Hamilton Spectator

Births Nov-Dec 1877


November 20, 1877


MCLAREN - At the Manse, Cheltenham, on the 16th November, the wife of the Rev. E. D. McLaren, of a son.


DICKINSON - At St. Catharines, on November 17, the wife of J. E. Dickinson, Esq., C .E., of a daughter.


November 28, 1877


HISCOX - On the 24th instant, the wife of Alderman George T. Hiscox, of London, of a daughter.


December 3, 1877


LEWIS - On Sunday, December 2nd, at 80 King street east, the wife of Tom Lewis, cigar manufacturer, of a little joker.


December 5, 1877


TANDY - This morning, the wife of Mr. Thomas Tandy, of a daughter.


December 6, 1877


WALLACE - At 89 Elgin street, on the 5th instant, the wife of Hugh Wallace, of a daughter.


December 10, 1877


ELMSLIE - On Sunday morning, the 9th instant, the wife of G. Elmslie, of a daughter.


EVEL - At 96 Cannon street, on the 9th instant, the wife of Mr. James J. Evel, of a son.


December 13, 1877


CARPENTER - On the 13th instant, the wife of A. E. Carpenter, of a son.


December 19, 1877


WYLIE - At Hamilton, on the morning of the 18th instant, the wife of James Wylie, Esq., of a daughter.


December 24, 1877


FINDLAY - On Friday, 21st instant, the wife of S. A. Findlay, Ancaster, of a daughter.


December 29, 1877


MCLAREN - At Balquhidder Farm, on the 28th instant, the wife of Henry McLaren, of a son.