youngest daughter of the Rev. J. Gamble Geddes, M.A., rector of Hamilton.


May 9, 1864


LITTLE‑CLARE - At Trinity Church, New York, on Thursday, April 28th, by the Rev. Francis Vinton, D.D., William Little,

of Caledonia, C.W., to Harriet Mary, only daughter of the late Joseph Clare, of New York.


May 10, 1864


MACE‑HONEN - By the Rev. A. Crawford Weishe, chaplain of Hamilton, C.W., on the 9th instant, Mr. James Mace, Prince Consort's Own Rifle Brigade, of Dulwich, Surrey, to Miss Mary Jane Honen, of Wellington Square, C.W.


May 26, 1864


HOLDEN‑HENNING - On Tuesday, the 24th instant, at the residence of the bride's father in the city of Hamilton, by the Rev. David Inglis, Mr. George C. Folder, youngest son of James B. Holden, J.P., Caledonia, County of Haldimand, Canada West, to Mary Henning, second daughter of Mr. Robert Henning, G. W. R., and niece of the historian and author, Thomas Carlyle, of Chelsea, London, England.


May 31, 1864


ROSE‑THOMSON - At the "Cray", Melbourne, C. E., on the 26th instant, by the Rev. William Snodgrass, St. Paul's Church, Montreal, L. B. Rose, Esq., Montreal, son of the Rev. Lewis Rose, minister of Tain, Scotland, to Catherine Wate, daughter of the late William Thomson, Esq., Hill End Villa, Greenock, Scotland.


June 2, 1864


CATTLEY‑ADAMS - At St. Thomas Church, on the 1st instant, by the Rev. C. H. Drinkwater, rector, Stephen T. Cattley, Esq., to Miss M. S. Adams.  No cards.


June 3, 1864


FARR‑HESPELER - At the mansion of the bride's father, in the village of Hespeler, County of Waterloo, on Wednesday, the 1st instant, by the Rev. E. C. Stinson, M.A., lately incumbent at Berlin, Herbert Marshall Farr, Esq., of Hamilton, only son of the late Marshall H. Farr, Esq., to Anna, second daughter of Jacob Hespeler, Esq., of Hespeler. No cards.


June 7. 1864


MCCORMICK‑KELLY - From the residence of the bride's brother‑in‑law, Mr. William McBride, Park street, at St. Mary's Catholic Cathedral, by the Rev. P. Bredon, Mr. Richard McCormick, of New York, to Miss Anne Kelly, of this city.

June 8, 1864


BYRNE‑MASON - In this city, on Monday, the 6th instant, by the Rev. J. T. Byrne, of Whitby, C.W., assisted by the Rev. Dr. Irvine, Mr. James Byrne, to Mary Walter, second daughter of J. J. Mason, Esq., M.D., M.R.C.S.L., all of this city. No cards.


June 11, 1864


HOGEBOOM‑RYCKMAN - On the 9th instant, at the Church of the Ascension, by the Rev. Mr. Haensel, Mr. S. A. Hogeboom, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Henrietta, eldest daughter of the late Samuel Ward Ryckman, Esq., of this city. No cards.


June 16, 1864


VINT‑PRITCHARD - At the Wesleyan Methodist Church, St. Catharines, on the 15th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Cooney, Richard Vint, Esq., of London, England, to Jennie Evelyn, fourth daughter of Mr. John Pritchard, late of Dublin, Ireland. No cards.


June 21, 1864


BRISTOW‑MCGINN - In Dundas, on Thursday, the 16th, by the Rev. Father J. O'Reily, Mr. Richard F. Bristow, to Rose Ann McGinn, of Flamborough West.


July 6, 1864


IRVINE‑ALISON - At Christ's Church, on the 5th instant, by the Rev. J. G. Geddes, rector, William Irvine, Esq., to Marion Geraldine, eldest daughter of Captain E. H. Alison.


August 13. 1864


RIDDELL‑ADAMS - At Bellfield, Blanchory‑Ternan, Kincardineshire, 28th July, by the Rev. Robert Reid, minister of the Free Church, Blanchory, James Riddell, Esq., of the Bank of British North America, Montreal, Canada East, to Jessie Dingwall Fordyce, youngest daughter of the late Francis Adams, Esq., M.D., L.L.D., Blanchory. No cards.


August 18, 1864


CHISHOLM‑DAVIS - At the John Street Wesleyan Church, Hamilton, C. W., by the Rev. Lachlan Taylor, D.D., assisted by the Rev. Charles Freshman, D.D., and the Rev. F. B. Harper, M.A., D. B. Chisholm, Esq., barrister, youngest son of Colonel George Chisholm, Oakville,

 C.W., to Addie, eldest daughter of Milton Davis, Esq., alderman, both of Hamilton. No cards.


August 20, 1864


ROBERTSON‑LAIRD - At St. Andrew's       ?     ?    , Scotland, on the 16th instant, by the Rev. Andrew     ?      , Mr. James Robertson, of Hamilton, C. W., to Sarah D., daughter of Mr. Robert Laird, of Margaret's Hope, Orkney.


August 26, 1864


BEYHOTH‑MORTON - At Milwaukee, Wis., August 18th, by the Rev. W. G. Miller, Charles Paul Beyhoth, son of Captain Beyhoth, to Emma Minnie, eldest daughter of the late William Morton, Esq., Hamilton, C.W.


August 27, 1864


STEVENSON‑ASHBAUGH In this city, by the Rev. John ? on the 26th instant, Mr. Stevenson, of Georgetown, to Miss E. Ashbaugh, of Hamilton.


September 3, 1864


GALLAGHER‑CROMBIE - In this city, on the 2nd instant, by the Rev. Robert Burnett, Mr. George Gallagher to Miss Mary Crombie, both of this city.


October 3, 1864


BURTON‑MASON - On the 7th ultimo, at St. Jude's Church, Southsea, by the Rev. A. B. Burton, M.A., rector of Holy Trinity, Southampton, and brother of the bridegroom, assisted by the Rev. J. F. Brownridge, M.A., William P. Burton, Captain Royal Marine Artillery, son of Rear‑Admiral George Guy Burton, to Mary, daughter of Captain George Mason, R.N., Clarendon Lodge, Southsea.


October 21, 1864


KERR‑BLAKE - On Wednesday, the 19th instant, at Humewood, the residence of the bride's father, by the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Huron, assisted by the Venerable the Archdeacon of London, James Kirkpatrick Kerr, Esq., of Toronto, to Anne Margaret, second daughter of the late Hon. William Hume Blake.

October 22, 1864


TAYLOR‑VALLANCE - In this city, on the 20th instant, by the Rev. Robert Burnet, Thomas Wardlaw Taylor, Esq., barrister, of Toronto, to Maggie,  second daughter of the late Hugh Vallance, Esq., of this city.


October 28, 1864


HOLDEN‑ROACH - At Montreal, on the 26t,h instant, by the Rev. Alexander Mathieson, John Rose Holden, of Hamilton, barrister‑at‑law, to Mary Emily, second daughter of the late Rev. Walter Roach, of Beauharnois, C.E.


November l6, 1864


BROWN‑ROUSSEAUX - At St. John's Church, Ancaster, on Tuesday, the 15th November,  1864,  by the Rev. E. L.  Osier, rector, P. J. Brown, Esq., solicitor, Ingersoll, to Mary Jane, eldest daughter of Lieutenant‑Colonel Rousseaux, of Ancaster.


BELFORD‑THOMAS - At the Church of the Ascension, New York, on the 11th instant, by the Rev. Edward C. Flagg, Charles Belford, of the Toronto "Leader", to Miss Jennie Thomas, of Toronto.


November 19, 1864


NISBET‑MCBEATH. - At Poplar Grove, Red River Colony, on Wednesday, 12th October, by the Rev. John Black, the Reverend James Nisbet, to Mary, third daughter of Robert McBeath, Esq.


December 3, 1864


WALKER‑WEIR - At the residence of the bride's father, December 1st, by the Rev. B. C. Hill, M. E. Walker, Esq., Caledonia, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Major Weir, York, C.W.


December 10, 1864


CHISHOLM‑MCPHEE - At the residence of Mrs. James Buntin, on the 7th instant, by the Rev. D. Inglis, Mr, William Chisholm, lumber merchant, of this city, to Janet, eldest daughter of the late Mr., Allan McPhee, Renton, Dumbartonshire, Scotland.


December 17, 1864


GRAY‑GARDNER - On the 16th instant, by the Rev. Robt. Burnet, Mr. Henry Gray, foreman, G.W. Railway, to Esther Gardner, both of this city.

ALLAN‑ROSE - At the residence of the bride's father, Bradford, C .W., by the Rev. Mr. Fraser, assisted by the Rev. Mr. McKee, John Allan, Esq., of Hamilton, C.W., to Hellen McCaul Rose, second daughter of John Rose, Esq.


December 20, 1864


POOLE‑MALLOCH. - On the 8th instant, at the residence of the bride's father, Perth, C.W., by the Rev. Solomon Milne, James Poole, Esq., editor and proprietor of the Carleton Place "Herald",  to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of J. G. Malloch, Esq., Judge of the County Court for Lanark and Renfrew.


December 21, 1864


YOUNG‑CADDY - On the 20th December, at Christ's Church, Hamilton, by the Rev. J. G. Geddes, rector, Maitland Young, Esq., Jr., to Mary Louisa Jane, youngest daughter of Capt. J. H. Caddy, late Royal Artillery, and grand‑daughter of the late Col Richard Hamilton, Royal Artillery. No cards.