Hamilton Spectator

Births July - December, 1894


July 4, 1894


ALMAS - At 159 James street north, on June 22, 1894, the wife of A. E. Almas, of a daughter.


July 5, 1894


WOOD (Troy) - John P. Wood is a happy man. After twenty years of wedded life, his wife presented him with his first born, a son.


July 6, 1894


ROWSON -  At 560 James street north , on July 5, 1894, the wife of Edward Rowson, of a son.


BUCKINGHAM - At 251 King William street, on July 4, the wife of William J. Buckingham, of a son.


July 9, 1894


STEVENS -  43 Florence street, on July 7, the wife of William A. Stevens, of a son.


July 16, 1894


TUCKETT - In this city, on the 15th instant, at Towersleigh, the wife of George T. Tuckett, of a daughter.


July 17, 1894


WEAVER - At the residence of her mother, Mrs. William Strongman, 115 Dundurn street, on 15th July,

the wife of A.E. Weaver, of Detroit, Mich., of a daughter.


July 19, 1894


BURGESS (Rockton) - Mrs. William Burgess presented her husband with a baby girl on Thursday last.


July 24, 1894


HEWITSON - On July 23, 1894, the wife of J. W. Hewitson, of a son.


August 3, 1894


GRIEVE - At 56 Wilson street, on August 1, the wife of William Grieve, of a son.


August 8, 1894


SMYE (Flamborough Centre) - Mrs. Thomas Smye has presented her husband with another young son.


August 9, 1894


HILL - On August 8, at 21 Aikman avenue, the wife of Walter T. Hill, of a son.

August 11, 1894


Hart - On June 29, at Soo Chow, China, the wife of Dr. Hart, of a daughter.


August 14, 1894


SMYE - On August 13, at 35 West avenue south, the wife of William Smye Jr., of a daughter.


August 18, 1894


LAING  - At 128 Market street, on August 13, the wife of W. J. Laing, of a son.


August 22, 1894


LOGIE - On Wednesday, August 22, the wife of W. A. Logie, of a son.


August 23, 1894


HASSILFELDT (Flamborough Centre) - Mrs. William Hassilfeldt has presented her husband with a young Conservative.


August 25, 1894


BUTLER - At 333 Wentworth street north, on August 23, the wife of William Butler, of a daughter.


August 30. 1894


MALCOLMSON - In this city on the 29th instant, the wife of Capt. A. H. Malcolmson, of a daughter.


August 31, 1894


MILLARD - In this city, Thursday, August 30, a son to J. W. and Christina V. Millard.




WALSH - On August 31, the wife of H. H. Walsh, of a daughter.


September 4, 1894


GRIFFIN - Born to J. B. And Louie Griffin, a son, September 3, 1894.


September 13,1894


HAMMOND (Sheffield) - Robert Hammond is all smiles these days, his wife having presented him with a baby boy last Sunday.


MCMANAMY (Rockton) - Mrs. Patrick McManamy presented her husband with a baby boy one day last week.

September 21, 1894


DAVIS - On September 20, the wife of R. Brockelsby Davis, of a daughter.


MORTON - At Loudoun Bank, the residence of David Morton, Esq., the wife of David Morton, Jr., Toronto, of a son.


September 24, 1894


RAPHAEL - In this city, on Sunday, September 23, at 76 Tom street, the wife of Harry Raphael, of a son.


September 28, 1894


CREIGHTON - At Norman, Ontario, on September 26, Mrs. W. T. Creighton, of a son.


MORRIS - On Friday, September 29, the wife of R. R. Morris, of a daughter.


September 29, 1894


LACHANCE - On Tuesday, September 25, 1894, the wife of Mr. W. W. LaChance, architect, Cleveland, Ohio, of a daughter.


October 3, 1894


RUST - At Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies, on September 16, the wife of Randolph Rust, of a daughter.


October 10, 1894


LUMSDEN -  At 319 Main street west, on October 9, a son to William and Louie Lumsden.


October 11, 1894


KERR - In this city, on the 11th instant, the wife of Fred Kerr, fishing  inspector, of a daughter.


October 18, 1894


DINKEL - On the 18th  instant, the wife of Johann B. Dinkel, of a daughter.


LANAWAY - At West Flamborough Hotel, West Flamborough, the wife of H. T. Lanaway, of a son.


October 22, 1894


WILLIAMS  - At 188 Borden street, Toronto, October 15, 1894, the wife of .T. B. Williams, a daughter.


BOYD -  On Sunday, 21st  October, at 202 James street south, the wife of  G.E Boyd, of a son.


October 24, 1894


WURST - In this city, on October 23, the wife of John Wurst, of a daughter.

October 26, 1894


McKILLOP - At 63 Emerald street north, on October 25, the wife of R. McKillop, of a daughter.


October 30, 1894


LAND - On the 19th instant, the wife of Capt. P.M. Land, Nanaimo B.C., of a son.


November 2, 1894


BANKIER - On Friday, the 2nd instant, Mrs. Bankier, of a son.


November 10, 1894


GILBERT - On November 9, at Augusta street, the wife of R. J. Gilbert, of a daughter.


November 16, 1894


PENNE - On November 15, the wife of A.W. Peene, architect, of a daughter.


November17, 1894


RITCHIE -  At 72 Magill street, on November13, the wife of Archibald Ritchie, of a son.


November 23, 1894


PTOLEMY - On November 21, at Dale Hall farm, at Stony Creek, the wife of Capt. W.H. Ptolemy, of a daughter.


November 26, 1894


NICHOL -  In Seneca, on Saturday, the 12th instant, the wife of A.E. Nichol, of a son.


LEADLEY  -  At 87 Erie avenue, on November 24, the wife of William Leadley, of a daughter.


November 27, 1894


TEMPLER  - At Chestnut Grove Farm, Ancaster on November 24, the wife of R. G. Templer, of a son.


BELL - At “The Cottage” 137 George street, Hamilton, on the 24th instant, the wife of J. W. Bell, B.D, missionary superintendent of the Royal Templars for Ontario, of a son.


December 3, 1894


GILLESPIE  - At Winnipeg, Manitoba, on 29th November, 1894, Mrs. John C. Gillespie, of a son.


December 5, 1894


MARTIN- On December 5, the wife of Kirwin Martin, barrister,of a son.

December 7, 1894


SWANSON - On December 6, 1894 Mrs. W. J. Swanson, 30, Emerald street south, of a daughter.


December 10 1894


TRISTRAM - At Hamilton, December 7, 1894, at 21 Hess street north, the wife of Henry E. Tristram, of a daughter.


December 22, 1894


MERRIMAN - On Thursday, December 20, at 129 Herkimer street, the wife of R.H.  Merriman, of a son.