As we started this newsletter, we looked at the issue number and realized this is the end of the twenty-first year of publication. Who knows what the next 21 years will bring? We’ll start with a quick review of Society happenings since the last newsletter. The Binbrook Fair had good weather for the mid-September weekend. Attendance was good and the Society’s volunteers were kept busy with some doing extra time. Thanks to Laura Martin and Janis Newport for their untiring efforts for the Society’s display. To top off the weekend, we made a net profit of about $70. Despite this, the idea of a fair display should be discussed for next year. The annual Waterdown Book Fair in November was another financial success with $80 being deposited in the bank.

The Society’s headstones photography project has its rewards and not just locally. In response to an enquiry from Oregon about Rev. W. Rees and family, a minister at East Seneca and Blackheath churches in the 1880's, we found his wife’s headstone at East Seneca, posted it online and sent the family member a copy. Part of the inscription reads: “ANNE, beloved wife of the Rev’d W. D. REES, died July 6, 1885, aged 35 years.” Here’s part of the reply from Oregon: Thank you for taking time to get this information. It is so nice to see the complete inscription on the stone. I think she was a very special person to those who loved her. And now our family knows a little more about her journey and that of her family. We cannot thank you enough. It is such wonderful work you do. It is so important to all of us. Wishing you a warm and cozy winter.

Our inventory has been increased again by three banker-style boxes of local publications, new and used. The main areas of interest are Hamilton, Niagara peninsula  and Haldimand County. Most of the copies are already in the Society’s inventory and the extra ones are “surplus to requirements.” It’s against certain principles to store them in the blue box recycling bin, so they’re looking for new homes. We don’t have space to list all 70 to 100 publications but here’s a sample:

The Hamiltonians,  Margaret Houghton Footsteps in Time, Bill Manson Hamilton Our Lives and Times, Brian Henley Stories Along The Grand Lifelines & Deadlines,  Norma Bidwell Haldimand History, The Early Years 1784 - 1850 Ancaster, A Pictorial History, Ancaster Township Historical Society

Most are like new and some are gently used. They’re all sorted into general geographical areas but there are strays; Tweedsmuir history of Delhi 1812-1970 is one example, Township of Seneca History, 1867 - 1967 is another. We’re open to offers, large, small and indeterminate. Shop early for a present under the tree, or a good read by the fire (we WILL have winter). This offer will be in the Glanbrook Gazette on Thursday, Dec 4., so members have first choice.

We’ve found other “treasures” while looking through much earlier acquisitions. Some have been relegated for permanent recycling and a few have new owners. One publication is a 1944 Ice Follies programme held at Maple Leaf Gardens , price 15 cents.

 The 72-page content is about 75% ads and the rest is related to the ice follies programme and hockey, especially about the Toronto team and the Gardens. Sweet Caporal cigarettes, T. Eaton Company and BA petroleum products were featured but only exist in distant memories now.

The next topic is indirectly heritage-related but it does involve the Society and, specifically, the computer system we’re using currently. The computer is about two years old and came with Windows 8 installed. “No, you can’t get Windows 7 (probably because Microsoft said so). With much grumbling, we marched on, re-installing some software and drivers. Then, wonder of wonders, there’s an offer for a FREE upgrade to Windows 10. This after 8 was upgraded without our OK to 8.1. Anyway, on Friday, Nov. 27, we took the plunge and started the installation process. Nearing the closing time of the municipal building which we call home, we turned out the lights with the installation process 16% complete. Unlocking the door next week will be like opening a Christmas present, hoping it’s not a lump of coal. Note to Bill Gates: Our laptop still works fine with XP.

For husbands wondering what to get their wives or significant others for Christmas, may we suggest considering a new washing machine? Oh, sorry, that was a century and a quarter ago but this is what could have happened.

The small print says a day’s washing done in 2 HOURS! 4 sheets in 4 minutes; 20 towels in 4 minutes; 6 dirty shirts in 4 to 8 minutes. Marvellous timesaver!

Upcoming Events

Monday, December 14; Orchard Court, 2800 Library Lane, Binbrook. Annual Christmas social. Note the time, 7:00 PM. Bring a food bank donation and a small treat to share.

Monday, February 15, 2016; Orchard Court, 2800 Library Lane, Binbrook, 7:30 PM. Our popular show-and-tell, so bring an item of historical interest.

Monday, March 21, 2016; St. Paul’s Glanford Anglican church, 2869 Upper James Street, Mount Hope, 7:30 PM. Annual meeting and potluck supper.