Hamilton Spectator

Births 1892


January 2, 1892


GATES - On New Year's Day, at 332 Bay street south, the wife of F. W. Gates, of a son.


January 4, 1892


WINN - At 28 Wentworth street south, on January 2, the wife of William J. Winn, of a daughter.


January 7, 1892


MARTIN - On Thursday, January 7, 1892, the wife of George T. Martin, barrister-at-law, of a daughter, stillborn.


January 9, 1892


HOME - At Burlington Plains, on January 8, the wife of Walter Horne, of a son.


January 11,1892


KING - On January 4, at 70 Oak avenue, the wife of Frank King, of a daughter.


January 13, 1892


BAXTER - On January 12, at 140 Caroline street south, the wife of A. B. Baxter, of a son.


January 14, 1892


MARSHALL - At 47 Robinson street, Hamilton, on January 14, 1892, the wife of William Marshall, of a daughter.


January 20, 1892


CALDER - In Dundas, on January 18, the wife of William Calder, of a son, stillborn.


January 25, 1892


KELL - On January 25, at 125 Maria street east, the wife of William Kell, Jr., of a son.

January 28, 1892


GORDON - At Port Elgin, January 24, the wife of J. S. Gordon, Bank of Hamilton, of a son.


GODARD - On January 26, at 168 East avenue north , Mrs. W. W. Godard, of a daughter.


February 1, 1892


KNAPMAN - On Sunday, January 31, at 159 Market street, the wife of J. S. Knapman, of a daughter.


February 4, 1892


TUCKETT - On February 2, the wife of George T. Tuckett, of a son, stillborn.


GREEN - (Abingdon) Born a son to Mr. and Mrs. John Green of this place.


February 8, 1892


THOMSON - On February 7, at 327 Wentworth street north, the wife of Peter Thomson, of a daughter.


IRELAND - On February 7, at 190 John street north, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ireland.


February 11, 1892


FERRIE - At 245 Bay street south, on February 10, 1892, the wife of Campbell Ferrie, of a son.


February 12, 1892


CHERRIER - At 264 Mary street north, Tuesday evening, February 9, 1892, the wife of F. L. Cherrier of a son.


PATTERSON - At 215 Victoria avenue north, on February 12, the wife of W. K. Patterson, of a son.


February 18, 1892


PURROTT - On February 17, 1892, at 227 Hannah street west, the wife of George Purrott, of a daughter.

February 19, 1892


PRECIOUS - On February 18, at 6 Main street east, the wife of George H. Precious, of a son.


MITCHELL - At 169 Barton street east, on February 17, the wife of Joseph Mitchell, of a son.


February 20, 1892


WATSON - At 142 Young street, on February 19, the wife of Charles Watson, of a daughter.


February 27, 1892


FRASER - On Saturday, February 27, at 30 Simcoe street, the wife of George J. Fraser, of a son.


March 8, 1892


MORRIS - On Sunday, March 6, at 180 Maria street, the wife of William Morris, of a daughter.


March 9, 1892


SINCLAIR - At 118 George street, this city, on March 6, the wife of the late J. G. Sinclair, D.D.S., of a daughter.


March 12, 1892


NEWTON - On March 8, at 182 Hughson street north, the wife of David Newton, of a son.


March 16, 1892


SPENCER - At 7 Homewood avenue, on March 14, the wife of F. Spencer, principal Hamilton business college, of a daughter


March 21, 1892


HENDRIE - At 61 Hunter street west, on March 20, 1892, the wife of John S. Hendrie, of a son.


BOOKER - At 136 Wentworth street south, on March 20, the wife of Charles G. Booker, of a daughter.


RAPHAEL - In this city, on March 20, at 151 West avenue north, the wife of Harry Raphael, of a daughter.

March 22, 1892


ROY - At 98 Steven street, on March 20, the wife of James Roy, of a daughter.


CLUTTERBUCK - At 118 Ferguson avenue, on March 22, the wife of William Clutterbuck, of a son.


March 24, 1892


SEAGER - At 154 Queen street south, on Wednesday, March 23, 1892, the wife of E. E. Seager, of a son.


LINKLATER - (Winnipeg) Mrs. Linklater of Wingham, Ontario, one of the passengers on Saturday's colonist train from the east, was confined on the train, her child being born near Port Arthur. The lady is now in the hospital here.


March 25, 1892


MCKERLIE - In this city, on March 25, at 26 Morden street, the wife of Frank McKerlie, of a daughter.


March 28, 1892


INSOLE - On March 26, at 182 Catherine street south, the wife of James G. Insole, of a son.


LEWIS - At Winona, on March 27, the wife of Andrew Lewis, of a son.


PHILLIPS - At 238 King street west, on March 27, the wife of V. O. Phillips, of a son.


March 30, 1892


MONTGOMERY - At 299 Jackson street west, on March 30, the wife of James Montgomery, of a daughter.


March 31, 1892


WOLFKILL - At 140 Wentworth street south, on March 31, the wife of Charles D. Wolfkill, of a son.


HINES - (Glanford) Thomas Hines wears a broad smile these days and is the proudest man in the village. There is a bouncing baby girl at his place now. (Gracie Amelia, born March 28)

April 4, 1892


WATSON - At Brockville, on April 1, the wife of J. W. Gordon Watson, of a daughter.


April 9, 1892


HOSSACK - On April 9, 1892, at 140 Herkimer street, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hossack.


April 13, 1892


CARPENTER - On Tuesday, April 12, at Grape Dale Orchards, Winona, Ontario, the wife of Thomas H. Carpenter, of a son.


April 14, 1892


CURRIE (Mountsberg) John J. Currie wears a pleasant smile. It's a little boy.


April 25, 1892


LAND - On April 23, the wife of J. H. Land, of a daughter.


LAING - At 128 Market street, on Saturday, April 23, the wife of w7 J. Laing, of a son.


April 27, 1892


WEBSTER - At Burlington, on April 23, the wife of C. B. Webster, of a son.


May 3, 1892


BERRYMAN - On May 2, at 26 George street, the wife of Andrew Berryman, of a son.


HOWELL - At 153 King street west, on Thursday, May 5, the wife of W. A. Howell, druggist, of a daughter.


May 9 1892


BUCHANAN - At East Liberty, Pittsburg, Pa., on May 9, the wife of Douglas Buchanan, Esq., of a son.

May 12, 1892


SCHULTZ - On May 10, at 72 Smith avenue, the wife of F. J. Schultz, of a daughter.


May 13, 1892


CLARKE - In this city, on May 13, at 58 Leeming street, the wife of A. J. Clarke, of a daughter, granddaughter to J. W. Yeager.


May 14, 1892


WOOLVERTON - At 109 King street west, on Saturday, May 14, the wife of Dr. F. E. Woolverton, of a son.


BURKHOLDER - At 237 Outhwaite avenue, Cleveland, O., on the 12th instant, the wife of George W. Burkholder of a daughter.


May 17, 1892


WHITBY - On May 15, the wife of George W. Whitby, Fort Gratiot, Michigan, of a daughter.


MORTON - At 233 James street south, on May 17, the wife of Herbert M. Morton, of a son.


May 19, 1892


GAMBEL - (Sheffield) John Gambel of the hotel is all smiles over a little guest who has lately arrived. The little miss has not asked for the terms of the house but will become a permanent boarder just the same.


May 23, 1892


CLAPPISON - At 13 Magill street, on May 20, the wife of J. H. Clappison, of a daughter.


May 25, 1892


TURNER - On May 24, at Queen street south, the wife of W. J. Turner, of a son.


May 26, 1892


SOUTER - On May 26, at 270 Jackson street west, the wife of A. M. Souter, of a son.

May 30, 1892


MATHESON - At 151 Bay street north, on May 29, the wife of G. A. Matheson, of a son.


May 31, 1892


CHURCH - At 44 Evans street, on May 30, the wife of Alexander Church, of a son.


MOODIE - On Tuesday, May 31, at 118 George street, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. John Moodie.


June 1, 1892


WRIGHT - On Tuesday, May 31, at 50 King William street, the wife of C. J. Wright, of a son.


June 2, 1892


GILES - On June 2, at 109 Queen street south, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Giles.


June 3, 1892


CODDINGTON - At 215 King street east, on June 2, the wife of A. G. Coddington, of a daughter, stillborn.


WILSON - (Jerseyville) Mrs. Jonathan Wilson presented her husband with a fine daughter one day last week.


June 7, 1892


MONCK - At 80 East avenue south, on June 5, the wife of J. F. Monck, of a son.


June 9, 1892


MURPHY - (Glanford) The female population of our neighbourhood seems to be on the increase this year. Robert Murphy had another little girl added to his family. (Emily Madelane, 30 May 1892.)


June 13, 1892


WILDE - At Sault Ste. Marie, on June 4, the wife of John A. Wilde, resident engineer of the O. & S.S.M. Light and Power Canal, of a son.

June 16, 1892


RECHE - At 52 Ontario avenue, on June 13, the wife of John A. Reche, of a daughter.


June 17, 1892


HAMMILL - On June 15, at 139 Main street west, the wife of E. Hammill, of a daughter.


July 4, 1892


MANNING - At 69 Erie avenue, on Saturday, July 2, the wife of A. E. Manning, of a daughter.


TOY - At 147 Strachan street east, on July 4, the wife of James Toy, of a son.


July 9, 1892


BELL - On July 8, at 23 Lakeview avenue, Toronto, the wife of N. P. Bell, of a son.


OSWALD - On July 8, at 51 Crooks street, the wife of William Oswald, of a daughter.


July 13, 1892


HAY - On July 13, 1892, at 43 St. George street, Toronto, the wife of John D. Hay, of a daughter.


GILBERT - (Caistorville) E. G. Gilbert is the proud father of a fine large boy.


RUSK - (Flamborough Centre) Richard Rusk is the proud father of a bouncing baby boy.


July 16, 1892


STERN - On the 11th instant, at 17 Locomotive street, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Stern.


MCGIBBON - On July 14, at 224 Wellington street north, the wife of Walter A. McGibbon, of a son.


July 19, 1892


FENTON - On July 15, at the Valley Inn, the wife of Alfred Fenton, of a daughter.

July 23, 1892


BRETHOUR - On July 22, at 227 King street east, the wife of E. J. Brethour, of a son.


July 26, 1892


ELLIS - At St. John, N.B., on July 26, the wife of Harry Ellis, of a son.


HARRIS - At 145 Market street, on July 26, the wife of F. J. Harris, of a daughter.


FEARMAN - On Tuesday, July 19th, Mrs. F. Chester Fearman, of a son.


July 30, 1892


SCHWENGER - At Dufferin House, Macnab street, on July 29, the wife of Charles Schwenger, of a son.


August 5, 1892


BAIDEN - On July 31, at Berlin, the wife of George Baiden, of a daughter.


August 6, 1892


SLOAN - In this city, on Friday, August 5, at 105 Bay street north, the wife of George Sloan, Esq., of a daughter.


August 9, 1892


BANKIER - At Inglewood, on August 8, Mrs. P. M. Bankier, of a son.


August 15, 1892


GODDARD - In this city, on August 13, the wife of Andrew Goddard, locomotive engineer of Kamloops, B.C., of a son.


August 24, 1892


RYCKMAN - At 26 Steven street, on Sunday, August 14, a daughter to George H. and Mrs. E. Ryckman.

August 29, 1892


BROWN - At Aldershot, East Flamborough, on August 26, the wife of A. W. Brown, of a daughter.


September 7, 1892


BESSEY - At Beamsville, on September 5, the wife of W. Bessey, of a daughter.


September 13, 1892


STRONGMAN - In this city, on September 10, the wife of William Strongman, of a daughter.


September 16, 1892


WALSH - On September 12, the wife of David Walsh, of a son.


September 21, 1892


MACARTNEY - In this city, on September 20, at 70 Pearl street north, the wife of W. G. Macartney, of a son.


GRAHAM - At No. 30 Blythe street, Hamilton, on September 20, the wife of C. W. Graham, of a daughter.


September 26, 1892


BRITTON - At 72 Bay street north, on September 25, the wife of Robert Britton, of a son.


September 27, 1892


BATTERS - At Bank Head, Dumfries township, on September 14, the wife of W. H. Batters, of a son.


September 29, 1892


MCKINNELL - (Abingdon) Born to Mr. and Mrs Alexander McKinnell, on Saturday, September 17, a son.


October 1, 1892


HILL - At Stony Creek, on September 30, the wife of G. M. Hill, of a daughter.

October 3, 1892


HARPER - On Thursday, September 29, at 129 Hughson street south, Hamilton, the wife of J. F. Harper, Bank of Hamilton, of a daughter.


October 4, 1892


HILL - On September 23, the wife of Baldwin Hill, of a son.


October 5, 1892


MORSON - At Cayuga, on October 4, the wife of W. G. T. Morson, of a daughter.


BERRYMAN - On October 1, at 110 Bay street north, the wife of A. C. Berryman, of a daughter.


October 8, 1892


CARPENTER - On Sunday, October 2, at 112 Napier street, the wife of J. O. Carpenter, of a son.


October 13, 1892


ROACH - At 370 Hannah street west, on October 13, the wife of Mr. George W. Roach, of a son.


October 14, 1892


SAYER - At London, Ontario, on October 13, the wife of C. B. Sayer, of a daughter.


CREIGHTON - At Norman, Ontario, on Monday, October 3, N. and W. T. Creighton of a son.


October 15, 1892


HOLMES - At 301 Cannon street east, Thursday, October 13, the wife of William Holmes, of a daughter, stillborn.


October 18, 1892


FERGUSON - At 418 Main street east, Hamilton, on Monday, October 17, the wife of A. D. Ferguson, of a son.


October 19, 1892


SAWDON - At 81 Walnut street south, on October 16, the wife of W. L. Sawdon. of a son.

October 20, 1892


WEBBER - At 130 Stinson street east, on October 21, the wife of John A. Webber, of a daughter.


WHOLTON - In Peterborough, on October 18, the wife of George Wholton, formerly of Hamilton, of a daughter.


October 25, 1892


LAIDMAN - At 207 Wellington street north, on October 24, the wife of R. D. Laidman, of a son.

October 31, 1892


WHITEHEAD - On October 30, 1892, Mrs. S. J. Whitehead, 172 Hess street north, of a daughter.


VALLANCE - On October 30, at 42 Herkimer street, the wife of William Vallance, of a son.


TIDSWELL - At 130 Caroline street south, on October 31, the wife of W. O. Tidswell, of a daughter.


November 2, 1892


GALLOWAY - Died at 11 George street, city, on 31st October, the wife of Mr. James Galloway, of a son.


FLETCHER - On November 1, the wife of William H. Fletcher, of son.


November 5, 1892


MCLAREN - At 73 East avenue north, on November 4, the wife of W. H. McLaren, of a daughter.


MILBURN - On November 4, at 138 Macaulay street east, the wife of Charles Milburn, of a daughter.


DEAN - At 352 Hannah street west, on November 5, the wife of Frank Dean, of a daughter.


November 9, 1892


PETTIT - On November 9, the wife of S. H. Pettit, King street east, of a son.

November 11, 1892


JACKSON - In this city, at 29 West avenue north, the wife of Charles Jackson, of a son. Weight, 12 pounds.


November 12, 1892


NICHOLLS - At the Grange, Barton, on Tuesday, the 8th instant, the wife of W. B. Nicholls, of a daughter.


November 16, 1892


LEES - On November 10, the wife of William Lees, barrister, of a son.


November 17, 1892


COULSON - At Richmond Hill, Long Island, on November 16, the wife of W. J. Coulson, of a daughter.


November 18, 1892


VENARD - In this city, on November 17, at 231 West avenue north, the wife of James Venard of a son.


November 23, 1892


ALTON - On November 19, the wife of P. H. Alton, Burlington, of a son.


November 26, 1892


IRELAND - On the 23rd November, the wife of S, John Ireland, of a son.


November 28, 1892


PHILP - On November 23, the wife of H. W. Philp, of a son. November 30, 1892


HUTTON - On November 24, at 272 Robinson street, the wife of William Hutton, of a son.

December 2, 1892


WRIGHT - On December 1, the wife of H. G. Wright, of a daughter.


December 3, 1892


MCLAREN - On December 2, at 64 Manning avenue, Toronto, the wife of J. A. McLaren, of a son.


EVEL - On December 2, the wife of James J. Evel, of a son.


December 8, 1892


HAMILTON - (Carlisle) The wife of Richard Hamilton presented that gentleman with a daughter on November 25.


December 9, 1892


JONES - At Jarvis, on December 8, the wife of Edward F. Jones, of a son.


SELLON - The wife of George Sellon of Owen Sound presented him with triplets on Tuesday evening.


December 10, 1892


TYRRELL - At 62 Herkimer street, on December 10, the wife of J. W. Tyrrell, of a son.


December 16, 1892


PIGOTT - At Kinbora, Wentworth street south, on the 12th instant, the wife of M. A. Pigott, of a daughter.


December 21, 1892


HANES - On December 20, at 248 Main street west, the wife of J. H. Hanes, of a son.


December 24, 1892


PAISLEY - On December 15, in Barton, the wife of Robert H. Paisley, of a daughter.


December 27, 1892


EAGER - At 187 Main street west, on December 24, the wife of Morley P. Eager, of a daughter.


CARPENTER - On Tuesday, December 27, 1892, at Grape Dale Orchard Winona, the wife of C. W. Frank Carpenter, of a son.


LEE - At Edgemont Farm, Saltfleet, on December 23, the wife of Erland Lee, of a daughter.


December 29, 1892


PALMER - At Hamilton, on the 28th instant, the wife of W. B. Palmer, of a daughter.


LEADLAY - At 79 Murray street east, on December 28, the wife of W. Leadlay, of a daughter.