Hamilton Spectator

Deaths 1847


January 2, 1847


ORTON - Died on Saturday morning last, aged 17 years, Ann, eldest daughter of Dr. Orton, of Guelph.


CASEY - Died in Guelph, on the 5th ultimo, Corporal John Casey, in the 85th year of his age.


PIER- Died in Picton, on Thursday last, the 24th ultimo, of a lingering complaint which she bore with exemplary patience, Mahetable, wife of Mr. C. Pier, aged 44 years, deeply lamented by a large circle of relations and friends.


RAMBOUGH - On Sunday, the 29th November, three lads, two of them sons of Mr. John Rambough, a respectable farmer who resides in the Township of Fredericksburg, and the other named Meyers, went out on the ice in Hay Bay, near their dwelling place, to amuse themselves, when Meyers and one of the Rambough boys, observing it dangerous, returned to shore, but --Rambough, a youth in his fifteenth year, persisted in pushing forward, though warned by his companions not to proceed any farther, fell through the ice and was drowned.


JEFFERSON - A cool and deliberate murder was perpetrated in the Township of Harwich, in the Western District, on the evening of the 21st ultimo. It appears that a number of coloured persons and others met for the purpose of enjoying themselves by dancing, etc. at the house of the deceased, Austin Jefferson, a coloured man, to celebrate the wedding of a young couple who had married on the Sunday previous, and whilst the party were amusing themselves, Austin Jefferson, tuning his violin, having just finished playing, was shot by a ball from a rifle, and instantly expired. The shot, it appeared, was fired at the said Jefferson by one Peter Davis, also a coloured man. The ball entered near the nipple on the right breast, and, passing through the pericardium of the heart, entered the back bone. The shot was fired from the outside through the window. Peter Davis fled and he has not yet been taken.


January 6, 1847


BROOKE - Died on Monday, the 29th ultimo, in Montreal, aged 21, Charles  Brooke, Esq., Lieutenant in Her Majesty's 52nd Regiment of Light Infantry.  The deceased was the fifth son of Sir Robert Brooke, Bart., of Norton Priory, near Runcorn, in Cheshire, and was brother‑in‑law of Lord Lyttleton, and Sir Stephen Glynne. His death is much regretted by his brother officers.

January 6, 1847


UNIACKE - Died at Halifax, on the 11th ultimo, Hon Norman Fitzgerald Uniacke, aged 69 years, eldest son of the late Richard John Uniacke. Mr. Uniacke was many years Attorney‑General of Lower Canada, one of the Representatives in General Assembly, and Judge of the Supreme Court.


LAPPIN - Died in Montreal, on the 27th ultimo, Mr. Richard Lappin, aged 51 years, a native of the County of Armagh, Ireland.


ROI - On Christmas morning, about four o'clock, a woman named Roi left her residence at Cote St. Michel, accompanied by her son, a boy of about twelve years, for the purpose of attending Midnight Mass at Montreal. They arrived safely in town together and attended the Mass, but on leaving the church, from the darkness and the crowd, they missed each other. She made every exertion to discover the boy, but without success, and she thought it best to retrace her steps home, and that her son would naturally follow. It appears that the 1ittle fellow had made similar attempts to find his mother, but failing to do so, he endeavoured to return to Cote St. Michel. He managed to walk as far as St. Leonard, and when suffering from fatigue and cold, he pulled the collar of his coat over his head and laid himself down at the foot of a tree. A few hours afterward, some friends who were sent to search, found him lying in this position quite dead. His arms were even frozen to his body.


January 9, 1847


DOWNING - We regret to state that Mr. Leggatt Downing, an old and respected inhabitant of this city, and the Clerk of the Board of Police, committed suicide on Wednesday morning last. The unfortunate gentleman had been labouring under depression of spirits for some days, but the precise cause that led to the tragical event, we have not learned. An inquest was held on the body by Mr. T. Gillespy, ,jun., when the above facts were elicited.


January 13, 1847


MORRISON - An inquest was held in Dundas yesterday evening by Mr. T. Gillespy, jun, coroner, on view of the body of Margaret Morrison who had fallen down dead while taking her tea on Monday night. From the evidence produced before the jury, it was ascertained that she had died in an apoplectic fit. Verdict accordingly. Deceased was widow and has left three children to mourn her loss.

January 13, 1847


BILLINGS - Died or Saturday, the 9th instant, William, youngest son of Doctor W. L. Billings.


CRANE (Kingston) - On Monday, Mr. Edward Crane, architect, an old and respected inhabitant of this city, went into Mr. Johnson’s barber shop, complained of fatigue, sat down to rest himself, was immediately seized with a succession of epileptic fits, and died within twenty minutes.


YARKER - In Kingston, on Tuesday last, much regretted George Wheatly Yarker, Esquire, in the 43rd year of his age. Mr. Yarker had been ailing for some weeks till it terminated in apoplexy.  He was a highly honourable and enterprising man having founded the village of Sydenham and erected the valuable mills at that place. He was universally beloved, not more for his strictly upright and honourable conduct, than for an urbanity of manners peculiarly his own. By his death, his family have sustained a loss irreparable, and no one was ever more sincerely regretted by his intimate friends.


January 16, 1847


BAKER - Died on Thursday morning, the 14th instant, Emma Anne, infant daughter of Hugh C. Baker, Esq., aged two months and five days.


CLARK - Died in Sandwich, on the 4th instant, after a long and painful illness, Mr, James Clark, aged 30.


OLIVER - Died in Kingston, on Saturday morning, the 9th inst., Mr.  George Oliver, aged 79 years. Mr. Oliver had been a resident of Kingston 41 years, and was universally esteemed as an upright man and a good citizen.


HAGERMAN - Died at Bath, on the 4th instant, aged 88 years, Mrs. Ann Hagerman, mother of Mr. Justice Hagerman of Toronto, and widow of the late Nicholas Hagerman, Esq., of Adolphs‑town.


GARRATT - Died near Picton, at the advanced age of 84, Sarah, widow of the late Isaac Garratt, a member of the Society of Friends. Her remains were interred in the Friends’ burying ground near Wellinton. She had resided 50 years on one farm, a pattern of benevolence and all those social duties of life characteristic of a true Christian.

January 20, 1847


JOHNSON - Died on the evening of the 14th instant, of consumption, aged 26 years, Jane Catherine, the beloved wife of Capt. W. T. Johnson, and the second daughter of the Hon Simeon Washburn, of Picton.


KELLY - Died at Brockville, on the 17th ultimo, at the residence of his son (the Rev. 0. Kelly), Edward Kelly, Esq., brother of the late Archbishop of Tuam, County of Galway, Ireland.


MCCULLOCH - At his father's residence, St. Alexander street, Montreal, on the 12th instant, in the 16th year of his age William Turner, son of William McCulloch, Esquire.


WILLIAMS - Died in Montreal, on the 11th instant, Mr. Thomas Williams, aged 65 years, after a protracted illness of 3 years and 10 months.


KIRK - Captain John Kirk, of the schooner "Caledonia", which is laid up at port, accompanied by Captain Chisholm of the "British Queen", went on board of his vessel on Tuesday last for the purpose of unbending some sails. Being unable to do so without further help, Captain Chisholm went on shore to procure it. In the interim, whether from making a false step on the side of the vessel in endeavouring to reach something, or from losing his hold, he fell over the side upon the newly forming ice which broke into pieces. His cries being heard by some boys who were skating, information was carried immediately to Mr. Ives who, getting a rope, ran with others at once to his assistance, as also did Captain Chishom who was returning on board, but before either party could reach the unfortunate man he had disappeared. Search was then made for the body which, after some time, was found and brought to his boarding house where an inquest was held by Mr. Baxter, one of the coroners for the District, when a verdict of "drowned accidentally" was returned by the jury. The deceased was a native of Ireland, sober, active, and very much respected. Letters from Cannonstown of the dates of 1843 and 1844, post‑marked "Drogheda" from his father were found in his trunk, and his watch and clothes. He had some time ago purchased a farm from the brother of Angus Macdonald, Esquire, in whose employ deceased had been for some years to which, it is thought, his father and family, to whom the bereavement will be heart‑rending, were about to come. Deceased appears to have been a most dutiful and affectionate son, and a chief support to them during those years of famine in their native land.    His remains were attended to the tomb by an unusually large and respectable funeral procession. (Kingston)

January 23, 1847


PAQUET - Died in Randwich, on the 12th instant, Mrs. Alice Paquet, aged 35 years.


BOYLE - Died on the 18th instant, in Kingston, Mary, daughter of Mr. Edmund Boyle, aged 10 years and 9 months.


YOUMANS - On Wednesday evening, the 6th instant, as two of the sons of Mr. David Youmans of Athol were leading their father’s horses from water, one of them, rearing and kicking, struck one of the boys, a lad nearly ten years old, on the side of the head and broke his skull. He died on Friday morning following.


SMITH - About the 1st of October last, a young man named George Smith, arrived at Mr. Stone’s Hotel, Lobo, about 11 miles from London on the turnpike road. It appears from his own account that he had been taken sick in Wisconsin, and was endeavouring to make his way to his friends who he stated lived about twelve miles west of Niagara Falls. He only survived three days. He had no money with him, and it was evident that he suffered acutely from destitution as well as disease. Mr. Stone had him respectably buried.


January 27, 1847


MCKENZIE - Died in Dundas on the morning of the 19th instant, from an attack of croup, Margaret Adelaide, daughter of Thos. H. McKenzie, Esq., aged three years and two months.


CRAIG - Died at Grange, Waterloo, on the 17th instant, after a short illness, Mrs. James Craig, aged 62 years, lately from Dunlop, Ayrshire, Scotland.


MCLEISH - Died on Tuesday, the 19th instant, Mr. George McLeish, of East Dumfries, aged 74 years.


MORRIS - A melancholy accident took place in this township last week. A young man of the name of Morris accidentally shot himself with his own gun while crossing some ice on a shooting excursion. We understand that he was a very respectable young person, and had lately emigrated to this country from England. We hear there is no hope for his recovery. (Brantford)


THORP - Died on the evening of the 20th instant, David L. Thorp, Esq., of Picton, aged 40 years, deeply lamented by a large circle of relatives and friends.


MCNEIL - Died at Napanee, on the 21st instant, after a short illness, Archibald McNeil, Esq., one of the oldest lumber merchants of the Midland District.

January 27, 1847


RICKETS - Died in Spanish Town, Jamaica, a few weeks since, a coloured man named  John Crawford Rickets, at the extraordinary age of 142 years, and what may he considered as very unusual, he was in good health till within two weeks of his death.


January 30, 1847


ARNOLD - Died at Wellington Square, on the 26th instant, at the residence of Mr. A. M. Chisholm, Mrs. Arnold, aged 70 years, relict of the late James Arnold.


HARDY - Died at Kingston, on the 23rd instant, aged 55 years, Mrs. Hardy, wife of Mr. George Hardy, watchmaker.


MACDONALD - Died on Friday, the 15th instant, at the residence of her son, the Rev. John Macdonald, Vicar‑General of the parish of St. Raphael, Glengarry, Ann McGillis, widow of the late John Macdonald, of St. Andrews, in the 87th year of her age.


GRIEVE - Died in Cobourg, on Saturday, the 23rd instant, Mr. William Grieve, jr., aged 33 years and 4 months.


CROASDALE - Died in Montreal, on the 21st instant, Thomas H. Croasdale, Esq., aged 22 years, eldest son of the late Thomas Croasdale, Esq., of Wilfield Kennety, King’s County, Ireland, deeply regretted by a large circle of friends and acquaintances.


BEEDAM - An inquest was held yesterday by Mr. T. Gillespy, jr., on view of the body of Mrs. Beedam, Township of Beverly, who had been found dead on the morning of the previous day. Some painful facts were elicited in evidence, of which our readers may form a pretty correct idea from the following verdict returned by the jury “that the widow Beedam came to her death by exposure to cold, which might have been prevented by due care on the part of her son, daughter, and son‑in‑law, but especially the son.”  Deceased was about 55 years of age.


February 3, 1847


JOYAR - Died in Montreal, aged 88 years, the Rev. Pierre Rene Joyar.  He was the eldest of the Canadian Clergy, having been ordained the 24th March, 1787.


February 17, 1847


HILL - Died in Picton, on Wednesday morning at 4 o'clock, Mr. Silas Hill, aged 76 years and 13 days.

February 17, 1847


BOULBY - Died at his late residence, in Woodhouse, Talbot District, on Tuesday, the 9th instant, Axford Boulby, Esq., late District Councillor for that township, aged 52 years.


KERR - At Marysburg, on Saturday, the 23rd ultimo, Mr. Walter Kerr, son of Andrew Kerr, Esq., J.P., aged 23 years.


LYON - Died on Sunday, the 24th ultimo, Mr. Samuel Lyon, of Belleville, a respectable member of the I.O.O.F., leaving a large family to lament his loss.


February 26, 1847


ELLIOT - Died in Toronto, on the 15th instant, at the residence of her son, Mr. C. Elliot, Mrs. Margaret Elliot, aged 81 years.


February 27, 1847


HODGINSON - Died on Sunday morning last, Mr. W. Hodginson, of Grantham, aged 96. The deceased was among the last of that hardy band who, retaining their allegiance to the Sovereign in the American Revolution, was obliged, after struggling for seven years through the victories and defeats and the hardships and dangers of that trying scene, to leave their own comfortable firesides and seek a home in the wilderness.


HODGE - Died at St. Thomas, the 5th instant, Amelia Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. T. Hodge, merchant, aged two years and five months.


MITTLEBERGER - Died on the 12th instant, at the residence of George Rykert, Esq., St. Catharines, after a very lingering illness, John Mittleberger, Esq., aged 37 years.


March 6, 1847


MENZIES Died at Woodstock, on the 4th ultimo, after a short illness, Mr. George Menzies, editor and proprietor of the "Woodstock Herald", in the 51st year of his age, sincerely regretted by a large circle of friends.


CHURCH - Died suddenly at the Royal Oak Hotel, Woodstock, on Wednesday last, the 24th ultimo, Mr. Daniel K. Church, of Cobourg.


FAWCETT - Died on the evening of Saturday last, the 20th ultimo, very deservedly and sincerely regretted, Margaret, the beloved wife of the Rev. Thomas Fawcett, the Methodist Minister stationed here in connection with the British Conference, aged 31 years.

March 13, 1847


MCNEECE - An inquest was held at White's Hotel in this city on Wednesday, before Mr. Bull  and a respectable jury on the body of John McNeece, formerly servant to Mr. D. Beasly. The body was discovered by Mr. P. Hamilton on the common near his residence about half past 6 a.m.. Pulsation had then ceased, and from the marks on the snow no struggle appeared to have taken place. It seemed to the jury, on viewing the body, that the deceased came to his death from congestion of the brain caused by hard drinking and exposure to the cold. Verdict accordingly.


THOMSON - Died at the residence of George Ryerson, Esquire, Toronto, on Thursday, the 4th March, Mary Adelaide, daughter of the late Hugh C. Thomson, Esquire, and step‑daughter of the Rev. Adam Townley. She was born March 21, 1831, was confirmed at Port Maitland last June, and during the remainder of her short life, was a regular communicant. Her simplicity of character, childlike obedience, and kindly affections, evinced by sincere attachment in her youngest school associates, and which were joined in abilities decidedly above mediocrity, are best proved by the very strong attachment of all her friends.


March 17, 1847


GUNN - Died in this city, on Tuesday last, the 9th instant, Eliza, eldest daughter of D. C. Gunn, Esq., aged 11 years.


FORBES - Died in Toronto, at the residence of her father of decline, Miss Jane Forbes, aged 23 years, a native of East River, Pictou, Nova Scotia.


CAMPBELL - At Olive Grove, Yonge street, on the morning of Sunday, the 7th instant, William Campbell, Esq., in the 65th year of his age.


DAVIDSON - Died on Friday, the 5th instant, at his residence, near Streetsville, Toronto Township, in the 77th year of his age, William Davidson, a native of Scotland.


YOUNG - Died at his residence in Hillier, on Thursday evening, the 27th February, after a short but painful illness of inflammation of the bowels which he bore with the upmost patience and Christian resignation, Major John Young, of the 2nd Regiment of Prince Edward Militia, aged 64 years. Major Young was one of the earliest settlers of the District of Prince Edward, having emigrated here some 52 years since, with his father and a numerous family from Nova Scotia.


FERGUSON - Died at Montreal, on the 5th instant, George Ferguson, Esq., lately Captain in H.M. 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers.

March 17, 1847


GRAHAM - Died at Ormstown, Canada East, on the 19th February, of a lingering illness which he endured with Christian patience and resignation, Mr. John Graham, aged 80 years, a native of Sterlingshire, Scotland, much regretted by his widow and children and a large circle of friends.    He lived to see the fourth generation and not a death in any of his offspring for fifty‑four years.


CLARIHUE - Died at Quebec, on Sunday morning, the 7th instant, James Clarihue, Esq., aged 59 years and 9 days. He was a native of Aberdeen Scotland, and was a resident of Quebec upwards of thirty‑six years.


March 20, 1847


ARMSTRONG - An inquest was held in Dundas on Monday by George Perkins Bull, Esq., coroner, on the body of Mr. Andrew Armstrong, who, it appeared from the testimony of Dr. Dill, came to his death from apoplexy brought on by disease of the lungs. Mr. Armstrong dropped dead in his own house whilst walking about on Sunday. He had been complaining for some time but was sufficiently well to visit Hamilton on Friday last. Verdict: died by the visitation of God.


JOHNSON - Geo. P. Bull held another inquest in Barton on the 14th instant on the body of an infant named Johnson, found dead in his cradle on the previous evening. Verdict; died by the visitation of God. The child had apparently been well during the day.


MCKAY - Died in the Township of Charlottenburg, on the 8th instant, Mrs. McKay, relict of the late Lawrence McKay, Esq., and sister of Col. George Anderson, of Cornwall, in the 71st year of her age.


WEAGANT - Died At Williamsburg, on the 23rd ultimo, Mrs. Margaret, relict of the late Rev. G. Weagant, much and deservedly regretted for her many amiable qualities as a Christian and a parent.


KENNEDY - At the Indian Reservation, near Martintown, on the 5th instant, Hugh Kennedy, a native of Perthshire, Scotland, at the advanced age of 105 years. The deceased never experienced a day’s sickness, and retained his mental faculties to the last moment.


JENKINS - Died at the residence of her father in Sophiasburg, on the 14th ultimo, Catharine, wife of Mr. D. Jenkins, of Demorestville, and second daughter of J. Allison, Esq.

March 20, 1847


GRAY - Died on the 26th February, in Woodhouse, Robert Harvey Gray, aged 22 years.


March 24, 1847


MCLEAN - A person of the name of John McLean, while in the act of felling a tree on the third concession line west of Centre Road in the Township of Toronto, was killed on Thursday last. It appears that the tree must have taken a contrary direction in its fall to what the poor man considered it possibly could, and the consequence was that the tree, or some of the larger branches, fell upon him and killed him.


March 27, 1847


BELL - Died on the 25th September, at Norway House, Hudson Bay Territory, the wife of John Bell, Esq., of the Hon. Hudson's Bay Co., and daughter of Mr. P. W. Dease, of St. Catharines, leaving her afflicted husband and family to mourn her untimely loss, aged 33 years and 4 months.


CURLETT - Died at Adolphstown, on the 5th of March, Mrs. Mary Ann Curlett, wife of Mr. Edward Curlett, aged 37.  Mrs. C. was for some years an acceptable member of the Wesleyan Methodist church.


March 31, 1847


OLIVER - We regret to notice in the Guelph and Galt papers an account of the murder of a man named Richard Oliver in the Township of Guelph. A feud had long existed between deceased and a family of the name of Coghlin which was brought to a fearful termination by the murder of Oliver. Three of the Coghlins are under arrest charged with the commission of the crime.


JEFFERY - Died in this city, on Sunday last, Anne Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery, James street, aged five years.


TERRYBERRY - Died at Barton, on Friday evening, Mr. William Terryberry, an old and respected inhabitant. His funeral was attended by a most numerous train of friends and relations.


GILLESPIE - Died in Toronto, on the 15th instant, Mr. George W. Gillespie, a native of Scotland, and known here as the ingenious inventor of a moveable perpetual calendar.


DES RIVIERES - In Montreal, on the 17th instant, aged 24, Adolfe Des Rivieres, Esq., of the mercantile firm of Des Rivieres and Dempsey.

March 31, 1847


QUINN - Died at, Quebec, on Thursday last, after a protracted illness which she bore with Christian meekness, Catharine, relict of the late Mr. William Quinn, aged 73 years.


April 3. 1847


HARVEY - Died at St. Catharines, on the 30th ultimo, Mr. William Harvey, chemist and druggist.


SUTHERLAND - Died on the 25th ultimo, Janet Mallock, wife of Mr. David Sutherland, late of Glasgow, Scotland, at Scotch Cottage, Cobourg, Canada West, deeply lamented by her friends and all who knew her.


OUDDERBRIDGE - Died at Chatham, on the 17th ultimo, Miriam, only surviving daughter of the late James Oudderbridge, merchant.


Brown   Died at Perth, after a lingering illness, aged 22, Elizabeth Lee, wife of John Brown, Esq., and second daughter of S. W. H. Leslie, Army Medical Department, in Montreal.


ROARKE - Died in Montreal suddenly, on the 23rd ultimo, Frances Fletcher, wife of the late James Roarke.


MCCONKEY - Died in Montreal, on the morning of the 25th ultimo, Mary Ann Johnston, the beloved wife of Mr. Samuel McConkey, aged 35 years.


GLENN - Died on Tuesday last, Mrs. Agnes Glenn, wife of Mr. James Glenn, of London, aged 38 years.


COOK (Brantford) - An inquest was held in this town on the 22nd ultimo over the body of Mrs. Cook, a poor industrious Englishwoman, residing in Brantford. Verdict: died by the visitation of God. It appears that she retired in tolerable health on Sunday night, and was found dead in her bed on the following morning. The deceased had to work hard by going out washing to support her family, her husband and son having been drowned in the Grand River some time last year by the upsetting of a boat. She has now left five small children to struggle alone in the world.    Through the kindness of the townspeople she was decently interred and the children distributed among the neighbours.


April 7, 1847


MCKILLOP - Died in this city, on Monday night, Martha, wife of Mr. John McKillop, confectioner.

April 7, 1847


DISTIN - Died in Cincinnati, Ohio, on the 26th ultimo, Edward Distin, youngest son of W. L. Distin, Esq., of this city, aged 18 years.


CHICHESTER - Died at his residence in Peter Street, Toronto, on Easter Sunday, the 4th instant, Colonel Sir Charles Chichester, 81st Regiment, commanding the Home District, Knight Bachelor, Knight of Charles the Third and of St. Ferdinand, and Commander of Isabella the Catholic of Spain, aged 52 years, deeply and sincerely regretted.


April 10, 1847


COE - Died in Saltfleet, on Tuesday the 6th instant, at his father's residence, Mr. Henry Coe.


WILLIAMSON - Died in Kingston, on the 3rd current, a few days after giving birth to a son, Margaret Gilchrist, wife of Professor Williamson, of Queen's College. During her short residence in that place, she became much endeared to many, and has died deeply regretted by all who knew her. Her invariably amiable deportment and especially her meekness and submission under the hand of God during her last illness gave pleasing evidence of her having chosen the good part which cannot be taken away.


CHICHESTER - The late Col. Sir Charles Chichester entered the army as Ensign on the 5th March, 1811, and received his lieutenantcy (both without purchase) on the 4th March, 1812, obtained the rank of Captain, by purchase, 23rd of December, 1824, and that of Major, by purchase, 29th of August, 1826, and that of Lieutenant Colonel, also by purchase, 12th July, 1831. At the late brevet promotion, 9th of November, 1845, he obtained the rank of Colonel.    Sir Charles served at Brigadier General with the Anglo‑Spanish Legion during the years 1835, 1836, and 1837; was in the action before Hernani on the 30th March, 1835, in which he received two wounds; also at the relief of Bilboa in the same year; commanded a brigade at Mendigur and at Azoa on the 16th, 17th, and 18th January, 1836; in the battle before San Sebastian on the 5th May, and at the passages of the Urmea and taking of the passages on the 28th; commanded at Alxa when it was attacked on the 6th June by the Carlists with a chosen body of men, and had a horse wounded under him; was engaged in the general action on the height of Arnatza on the 1st October; the operations on the 10th, 12th, and 15th March, 1837, during which he had a horse wounded; and in the action of the 16th March, where he was wounded; commanded the British Legion, then formed into a division of two brigades in the action of the 14th May, and at the investment and storming of Irun on the 16th and 17th. For his services

in Spain, Sir Charles received two medals. Sir Charles was afterward appointed to the particular Service staff in this province and served here during the year 1838‑9, and was subsequently appointed to the command of the 81st Regiment.


April 21, 1847


WOODS - Died on Friday, the 16th instant, at the residence of R. Beasley, Esq., in this city, Mary Woods, aged 60. The deceased was a native of Dublin, Ireland, and had lived as housekeeper with Mr. Beasley for several years, by whom she was treated with the utmost kindness and attention during her last illness.


MCNAUGHTON - Died at Nassagaweya, on the 18th March, in the 47th year of her age, the beloved wife of Alexander McNaughton, Esq., D.C.


April 24, 1847


BURLEY - Died at Wilton, on Thursday last, 14th April, Mr. Joseph Burley, aged 81 years, one of the oldest U.E. loyalists in the District. He resided in the vicinity of Wilton for the last sixty years, and was universally respected by all who knew him.


DOLSON - Died at his residence in Dover East, on Monday morning, 19th instant, John Dolson Esq., aged 67 years. Mr. Dolson was an old and respected inhabitant of this District. For upwards of 20 years, he acted as Deputy Registrar of the County, and upon the establishment of Municipal Council, he was appointed Warden of the Western District, which office he held with much credit to himself and advantage to the County.


MACDONALD - A sad accident occurred on Wednesday evening last about nine o’clock by which an individual named John Macdonald, a shoemaker by trade, lost his life. It appears that the poor man was wandering about the wharves near the Quebec Exchange and, being short‑sighted, he unfortunately fell into the river. Mr. Brady with two of the police, perceiving the accident, immediately ran to his assistance, and with a rope, endeavoured to rescue the unfortunate man, but all proved unsuccessful. The drowning man called loudly for help just before he sank to rise no more. The police continued to search for the body, but were unable to find it in consequence of the darkness of the night until the following morning. An inquest was accordingly held on the body and a verdict of accidental death returned.


NICHOLS - Yesterday an inquest was held by George Duggan, Esq., coroner, in the Township of Etobicoke, on view of the body of Nancy Nichols, wife of a carpenter residing there. It appears that the deceased had lain down in bed in a state of intoxication,

and that, when her husband came home from his work at noon to dinner, he so found her, and having helped himself to some cold meat, he returned to work leaving her in the bed. He locked the front entry door of the house, and left the back door unlocked. In the afternoon about three o'clock, the house was discovered to be on fire and was soon consumed with the unfortunate woman within, and two houses adjoining, belonging to a coloured man names Stokes. The body was burned to cinders, and presented a fearful  spectacle. The jury returned a verdict in accordance with these facts of accidental death.


April 28, 1847


ASKIN - Died in Toronto, on Saturday, the 25th instant, at the residence of V/. L. Ferrie, Esq., Affy, wife of Henry James Askin, Esq., of London, C.W., and third daughter of W. P. Patrick, Esq., of Montreal, aged 25 years.


STEWART - Died in Montreal, on Tuesday evening, at the residence of his brother‑in‑law, the Hon. Francis Hincks, John Bayle Stewart, eldest son of Alexander Stewart, Esq., of Legoniel, near Belfast, Ireland, aged 45 years.


GAMBLE - Died at the residence of T. W. Birchall, Esq., Toronto, on the 13th instant, Matilda, fifth daughter of John W. Gamble, Esq., of Vaughan, aged 4 years and 11 months.


ELLIOT - Died suddenly in Monaghan, on Sunday last, Catherine, widow of the late George Elliot, Esq., aged 39 years. She has left five children to bewail her loss.


CROW (Brantford) - An inquest was held in this town on the 20th instant, at the Inn of Mr. H. Yarkington, before Richard Cotton, Esq., coroner, on the body of a man named Thomas Crow, a native of Ireland, who was drowned in Smith’s Creek, near Paris, on the 23rd November last, and was picked up here, having floated down the Grand River. He was about 25 years of age and has left a wife and child to mourn his untimely end.


May 1, 1847


BATTERSBY -Died at Hickory Lodge, Paris, on the 19th April, Elizabeth Ryan, wife of E. G. Battersby, Esq., and daughter of the Rev. W. Ryan, of the County of Tipperary, Ireland.


JOHNSON - Died in Paris, on the 29th April, Levi Lorenzo, son of Levi and Eliza Johnson, aged two years, nine months, and seven days.

May 5, 1847


RORKE -  Died at Picton, on the afternoon of the 19th ultimo, after a short illness, Mr. Thomas Rorke, formerly of Waterford, Ireland, aged 47 years. He held the office of Clerk of the Division Court for several years, the duties of which he fulfilled to the greatest satisfaction of the District.


NASH - Died on Wednesday morning, the 28th ultimo, at Adolphstown, of a lingering decline, Mrs. Hannah Nash, aged 47 years, relict of the late Thomas Nash.


WESTFOLD - An inquest was held on Friday last at the Farmers’ Hotel, Beverly, by Mr. George P. Bull, coroner, on the body of a man named John Westfold, a painter by trade, who was found dead in a wood‑house adjoining the premises. After a careful examination of the body, the jury brought in a verdict that the deceased came to his death by the visitation of God.


May 8, 1847


STEVENSON - Died at St. Catharines, on Tuesday, Mary Stevenson, wife of John H, Stevenson, Esq., aged about 22 years.


May 12, 1847


Merill - Died at Kingston, on the 4th instant, Lucinda Augusta, youngest daughter of Mr. Stephen B. Merill, aged 11 months.


MEYER - Died at McKillop, Huron District, on the 20th ultimo, Helen Stinson, wife of Adolphus Meyer, Esq. The deceased was the daughter of the late Alexander Stinson, Esq., at one time Mayor of Cashell, County Tipperary, Ireland, who, with his family, emigrated to the Huron District in 1834.


May 15, 1847


WILSON - Died at St. Thomas, on the 1st instant, Mr. John Wilson, of the Fountain Inn, in the 35th year of his age.


BLAKELEY - On Tuesday morning, the 4th instant, of dropsy, near Wellington, Township of Hallowell, Captain William Blakeley, of the 4th Regiment Prince Edward Militia, one of the first settlers of the District, much regretted by a large family and a numerous circle of friends.


RYAN - Died at Etobicoke, near Toronto, on the 21st ultimo, after a lingering illness, aged 74 years, Mr. Patrick Ryan, late Sergeant Major in Her Majesty’s  5th Dragoon Guards. He joined the army on the 21st of January, 1793, the day on which the King of France was beheaded. He served on the Continent under the command of the Duke of York, through the Irish Rebellion in 1798, and on the Continent with the Duke of Wellington.

May 19, 1847


SCOTT - An Inquest was held on Saturday night at Port Kelson, County of Halton, by George P. Bull, Esq., coroner, on the body of a man named William Scott who was drowned by the upsetting of a skiff on the previous Sunday. The deceased, in company with a man named Keegan, had taken a skiff belonging to Mr. Buntin with the intention of going across to the lighthouse.  Keegar, being under the influence of liquor, and not understanding the management of a frail craft, it was upset within a few perches of the shore. Keegan, though no swimmer, got on shore, but poor Scott, an excel1ent swimmer, sank to rise no more. He bore an excellent character. To the credit of the inhabitants of Port Kelson, about 50 dollars were at once raised for the widow who was in Toronto. The Jury returned a verdict of "accidentally drowned".


May 22, 1847


MASSON - Died at the Manor House, at Terrebonne, on Saturday, the 15th instant, after a short but painful illness, the Honourable Joseph Masson, seignier of Terrebonne, Labelle Plains and Lacome, aged 56. The lamented gentleman was for many years one of the principals of the eminent firm of Messrs. Robertson, Masson and Co. of Montreal, and Vice President of the Bank of Montreal.


PATTERSON - Died at Portsmouth (Kingston) on Monday evening, Margaret, wife of Mr. M. Patterson, aged 18 years.


MACGREGOR - Died at the British American Hotel, Kingston, on Monday morning, Hugh MacGregor, Esq., aged 58 years.


MERRILL - Died in the Township of Kingston, on Tuesday morning, Mr. Bayard B. Merrill, aged 26 years and 10 months.


SWITZER - Died on Sunday, the 16th instant, at the Messrs. Jacksons’ Mills, Township of Kingston, Captain Peter Switzer, in the 55th year of his age.


PRINGLE - We regret to hear that a child of Mr. Pringle, innkeeper, was killed yesterday afternoon under very melancholy circumstances. The child, which was only eighteen months old, had, by some means, walked out on the road, when a lumber waggon, drawn by a span of horses, was approaching. The driver was going along at a rapid pace and not paying much attention to the road when the horses knocked down the child and the waggon passed over his head, causing almost instant death. The man was arrested, but subsequently liberated on bail. An inquest was held on the body, by George p. Bull, Esq., coroner. The verdict we have not learned.

May 22, 1847


STAUFFER - On Friday, the 7th instant, an inquest was held by Dr. Scott, coroner, in the Township of Wilmot, on the body of Nancy Stauffer, aged about two years, the daughter of Eli Stauffer. The little girl had been missing but a short time when her mother went in search of her to the saw‑mill about one hundred yards distant. About the same time, Noah Bearings, attending the mill, found it working very slowly and believed some obstruction was keeping off the water.    He emptied the race, when the painful spectacle was presented to the mother of the child drawn by the current into the throat of the penstock and thus drowned. The verdict of the jury was in accordance with the above facts.


HAGERMAN - We regret to announce the decease of the Hon. Christopher Alexander Hagerman, one of the Justices of Her Majesty’s Court of Queen's Bench for the Province. The melancholy event took place on Friday (May 14) evening at seven o'clock after a long and painful illness.


May 26, 1847


BELYEA - Died at Belleville, on Wednesday morning, after a lingering illness, Laura, wife of G. V. N. Belyea, Esq, aged 21 years and 6 months and 16 days, much respected by all who had the pleasure of her acquaintance.


PROBY - Died in Kingston, on Wednesday morning, after a lingering illness, Mr. Edward Proby.


WALKER - Died at Prescott, on the 5th instant, after a long and severe illness, which she endured with Christian fortitude and resignation, Mrs. Jane Walker, widow of the late Captain Hamilton Walker.


MCMICKIN - Died in Queenston, on Wednesday last, Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Gilbert Mcliickin, Esq., aged five years.


May 29, 1847


KETTLE - Died in Toronto, on Friday evening last, in the 31st year of his age, Mr. John Kettle, of the Queen Street Hotel, late Col. Sergeant of the First Battalion, stationed in Hamilton. Deceased was a member of the I.O.O.F., M.U.


CLAPP - Died on Tuesday, 4th May, in the 3rd concession of the Township of Fredericksburg, Smith, seventh and youngest son of Mr. John Clapp, sen., aged 17 years and 6 days.


THOMPSON - Died on. Tuesday, the 25th instant, Martha Susannah, youngest daughter of Mr. Thomas Thompson, aged 10 months.

June 2, 1847


WILLLARD - Died in Kingston, the 28th ultimo, Charles Williard, Esq., aged 49, an old and respected inhabitant, deeply regretted.


Markland   Died in Kingston, the 27th ultimo, Mrs. Markland, wife of the Honourable George H.  Markland, a lady who was much esteemed by all who knew her.


BLACK - Died at Halifax, N.S., on Saturday, 8th May,  in the 54th year of her age, Mary Ann, consort of the Hon. William A. Black, deeply regretted by a numerous circle of relatives and friends.


DEAN - Died in Montreal, on the 25th ultimo, Mr. John Dean, late Chief Accountant of the Crown Lands Department, aged 51 years.


DEUSCHLE - Jury's Verdict: John M. Deuschle, late of Bytown, in the Dalhousie District, came to his death at the Bonnechere Point, in the Township of Horton, in the Bathurst District, on the 19th of May, from the accidental discharge of a pistol loaded with ball in the hand of David Thomson Brown, on which pistol the jury award a deodand of one shilling currency.


June 5, 1847


CLARKE - Died in the Township of Trafalgar, on Thursday morning last, after a protracted illness, Abigail, the beloved wife of Samuel Clarke, Esq., Warden of the Gore District, aged 32 years.


STEWARD - A little girl of six years old, daughter of John Steward, Esq., of York, Grand River, was playing, in company with other children, around a pile of logs near her father's residence, when one of the logs fell upon, and crushed, her to death in an instant. The log had been loosely placed on the pile and became detached by some of the children running over it.


June 9, 1847


BADDER - On Friday last, an accident occurred in the village of Dresden on the river Sydenham. A young man named Badder, about 18 years old, formerly a resident of the Dividing Ridge, Howard, while rafting staves, fell backward from the canoe in which he was crossing the river.   As he could not swim, and as those present were also unable, the unfortunate man was drowned before any effectual assistance cou1d be offered.

June 9, 1847


LAWSON - An inquest was held on Friday last in Elmsley South, by W. A. Schofield, Esq., a coroner for this District, on the body of William Lawson. The deceased had been missing since November. He was last seen leaving the store of Mr. Brayer at Smith’s Falls in the evening, about to return to his home. He had to cross the main bridge, in that village, and is supposed to have fallen through a place in it where the planks had been broken, as he was found on the morning of the day mentioned, floating in the water below the bridge. He was identified by his wife and others. The verdict of the jury was in accordance with the apparent facts.


June 12, 1847


YOUNG - An inquest was held on Monday, in Glanford, by G..P. Bull, Esq., coroner, on the body of a person names Jacob Young who, it appeared on evidence, went into the 10‑Mile Creek the previous day (Sunday) to bathe. The deceased, it appeared, was seized with a fit and, falling down in about two feet of water, was suffocated. Two boys who were witnesses to the melancholy scene dragged the body out of the water and gave the alarm, but life was extinct before any aid could be rendered. The deceased, it was proved, was subject to epileptic fits, and had joined the temperance society but a few weeks before, and was looked upon as a steady and correct man. He left no family.


June 16, 1847


DENBY - Died at London, C.W., on the 1st instant, Brother Henry Denby, a native of England, aged 40 years, and formerly a sergeant in Her Majesty’s 32nd Regiment of Foot, deeply regretted by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance. Mr. Denby had been employed by the Commissariat Office of London for the last ten years and gave general satisfaction. On the 3rd inst. his remains were conveyed to the "Episcopal Burying Ground',' accompanied by the members of St. John’s Lodge 209 under the superintendence of Brother John McDowel R.W.H., and those of Mount Maria 773, under that of Brother Joshua Putnam, R.W.H.


BEATTY - Also on the 2nd instant, George Beatty, a native of Ireland, was buried with like honours, and followed to his final resting place, not only by his Brethren, but by some of the most respectable inhabitants of London and vicinity.


SUTHERLAND - Died in Kingston, on Wednesday evening Mr. William Sutherland, aged 38 years. Deceased was a member of the Loyal Kingston Lodge, I.O.O.F, M.U.

June 16, 1847


HARRINGTON - Died in Kingston on the 5th instant, after a long illness, Elizabeth Jane, only daughter of the late Qr. Mr. William McDonald, 8th Gar. Regiment, wife of Mr. Harrington, Qr. Mr. G's Dept.


ANDERSON - Died in Philadelphia, on the 2nd of May, of consumption, Mr. Robert Anderson, aged 23 years, formerly of Whilkba, County Armagh, Ireland.


WHITE - Died on the 10th instant, Thomas Walter, eldest son of James White, Esq., Trafalgar, aged 3 years and 6 months.


July 24, 1847


POWELL - Died in Guelph, on the evening of the 15th instant, Murray Jarvis, infant son of W. D. Powell, Esq.


SMITH - A coroner's inquest was held on Tuesday last on the body of a woman named Smith, the wife of a resident of this town. Her death was very sudden and, after enquiry, was attributed to apoplexy while under the effect of spirituous liquor. (London)


MCKENZIE - Died on Wednesday the 21st instant, William, son of Mr. Alexander McKenzie.


July 28, 1847


KIRKLAND - Died in Brantford, on Tuesday, the 20th instant, Joseph Henry, only child of Mr. Alexander Kirkland, aged seven months and ten days.


WALKER - Died in Brantford, on the 20th instant, William Redman, youngest son of William Walker, Esq.


FAWCETT - Died in Brantford, on the 21st instant, youngest child of Rev. Thomas Fawcett.


JOYCE - Died in Kingston, on Monday, the 19th instant, after a long and painful illness, Elizabeth Ann Joyce, aged 23 years and 2 months.


MEAGHER - Died on Wednesday last, after a long and severe illness, Patricia, the beloved wife of Mr. Jeremiah Meagher, Kingston.


MANAHAN - Died on Wednesday evening last, after a long and painful illness, Sarah Phebe, wife of Anthony Manahan, Esq., and the daughter of the late Hon. J. Nugent, of the island of Trinidad, in the 54th year of her age.

July 28, 1847


REYNOLDS  It is our painful duty to announce the death of Mr. Michael A. Reynolds, printer of the “Montreal Pilot”. His illness was originally occasioned by the great heat which has lately prevailed, and was aggravated to its mortal degree, by exposure during a considerable portion of Saturday, the 10th instant, to the burning rays of the sun. For several days, he could not be induced to relinguish his arduous duties and resort, to medical aid, and when, at length, Dr. Nelson was called upon, the brain was found to have been fatally attacked. He died in the night of Monday, the 19th instant. Mr. Reynolds conducted the mechanical part of the “Pilot” since its establishment, and was also the printer of the “Toronto Examiner” during Mr. Hinck's connection with that paper. He was a native of the County of Kilkenny, Ireland, and has been called from his earthly labours at the early age of 36. We can be brief in our eulogy of the esteemed deceased.    He was emphatically an honest man. His every duty to society was faithfully discharged, and few indeed have gone to their account leaving a name more respectable and respected.


RICHARDS - Died on Friday morning in the hospital of the Hotel Dieu, Montreal, from fever contracted at the emigrant sheds, the Rev. John Richards, Priest, and Econome of the Seminary of St. Sulpice of Montreal, aged 60 years and 5 months. The deceased was born at Alexandria, Diocese of Baltimore, United States, on the 21st February, 1787, came to Montreal in 1809, was ordained Priest on the 25th July, 1813, and became attached to the Seminary on the 17th February, 1817. He accompanied the English army to Plattsburgh in the expedition of 1813 as chaplain, together with the late Mr. Robitaille. He witnessed the first arrival of Irish immigrants in Montreal, and was entrusted with the charge of spiritually directing and counselling them, and it is only a few weeks since he was again seen as ore of the most zealous in ministering to the thousands late cast on our shores and assisting the authorities to ameliorate their wretched state.    Besides the qualities of a Priest, full of zeal and charity, the Rev. Mr. Richards was remarkable for the solidity of his judgment and the exceeding amiability of his manners.


August 4, 1847


KIDAUR - Died in Montreal, on the 28th ultimo, Mr. William Kidaur, a native of Somersetshire, England, aged 70 years.


WALKER - Died at his residence, Amherst Island, on the 30th ultimo, Henry Walker, Esq., aged 28 years, grandson of the Rev. Thomas Walker, rector of Kirmalanda, County of Cork.

July 31, 1847


KERBY - Died at Flamboro West, on Tuesday last, Beverly, youngest son of A. T. Kerby, Esq.


LLOYD - Died in Montreal, on the 12th instant, Lieutenant Lloyd, R.N., from typhus fever, contracted while engaged in affording spiritual consolation to the poor destitute emigrants and in endeavouring to ameliorate their condition. The Church Society of the Diocese has lost a most efficient and devoted Secretary; the poor, a faithful and kind friend; and society, a Christian and most exemplary member.


NEILON - Died in Kingston, or Sunday morning, of typhus fever, the Rev. Patrick Neilon, aged 25 years.


August 4, 1847


LOWRY - We exceedingly regret being obliged to announce the death of Mr. Robert Lowry, one of the councillors of the Midland District, and perhaps the most active of the whole body, who died at Napanee, or the 27th ultimo, of the prevailing sickness. Mr. Lowry was at the head of the largest factory in these parts, and being universally known, respected, and esteemed, his death has cast a general gloom over the whole neighbourhood.


WILSON - Died at Simcoe, Talbot District, on the 29th July, William Wilson, Eq., formerly a member of the Provincial Parliament.


MACFARLANE - It is with unfeigned regret that we announce the sudden death of James Macfarlane, Esq., of this city. Mr. Macfarlane had gone over on a visit to his friends at Oswego, and there died of bilious fever. His remains have just arrived here in the American steamer from Oswego, and will be interred to‑morrow morning at 10 o'clock. (Kingston)


August 7, 1847


JEFFREY - Died in this city, on Thursday last, after a short Illness, Mr. William Jeffrey, aged 50 years, a native of London. The body was attended to its last resting place by a large concourse consisting principally of Odd Fellows of the Manchester Unity, of which Order deceased was a much respected member.


MACLACHLAIN - Died in this city, on the 4th instant, Archibald, son of Mr. D. Maclachlain, aged 11 months.


POTTS - Died in Montreal, on the 2nd instant, John, infant son of Mr. James Potts, aged 14 days.

August 7, 1847


URQUHART - Died in this city at ten o’clock on Thursday, the 4th instant, Martha, daughter of Mr. Donald Urquhart, late of Kingston, after a short illness of 8 days, aged 8 years.


MACDONNELL - Died on Saturday, the 25th July, at her residence at Hazel Bank, near Kingston, after an illness of 12 days, Sarah, the beloved wife of Archibald MacDonnell, Esq., and daughter of the late Robert Torrance, Esq., of Castledawson, in the County Derry, Ireland.


LINDSAY - Died at Gananoque, the 19th ultimo, Mr. Robert Lindsay, aged 44 years, deeply regretted by a large circle of relatives and friends.


KERR - Died at Marysburgh, on Thursday last, of bilious fever, Andrew Kerr, Esq., aged 62, formerly of Paisley, Scotland, and many years a magistrate of this District.


WATSON - Died in Montreal, on the 21st ultimo, after a short illness, Charles Watson, bricklayer, a native of Stewardstown, North of Ireland, aged 45 years, deeply regretted by all who knew him.


JAMESON - Died in Montreal, on the 3rd instant, at his mother’s residence, No. 38, Sanguinet street, St. Lawrence suburbs, Dr. John Jameson, aged 34 years, son of the late Capt. Jameson, of disease contracted whilst discharging his professional duties at Crosse Isle.


RICHARDSON - Died in Montreal, on the morning of the 30th ult., Sarah Ann, widow of the late Hon. John Richardson.


August 14, 1847


ESSON - Died at his son’s residence in Napanee, on the 4th inst., John Esson, Esq., aged 64 years, formerly of Quebec, Merchant.


WEBSTER - Died suddenly on Tuesday, the 20th ultimo, in the 17th year of her age, Amelia Davidson, wife of Mr. R. Webster, and second daughter of S. Davidson, Esq., Mariposa.


BRODIE - Died in Cobourg, on Tuesday the 10th instant, David Brodie, aged 18 years.


CUSHING - Died in Montreal, on the 1st instant, at 168 Craig street, Frederick Cushing, M.D., aged 52 years.

August 18, 1847


FARISH - Died in this city, early yesterday morning, Mr. William Parish, of the firm of Farish, Sons, and Co.


KELLY - Died at Point Frederick, Kingston, on Friday morning, Mr. Thomas Kelly, aged 67 years, an old and respectable resident of Barriefield.


YOUNG - Died at Cobourg, on the 31st ultimo, Mr. James Young, late one of H.M.’s pensioners, aged 103 years.


VANALSTINE - Died at Marysburgh, on Sunday evening last, Mr. Allen VanAlstine,  of typhus fever.


August 21, 1847


HUNTER - Died on Friday morning, the 20th instant, Olivia Baines, infant daughter of Doctor Hunter, aged 13 months and 14 days.


GARDNER - Died on Tuesday, the 17th instant, of consumption, aged 32 years, John Gardner,  jun., eldest son of Mr. John Gardner, King street,. Hamilton.


MCDONALD - Died in Montreal, on Sunday last, at her mother’s residence, Miss Mary Agnes McDonald, daughter of the late Andrew Skene McDonald, Esq., aged 20 years and 2 months. She died of typhus fever which she contracted at the Emigrant Orphan Asylum where she had been in constant attendance on the sick for several days.


CHARLEBOIS - In Montreal on the 9th instant, Joseph Henry, youngest son of P. Charlebois, Esq., aged 14 years and 5 days.


LINDSAY - Died in Montreal on Friday afternoon, the 13th instant, Henriette Marie, infant daughter of W. B. Lindsay jun., aged 10 months and 10 days.


August 25, 1847


PERKINS - Died at Kingston, on Thursday morning, the 12th inst., after a short illness, Elvira, daughter of L. Perkins, Esq., aged 16 years.


PETERS - Died at Edinburgh, on the 3rd of July, James Peters, Jr., Esq., of St. John, New Brunswick, eldest son of the Hon. Charles J. Peters, Attorney‑General of the Province of New Brunswick.

August 25, 1847


PAISLEY - Died at the General Hospital, Quebec, on Sunday morning, at half‑past two o'clock, the Rev. Mr. Hugh Paisley, cure' of Fossambault, of disease contracted whilst administering the rites of religion to the sick in the Marine Hospital.


BOTTERILL - Died at Quebec, on Sunday, the 13th instant, Mr. T. Botterill, master carpenter and joiner, a native of Whitby, Yorkshire, England.


MORRIS - Died at Newmarket, on Sunday, the 15th instant, Melvina, wife of Mr. Charles Morris, and third daughter of Mr. Joseph Hewitt.


MORRIS - Died on Thursday, the 19th, Eleanor Melvina, infant daughter of Mr. Charles Morris, and grand‑daughter of Mr. Joseph Hewitt.


EMPEY - Died on Friday, the 20th instant, Melvina, infant daughter of M. P. Empey, Esq., and grand‑daughter of Mr. Joseph Hewitt.


MURPHY (Niagara) - We regret to state that Mr. Terence Murphy, butcher of this town, and a little boy, his grandson, were accidentally drowned in the Niagara River, near the residence of the Rev. Mr. Carroll, on Sunday last. The body of Mr. Murphy has been found about a mile and a half below the Fort on the American side; that of the grandson has not yet been recovered.


August 28, 1847


ORR - Died in this city, on Tuesday night last, Mrs. Mary Orr, wife of Mr. James Orr, aged 35 years.


LAWRY - Died on his passage from Jamaica to New York, Captain Samue1 Lawry, of the “Sir Joseph Howe”, aged 25 years, brother of Mr. H. J. Lawry of this city.


September 1, 1847


ROUSSEAUX - Died in Barton, on the 28th ultimo, Eliza Jane, youngest daughter of J. B. Rousseaux, Esq.


MCEWEN - Died in Mount Pleasant on the 14th ultimo, Alexander K. McEwen, youngest son of Mr. Archibald McEwen, of the above place, aged 19 months and 2 weeks.


KINNEAR - Also died at Mount Pleasant, on the 16th ultimo, Mr. Bernard Kinnear, late  of Glasgow, and a native of Fifeshire, Scotland, aged 78 years.

September 1, 1847


SHULTIS - Died in Niagara Township, on Tuesday last, Mr. Barnard Shultis, aged 74 years.


TAYLOR - Died at Drummondville, on Wednesday last, Mr. Henry Taylor, to the great grief of a numerous body of friends.


ROBINSON - We understand that Mr. Thomas Robinson, a respectable farmer, living in very comfortable circumstances, on Lot No. 26, 2nd concession, east of Centre Road, in the Township of Chinguacousy, committed suicide on Tuesday last, by cutting his throat with a hay knife in his own barn. He has left a wife and large family to deplore his loss. No previous symptoms of mental disquietude had been observed in him, and, therefore, the cause which led to the commission of the dreadful act yet remains a mystery.


September 8, 1847


SOMERSETT - A most melancholy occurrence, resulting in the death of an unfortunate and dissipated man named William Somersett, took place in this city about three o'clock on the morning of yesterday. It would appear that an attempt to fire the lumber yard of Mr. J. Harper, builder, Richmond street, was made on the morning previous. (Wednesday). Fearing that a similar attempt might be made during the week, two of the carpenters in the employment of the above‑mentioned gentleman were placed as a guard upon the premises. About three o’clock, a man was perceived to approach. He walked away a short distance, returned again, and scaled the fence, and proceeded to fire some shavings which lay between the cross‑fence and the workshop.    He was running away when one of the watchmen, named James Mullen, discharged a fowling piece loaded with shot at the unfortunate man, the contents of which entered a little above the right breast and he immediately fell. The alarm was given, the occupants of the neighbouring residences were quickly on the spot, and the flames soon extinguished. On examining the person of the fallen man, he was identified as a brother‑in‑law of the owner of the lumber yard in question. Surgical attention was procured, but life was extinct before any assistance could be rendered. An inquest was held on the body a few hours afterward before Geo. Duggan, Esq., coroner, and after a most rigid  & searching investigation, the jury returned a verdict of manslaughter against James Mullen, who was immediately committed for trial on the coroner’s warrant. The whole occurrence is one of a more melancholy character than has occurred in this city for many years. The deceased was quite a young man, and although (as may be supposed from his having attempted to commit arson) a dissipated character, was very respectably connected. He was an only son, and has left a father, mother, widow, and many other relations to mourn over his melancholy career and untimely end. (Toronto)

September 8, 1847


SANSCARTIER - A person named Sanscartier, sixty years of age, residing in Panet street, Quebec suburbs, committed suicide on Wednesday night under the following circumstances. The deceased, who was a blacksmith, had been in the service of the Hudson's Bay Company, and within the last day or two, had been re‑engaged in the same employ.   He had been in Lachine on Wednesday and returned home in a state of intoxication, telling the cab driver, who brought him   home, to call for him at five o’clock the next morning to take him to Lachine. After his return home, he drank a quantity of raw spirits, and shortly afterward went upstairs to lie down on a sofa, where he remained all night. It appeared from the evidence in the inquest that his wife slept in a room downstairs, and did not go into the room in which he lay at all. When the cab driver came at five o’clock in the morning to take him to Lachine,, on going upstairs to rouse him, he   was found lying on the sofa dead and the room completely inundated with blood. He had severed the brachial artery of the left arm with a razor which was discovered lying on the floor near the sofa. He was quite rigid when found and life had apparently been extinct for several hours. An inquest was held in the course of the morning and we believe the jury returned a verdict that deceased had committed suicide whilst labouring under temporary derangement produced from excessive drinking.


MILLER - Died at his residence in York street, or the 6th, after a few days’ illness, of fever, James Miller, Esq., of the firm of Miller, Hamilton & Co., of this city.


PETRIE - Died on Saturday, the 28th ultimo, the Rev. George Petrie, minister of the Church of England, in the townships of Burford and Norwich.


ELLIOT - Died on Wednesday morning, Christian, daughter of Mr. William Elliot, of West Dumfries, aged 11 years, being the fourth death in the same family within 14 days.


BROWN - Died on the 30th August, Captain Daniel Brown, an old resident of London, C.W.    He commanded a company of Militia at the Battle of Lundy’s Lane in the War of 1812. He had recently devoted his services to nursing the sick at the Immigrant Hospital and contracted the typhus fever of which he died after an illness of about ten days, aged 60.


PEEL - Died in London, of typhus fever, on the 1st instant, Mrs. Ann Peel, formerly of Hillborough, County Down, Ireland, aged 52 years.

September 15, 1847


MCCALLUM - A very melancholy accident occurred last Wednesday evening on the plank road between Port Stanley and St. Thomas. Daniel McCallum, teamster to Mr. Blackwood of St. Thomas, had been to Port Stanley for a load of stone and was returning home in company with another teamster. He had been labouring for some time under an attack of the ague and while  sitting on his cart the chill suddenly came on him and he fell off the cart, the wheel unhappily going over him. He was carried to Widowfields Tavern and, although quite sensible, he expired shortly afterwards. The deceased was a steady industrious man.


September 18, 1847


SUTHERLAND - Died at Zorra, on the 10th instant, after a long and painful illness, which she bore with Christian patience and resignation, Miss Christiana Sutherland, eldest daughter of Mr. John Sutherland, much and deservedly regretted by a numerous circle of friends and acquaintances.


MILLER - On Sunday last, the remains of the late James Miller, Esq., recently of Hamilton, C.W., and previously of Richmond Square of this city, were interred in the Protestant Burying Ground, in Dorchester Street. The funeral procession was from the residence of John Fisher, Esq., Antoine Street, and was numerously attended by the many friends of the deceased, anxious to show the last mark of respect for his character, and their regret for his premature decease.    Mr. M. expired of fever in the prime of life and vigour, after not more than ten days’ confinement. (Montreal)


September 22, 1847


FRASER - Died on Monday, the 20th instant, Elizabeth, second daughter of Mr. Malcolm Fraser, aged 4 years.


DURIE - Died on Sunday, the 12th instant, at the Manse, Upper Bytown, the Rev. William. Durie, aged 38 years, of typhus fever, deeply regretted by a numerous circle of friends and acquaintances.


DONAHOE - On Thursday last, a person named William Donahoe, accidentally stepped off Colclough’s wharf, and was unfortunately drowned. An inquest was held on the body the following day before Thomas Gillespy, Esq., coroner, where a verdict was given in accordance with the melancholy facts.

September 25, 1847


FRASER - Died here last evening, at her mother's house, Hughson street, Margaret, daughter of the late John Fraser, Esq., Farraline, advocate.


September 29, 1847


BEGG - The family of Mr. William Begg of the 13th concession of London has been lately visited by one of those awful dispensations which, in the ways of Providence, are inscrutable to the ken of mortals. During the thunder storm which visited this portion of the province on Friday last, a few minutes after the family of Mr. Beggs had rose from dinner table, the lightning entered the house where they then were and split into small pieces a board which lay on the hearth. It then wheeled and seized in its forked grasp the second son of Mr. Beggs, a fine boy of nine years, tore him off a bed upon which he was sitting, and laid him a corpse on the hearth. Excepting one little girl, there was not one of the family escaped a severe shock. Mr. B., after several attempts, at length succeeded in raising the child. He immediately applied the lancet as a means of restoration, but the spirit had fled, and, it would seem, happy in its new abode, refused to re‑tenant its former tabernacle until the last Trump shall sound. The fluid completely girdled its victim, and a considerable quantities of skin were found to be attached to a flannel shirt which he then wore, and. which, with his hair, was much scorched. Mr. Beggs says the lightning exploded in the house with a report equal to that of a six‑pounder.


WILSON - Died at Galt, on Saturday, the 18th September, James S. Wilson, son of Mr. Wilson,  of Stratford, Huron District.


October 2, 1847


COLEMAN - Died in this city, yesterday morning, Thomas Coleman, Esq.


Fortye - Died in Niagara, on Sunday morning last, after a long and painful illness, A. G. Lora Fortye, Esq. Ensign Royal Canada Rifle Regiment, aged 17 years.


LONG - At Queenston, on Tuesday last, very suddenly, Joseph Long, deeply regretted by all who knew him.


MORRISON - Died on the 26th ultimo, Joseph McKay, only son of Joseph Morrison, Esq., barrister, Toronto, aged 15 months and 9 days.

October 2, 1847


THOMPSON - Died at Toronto, on the 27th September, John Thompson, merchant, aged 44 years.


POWER - It is our painful duty to announce the death of the Right Reverend M. Power, Roman Catholic Bishop of Toronto. His Lordship will be deservedly regretted by both Catholic and Protestant.


October 13. 1847


KENNEDY - Died in this city, on the 10th instant, Margaret, wife of Mr. John Kennedy, Court House Square, and relict of the late Mr. Alexander Fee, formerly of County Monaghan, Ireland.


MCDOWELL - Died on Thursday, the 30th ult, Margaret, fourth daughter of Mr. John McDowell, London, C.W., after a few days’ illness of croup, aged 5 years and 7 months.


MCLEAN - Died on the 8th instant, at his residence near Kingston, Allan AIcLean, Esq., aged 94. The late Col. McLean for many years represented the County of Frontenac in the Provincial parliament of Upper Canada, and was several times Speaker of the House of Assembly.


CARMICHAEL - Died in Kingston, on Tuesday, the 7th October, Mr. James Carmichael, aged 25 years.


October l6, 1847


GRIFFIN - Died at Waterdown yesterday, E. C. Griffin, Esq., aged 47 years and 8 months. Friends and acquaintances are requested to attend the funeral from his late residence on Sunday next at 2 o’clock, p.m., without further notice.


October 20, 1847


GARRETT - Died in Niagara, on Sunday last, 10th instant, of typhus fever, George Edward Crawford, fourth son of Alexander Garrison, barrack master, aged 21 years and six months.


October 23, 1847


EMPEY - Died at Newmarket, on the 17th ultimo, James Philip, only son of M. P. Empey, Esq., Warder of the Home District, aged 2 years and 6 months.


KEEFER - At Thorold, on the 14th instant, Mr. Charles H. Keefer, aged 23 years.

October 23, 1847


CLEMENT - Died on the 4th instant, at the residence of her son‑in‑law, John Christie, Esq., near St. Catharines, in the 79th year of her age, Catherine, relict of Robert Finlater Clement, Esq., formerly of the city of Dublin, Ireland.


STINSON - Died at St. Catharines, on the 17th, Eliza, wife of Mr .Thomas Stinson, aged 64 years.


BRANSCOMBE - Died in the Township of Hallowell, on Friday, the 8th instant, Mr. Arthur Branscombe, of consumption.


BARKER - Died in Bloomfield, on Wednesday the 13th, Mr. James Barker, aged 75. Mr. B. was one of the early settlers of the district, and has left a numerous circle of relatives and friends.


October 27, 1847


KUPER - Died on the 15th October, at the age of 66 years, Assistant Commissary‑General Augustus Kuper, for many years a resident of Chambly, much and deservedly regretted by his sorrowing relatives, and a large circle of friends and acquaintances.


WISHART - Died at his residence, Kingston, on the evening of the 21st instant, Mr. George Wishart, in the 65th year of his age, an old and respected resident of that city.


ROGERS - Died in Toronto, at his father's residence, King street, David, son of Joseph Rogers, Esq.


October 30, 1847


ROBERTS, MCSHANE - On Saturday, about 12 o’clock at night, a murder of a fearful nature occurred in Griffentown, near the premises of Mr. Gault. The victims were two Irishmen, named Pat McShane and Luther Roberts, both butchers and cattle jobbers, as far as can be ascertained at present men against whom no one had any quarrel. They were returning quietly to their homes and were passing near St. Ann’s Church when they were encountered by a man armed with a soldier’s musket with fixed bayonet who took deliberate aim at Roberts and immediately fired.    The wounded man turned round to McShane who was in the act of assisting him when the murderer repeated his crime by shooting him with a pistol. Help was immediately procured and the poor fellows obtained the surgical assistance of Drs. Nelson, Crawford, and Fraser, but the dreadful deed was too surely completed. Roberts died in about two hours after the occurrence, and McShane on Sunday evening....Roberts was about 33 years of age, and McShane about 44.     Both were married men with families.

November 3, 1847


KELLER - On Saturday, the 23rd instant, Tobias Keller, stepson of Daniel Keller of Waterloo, a fine boy of 10 years of age, was unfortunately drowned in a well which is about 35 feet deep, and is carelessly covered with slabs. The deceased was seen by Clarissa Stieber close to it when drawing a pail of water, but on her return immediately after filling the tea kettle for another pailful, she was met by his little brother calling out that Tobias had fallen into the well. The neighbours were immediately alarmed and in less than half an hour, the body was found at the bottom of the well by Mr. Henry Woods who fastened a rope round it by which it was hoisted to the surface, but the vital spark had fled its clay tenement. On the following Monday, an inquest was held upon the body by Dr. Scott, when a unanimous verdict was returned by the jury through their foreman, Abraham D. Clemens, that deceased came to his death by accidental drowning.


BIGGAR - We have to record a dreadful catastrophe caused by a thrashing machine in Trafalgar on Thursday last. A fine promising young man, 24 years of age, son of Mr. William Biggar, of that township, was assisting a neighbour in supplying the machine with sheaves, when the temporary scaffolding over the cylinder gave way and he was precipitated into the thrasher and his legs were so fearfully crushed and splintered close to his body, that amputation was immediately performed by Drs. Clarke and Cobban, but the system had undergone such a severe shock that death ensued in two hours after the accident.


COOPER - We have this morning been informed of a lamentable occurrence which has happened at Stratford. On the afternoon of Tuesday, the 19th instant, James Cooper, or Couper, a carpenter by trade, was found in his workshop lying in an insensible state and his head all bloody.    The extent of the injuries he had received were not known for about an hour, when it began to be reported that a person, who has wrought in the shop along with him for some months back,  by the name of Joseph Smith, commonly called Joe Smith, had struck Cooper with an axe. Dr. Porter, having been sent for, it was found that Cooper had received several wounds on the head and in particular one on the left parietal bone. Information was given to William F. McCulloch, Esq., J.P., who about 8 o’clock p.m. caused Smith to be arrested and kept him, well secured,  in charge of a constable till the issue of the coroner’s inquest should be known. Cooper lasted till  about half past 10 o’clock in the morning of Thursday, the 21st, when he died. An inquest was  held immediately, held by the Coroner, Mr. J. J. H. Hilton, and adjourned to receive further evidence, and Monday, the 26th, the jury, by Mr. James. Wood, their foreman, returned a verdict of wilful murder.

November 3, 1847


MCELDERY - We announce with deep regret the decease of Mr. Edward McEldery, emigrant agent in Toronto, who died on Saturday last, of typhus fever,  contracted in the discharge of onerous duties. His remains were followed to the grave yesterday morning by a large concourse of sorrowing friends.


November 6, 1847


SCOTT - Died yesterday at Mitchell's Tavern, Mr. William Scott, of the firm of M. and W. Scott, of Port Rowan. Mr. S. came to town on business connected with the firm when he was suddenly affected with the disease which has terminated so fatally, leaving an inconsolable wife and four children.


MCLAUGHLIN - Died in Pittsburgh, on the 3rd October, Mr. William McLaughlin.


ATKINSON - Died in Erin, near Ballinafad, of cancer of the breast, on the morning of the 19th ultimo, in the 42nd year of her age, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Mr. John Atkinson.


MUNRO - Died in Montreal, on the 1st instant, Anne Fraser, wife of Mr. Alexander Munro, hotel keeper, aged 35.


November 10, 1847


BONNEYCASTLE - Died in Kingston on the 2nd instant, Sir Richard Henry Bonneycastle, late Lieutenant Colonel commanding the Royal Engineers.


MASON - Died in Kingston, on Thursday, the 4th November, Mr. Micah Mason, aged 38 years.


MCCOWAN   Died in Kingston, on the 30th ultimo, Mr. Samuel McCowan, late clerk, Midland District Council.


FRALICK - Died in Canborough, Niagara District, on Saturday last, Benjamin Fralick, Esq., formerly member of the District Council for that township.


LORING - Died on Thurday, the 28th ultimo, at Lake Lodge, near Niagara, Eliza Rebecca, relict of the late William Campbell Loring, Esq., and grand‑daughter of the late Rev. Robert Addison, rector of Niagara.


November 17, 1847


USHER - Died at the Parsonage House, Brantford, on Sunday, of quinsey, Edith Drummond, infant daughter of the Rev. J. C. Usher, of Brantford, aged 6 months.

November 17, 1847


DUNCAN - Died in Brantford, on the 8th instant, Mr. James Duncan, aged 45 years.


MARSH - Died in London, on November 10, 1847, John Marsh, M.D., formerly of St. Lawrence County, N.Y., aged 77 years.


MILLS - We regret to announce that John E. Mills, Esq. ,Mayor of Montreal, died on Friday last of Typhus, contracted while inspecting the accommodation provided for deceased immigrants in this Metropolis.


CAMERON - Died at Lindally, York Mills, on Wednesday, the 10th instant, Mr. McKay Hugh Baillie Cameron, second son of the late Lieut. Col. Duncan Cameron, C.B., aged 55 years.


KERBY - Died in Brantford, on Sunday, the 7th instant, Mary Margaret, eldest daughter of William Kerby, Esq., aged 5 years and 4 months. This is the third child that an All‑wise Providence has been pleased to call from the afflicted parents in the short space of two months.


November 20, 1847


LAND - Died in this city, on Thursday evening, at the residence of his father, Mr. Peter H. Land, aged 23.


NIXON - A young man, named Adam Nixon, hung himself on Friday last from a beam in his father’s barn, in the Township of Beverly. An inquest was held by Mr. Geo. P. Bull, coroner, when the following verdict was returned “that the deceased hung himself while labouring under temporary aberration of tbe mind”. He had been in an unsettled and desponding state of mind for some time previous.


BANKS - On the evening of Tuesday, the 26th ultimo, an old man of the name of John Banks, a coloured man, who has resided in this neighbourhood for some years, left the village to return to his home about 2 miles off in the bush, carrying with him part of a sheep which he obtained from one of the settlers on on the Owen’s Sound Road. On his way home, he had to cross a creek, and from the appearance of the body when found, he would seem to have fallen into water. He had proceeded about half a mile beyond the Creek and was within 200 yards of an inhabited house, when he would seem to have become exhausted and to have lain down. His body was found the following morning by the owner of the house, frozen stiff, and the meat which he had been carrying a few yards from it. One of the inmates of the house heard him shout just as she was retiring to bed, and went to the door to look, but the sound was not repeated, and there being no male about the place, she was afraid to venture from the house in the dark. An inquest was held on the body at the house of Mr. John Gilmour, Arthur. A verdict in accordance with the facts detailed above.

November 24, 1847


LUNDY - Died at Niagara, on the 17th instant, deeply regretted. Henrietta Eliza Sewell, wife of the Rev. F. J. Lundy, assistant minister of the parish, and second daughter of the late Chief Justice of Lower Canada.


SHOTTER - Died on Thursday, November 11, at Chippewa, aged 50, Spencer Wood Shotter, Esq., formerly of Sittingbourne, Kent, England, much and deservedly regretted.


HENRY - An inquest was held by Thos. Gillespy, Esq., coroner, on Sunday last, on Robert Henry, jr., son of Robert Henry, mason, of this city, who was kindling some chips and shavings in his mother's absence, when his clothes caught fire which caused almost immediate death. He was about four years of age. A verdict was returned of accidental death.


December 1, 1847


HAMILTON - Died on the morning of the 28th ultimo, Catherine, wife of Robert J. Hamilton, Esq., of Bellevue, Hamilton, after a painful illness of nearly four years, which she bore with Christian resignation, aged 34.


ELLIOT - Died in Toronto, on Tuesday, the 22nd ultimo, Mr. Christopher Elliot, an old and respectable inhabitant, esteemed and deeply regretted by all who knew him.


December 4, 1847


HOWDEN - Died in Montreal, on the 24th ultimo, after a short illness, R. T. Howden, Esq., Principal of St. Paul's School, aged 38 years. Deceased was deservedly regretted by all who knew him.


BERTHELOT - Died at Quebec, on the 24th ultimo, Amable Berthelot, Esq., M.P.P., father‑in‑law of the Hon. L. H. LaFontaine, aged 71 years.


MAXWELL - Died at his residence, on Saturday last, in Dover East, in the County of Kent, Western Canada, William Maxwell, Esq., aged 34 years.


December 8, 1847


ROXBURGH - Died on the 5th December, at his father’s residence, Alexander Roxburgh, aged 19.


HOLMWOOD - Died on the 25th November, John Stephen Holmwood, Esq., of Findon Place, West Flamborough, late of Sussex, England, in the sixtieth year of his age.

December 8, 1847


BULL - In this city, on Sunday evening last, George Perkins Bull, Esq., senior proprietor of the “Hamilton Gazette”, and one of the coroners for the Gore District, aged 53.

The deceased gentleman was, we believe, with a single exception, the oldest member of the Upper Canada Press, and among the earliest inhabitants of this city. Few men, indeed, have departed more universally regretted, and none could possess higher claims to those attributes which distinguish THE MAN in every sense of the word. Although connected with the press from his earliest youth, and a determined Conservative in politics, we can say with confidence that, among a multitude of opponents, he had not a single enemy. A Protestant and a leading member of the Orange Society, he was as much esteemed by his Roman Catholic fellow‑townsmen as by those who worshipped in the same church as himself, and among the immense concourse which attended his remains to the grave were men of every persuasion and party. The members of the two lodges of the Free Masons were in attendance to the grave, and the entombment took place with Masonic honours.


December 15, 1847


SKINNER - Died on Sunday, the 12th instant, at her residence, "Don Mills", near Toronto, Mrs. Collin Skinner, relict of the late Collin Skinner, Esq.


WILSON - At his residence, King Street, on Thursday evening, the 2nd instant, of paralysis, Mr. David Wilson, cordwainer, aged 68 years.  Deceased was one of the oldest inhabitants of Toronto, having arrived in that city (then York) in 1798.


December 22, 1847


COLCLOUGH - Died at Chippewa, on the 9th instant, at a very advanced age, deeply regretted by a large circle of friends, Maj. Beauchanp Colclough, formerly of Kidovan, County of Carlow, Ireland, of which county at different times held the offices of High Sheriff, Deputy Governor, Justice of the Peace, and Brigade Major of Yeomanry. During the rebellion of 1798, the deceased was present with the Cavan Regiment of Militia, in which he then held the rank of captain, at the Battles of Vinegar Hill, Arklow, and New Ross. He arrived in Canada in the year 1815, and has ever since been resident in the country.


KENT - Death of Chancellor Kent: The New York papers announce the death in that city on the 12th instant of this eminent jurist, at the advanced age of eighty‑five.

December 29, 1847


STRACHAN - Died at his residence, Pittsburg, near Kingston, on Friday afternoon, the 17th instant, after an illness of four days, Mr. George Strachan, aged 41 years. The deceased was highly respected by a numerous circle of friends and acquaintances.


MILLS - Died at Crown Point, Indiana, M. M. Mills, esq., formerly of this city, on the 6th December, aged 43 years, and brother to Samuel Mills, Esq., of this place.


OGILVIE   Died in Toronto, on the 24th instant, Alexander Ogilvie, Esq., merchant, aged 34 years.

CHISHOLM - Died at Oakville, on Sunday, the 26th December, 1847, Mary Isabella, infant daughter of George K. Chisholm, aged 8 months and 19 days.


December 31, 1847


MCDOWELL - Died in London, on the 20th instant, Maria McDowell, late of Newbliss, County Monahan, Ireland, and mother of Mr. John McDowell, of this town, aged 57 years.