The Hamilton Spectator

Births 1891


January 6, 1891


THOMPSON - At 3 Florence street, on January A, the wife of to. C. Thompson, of a daughter.


January 7, 1891


CORKE - On January 6, at 112 Steven street, the wife of the late F. W. Corke, of a son.


January 9, 1891


ALMAS - At 116 John street north, on January 7, the wife of H. F. Almas, of a daughter.


January 10, 1891


HUTTON - In this city, at 156 John street south, the wife of William Hutton, of a son.


SIMPSON - On January 9, at 179 Hess street north, the wife of J . B. Simpson, of a son.


January 12, 1891


WRIGHT - At 257 Main street east, on January 11, the wife of H. S. Wright, of a son.


January 16, 1891


GIBSON - At 451 Logan street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, the wife of James Gibson, Esq., of a son.


January 17, 1891


EAGER - On January 17, at 151 Hughson street south, the wife of Morley P. Eager, of a daughter.


BANKIER - At Inglewood, on the 17th instant, Mrs. P. M. Bankier, of a daughter.


January 19, 1691


USSHER - On the 14th instant, at 1548 Dorchester street, Montreal, a daughter, stillborn, to Mr. and Mrs. Ussher.

January 22, 1891


WOLFKILL - At 252 Jackson street west, on 21st instant, the wife of Charles D. Wolfkill, of a son.


SMYTH - On January 20, at 92 Steven street the wife of John W. Smyth, of a daughter.


WILSON - At 135 Simcoe street, Toronto, on the 18th instant, the wife of the late George T. Wilson, of a son.


January 23, 1891


BUSBY - In this city, on January 21, at 67 Magill street, the wife of William Busby, of a son.


January 24, 1891


BAIRD - On January 24, at 79 Wellington street north, the wife of C. C. Baird, merchant, of a daughter.


January 31, 1891


CALLAGHAN - On the 28th instant, at 117 Napier street west, the wife of J. Ory Callaghan, of a daughter.


February 4, 1891


PTOLEMY - On January 28, at Woodside, Binbrook, Mrs. Walter Ptolemy, of a son.


NORMAN - In this city, on February 3, at 188 East avenue north, the wife of H. A. G. Norman, of a son.


February 5, 1891


GILMORE - At 234 Main street east, on February 5, the wife of W. S. Gilmore, of a daughter.


February 6, 1891


DUNSTAN - At 286 Park street south, on Friday, February 6, the wife of Kenneth J. Dunstan, of a son.


February 11, 1891


LAMPMAN - At 83 Locomotive street, on February 11, the wife of Joseph Lampman, of a daughter.

February 12, 1891


BAIRD - On February 11, at 91 Catherine street south, the wife of David Baird, of a daughter.


February 14, 1891


MORIN - On Saturday, February 14, the wife of J. Morin, of a daughter.


February 16, 1891


SPACKMAN - At 72 Queen street north, February 14, the wife of G. W. Spackman, of a son.


February 17, 1891


GIBSON - On the 16th instant, the wife of Hon. J. M. Gibson, of a son.


February 18, 1891


THOMAS - At Burlington, February 6, the wife of W. J. Thomas, of a son.


February 21, 1891


PRINGLE - At Burlington, on Friday, February 29, the wife of R. A. Pringle, barrister, of a daughter.


KARTZMARK - In this city, at 57 Locomotive street, on the 15th instant, the wife of F. Kartzmark, of a daughter.


February 23, 1891


USSHER - On Saturday, 21st instant, the wife of E. S. Ussher, Bank of Hamilton, of a daughter.


SMITH - On the 20th instant, at Union. South Carolina, the wife of Cecil Brunswick Smith, B.A.Sc., civil engineer, daughter of Mr. George Dempsey of this city, of a son.


February 25, 1891


GILBERT - On February 25, at 29 Baillie street, the wife of M. E. Gilbert, of a son.


MACDONALD - On February 24, at 185 East avenue north, the wife of John C. Macdonald, of a son. Conservative.

February 28, 1891


ROSS - On the 26th instant, at the Centenary Church parsonage, the wife of Rev. J. S. Ross, M.A., of a daughter.


SEYMOUR - In Toronto, on the 27th instant, the wife of J. Seymour, of a son.


March 5, 1891


MCFARLANE - On February 27, at 65 Murray street west, the wife of M. McFarlane, of a son.


March 6, 1891


BURWELL - In this city, on March 4, at 362 Bay street north, the wife of George Burwell, of a son.


March 11, 1891


FRASER - On March 6, the wife of R. S. Fraser, of a son.


 March 12, 1891


RIEGER - At the residence, 49 Florence street, on March 12, the wife of Thomas Rieger, of a son.


March 14, 1891


HODD - On March 12, at 184 Caroline street north, the wife of George Hodd, of a son.


March 16, 1891


TINLING - On Friday, March 13, at 245 Main street east, the wife of Charles W. Tinling, of a daughter.


March 17, 1891


REID - On March 17, at 90 Vine street, the wife of George J. Reid, of a daughter.


March 18, 1891


PINCH - At 279 Mary street, on March 18, the wife of George Pinch, agent G.T.R., of a daughter.

March 21, 1891


WEBSTER - On March 17, at 50 Wellington street north, the wife of Frank E. Webster, of a son.


March 25, 1891


COLQUHOUN - At Glenhead, Barton, on March 22, the wife of E. A. Colquhoun, of a daughter.


March 26, 1891


HAWKEY - On March 25, the wife of Mr. Joseph Hawkey, of a son.


 March 28, 1891


LAMBE - In this city, on March 27, the wife of Harold Lambe, of a daughter.


BROWER - On the 27th instant, at 234 Victoria avenue north, the wife of George G. Brower, of a son.


April 2, 1891


SWALLOW - At 163 King William street, on the 2nd instant, the wife of William Swallow, of a daughter.


April 4, 1891


BUSCOMBE - In this city, at 129 Herkiner street, on April 3, the wife of Fred Buscombe, of a daughter.


April 7, 1891


MORTON - At 52 Augusta street, Hamilton, on Monday, March 30, 1891, the wife of Mr. George Morton, of a daughter.


STRONGMAN - At 54 Caroline street north, on April 4, the wife of William Strongman of a son.


YOUNG - On March 30, the wife of George A. Young, 45 Young street, of a son.


April 8, 1891


GANT - At 155 Victoria avenue north, on the 8th instant, the wife of Prof. J. Gant, of a daughter.


April 9, 1891


MCGILVREY - In this city, on the 9th instant, at 166 Elgin street, the wife of Alexander McGillivary, of a son.


April 13, 1891


GRAY - On April 11, the wife of T. C. Gray, of a daughter.


April 15, 1891


WHITE - At 215 East avenue north, on Tuesday, 14th instant, the wife of John T. White, of a son.


MORTON - At Loudoun Bank, Main street east, on April 14, the wife of David Morton, Jr., of a daughter.


April 17, 1891


HUNT - At No 7 Florence street, on Wednesday, April 15, the wife of Frank Hunt, of a son.


April 18, 1891


STRONGMAN - In this city, on the 14th instant, the wife of John Strongman, of a son.


April 20, 1891


THEOBALD - At Rymal Station, Barton, on April 18, the wife of James Theobald, of a son.


POWIS - At Gladysholm, on April 19, the wife of Alfred Powis, of a daughter.


April 22, 1891


MILLER - At 222 King street west, on April 20, the wife of J. H. Miller, of a son.


SHAW - At 170 James street north, on Wednesday, April 22, the wife of Dr. G. M. Shaw, of a daughter.


April 23, 1891


WATSON - At 167 Barton street west, Mrs. M. Watson, of a daughter.

May 5, 1891


NURDEN - At St. Paul street, Collingwood, on Saturday, May 2, the wife of J. H. Nurden, of a daughter.


May 6, 1891


BRAITHWAITE - At Calgary, Alberta, on May 5, 1891, the wife of A. Douglas Braithwaite, of a daughter


May 7, 1891


EGG - At 32 Chomedy street, Montreal, on the 6th instant, a son to Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Egg.


FISHER - (Smithville) Mrs. Alfred Fisher of Gainsborough presented her husband with a boy and girl on Monday, May 4, All are doing well.


May 8, 1891


TOWNSEND - On May 6, 1891, the wife of W. G. Townsend, of a daughter.


May 9, 1891


SCOTT - On May 9, at 161 Hughson street south, the wife of C. S. Scott, of a daughter.


MURDOCH - At 154 Wentworth street south, on May 8, the wife of a. Murdoch, of a daughter.


May 11, 1891


TYSON - On May 10, at 141 Dundurn street, the wife of T. G. Tyson, of a daughter.


GORDON - On May 11, at 32 Shaw street, the wife of Robert Gordon, of a son.


BIRMINGHAM - On the 10th instant, at 2127 Pine street, San Francisco, Cal., the wife of E. H. Birmingham, daughter of E. L. Kraft, of a daughter.


May 12, 1891


LEADLEY -At 72 Murray street, city, on May 12, the wife of William Leadley, P.O. Department, of a daughter.

DUNCAN - Near Brantford, on April 27, the wife of W. E. Duncan, of a son.


May 13, 1891


TURNER - At 733 Sherbrooke street, Montreal, on------, the wife of Alexander Duncan Turner, of a ---.


May 18, 1891


YOUNG - At 137 Picton street east, on Sunday, May 17, 1891, the wife of John Young, of a daughter.


May 20, 1891


COOK - On Friday, May 15, at Rosehill Farm, north Glanford, the wife of Edward Cook, of a son. (Glanford Township records list surname as Coon.)


EDWARDS - On May 14, at 217 Barton street east, the wife of C. W. Edwards of a daughter. Both doing well.


VOELKER - At 264 Victoria avenue north, on May 20, the wife of Charles Voelker, of a son.


May 22, 1891


ZELENSKY - On May 21, the wife of A. M. Zelensky, of a son.


May 28, 1891


HANNAH - On May 23, at Macnab street north, the wife of James Hannah, of a son.


May 30, 1891


CHESTIER - At 30 Bay street, on May 28, the wife of Alfred Chestier, of a daughter.


DRESSEL - At 153 King street west, on May 28, the wife of John A. Dressel, of a son.


BEDDOE - On May 29, at Dundas, the wife of T. D. Beddoe, of a son.


June 2, 1891


BERRYMAN - At 121 Main street west, on May 29, the wife of R. T. Berryman, Esq., of twins, son and daughter, doing well.

June 3, 1891


THORBURN - At San Antonio, Texas, on June 1, the wife of J. W. Thorburn, Esq., of Wavertree ranch, Sanoval, of a son.


June 6, 1891


PEARSON - In Barton, on May 9, the wife of John Pearson, of a son.


HODGINS - In this city, on June 4, the wife of Gilbert Hodgins, of a daughter, stillborn.


June 8, 1891


HUNTER - On Sunday, June 7, at 125 Locke street north, the wife of Alfred E. Hunter, of a daughter.


June 13, 1891


LEMESURIER - On June 13, at 186 Hannah street west, the wife of Thomas Lemesurier, of a daughter.


June 15, 1891


TOBIAS - On the 14th instant, at 39 Wellington street south, Hamilton, the wife of F. E. Tobias, of a son.


PRINGLE - At Galt, on June 10, the wife of A. D. Pringle, Merchants' Bank, of a daughter.


June 20, 1891


PLASTOW - On June 20, at 381 Main street west, the wife of C. A. Plastow, of a daughter.


June 22, 1891


BATEMAN - On June 20, the wife of T. J. H. Bateman, of a son.


HOSSACK - At 87 Hannah street west, on June 21, the wife of J. S. Hossack, of twins, son and daughter. Daughter stillborn.


June 27, 1891


SONNTAG - On the 26th instant, at 78 Jackson street west, the wife of H. G. Sonntag, of a daughter.

June 29, 1891


MORRIS - On June 28, at 3 Emerald street south, the wife of James Morris, of a son, still born.


July 6, 1891


HOPE - On July 5, the wife of A. B. Hope, of a son.


July 8, 1891


BAINBRIDGE - On July 8, at 179 East avenue north, the wife of John Bainbridge, of a son


July 13, 1891


DUNLOP - On July 11, at 115 Hunter street east, a son to Mr. and Mrs. James Dunlop.


July 20, 1891


HAMMOND - On July 19, at 87 Augusta street, the wife of J. W. Hammond, of a daughter.


July 21, 1891


BEVERIDGE - On July 18, at 207 Wellington street north, the wife of John Beveridge, Jr., of a son.


July 22, 1891


ROBERTSON - At 115 George street, the wife of Charles Robertson, of a son.


July 23, 1891


THOMAS - At 457 Ottot street, Gross Park, Chicago, Ill., on the 18th instant, the wife of Charles F. Thomas, of a daughter.


July 24, 1891


LEATHER - At 148 Market street, on July 24, the wife of T. E. Leather, of a son.


July 25, 1891


AWREY - (Bartonville) George Awrey is wearing a broad smile nowadays. His family has been blessed with the addition of a beautiful daughter.

July 27, 1891


WEBB - At Niagara Falls, N.Y., on Friday, 24th, the wife of Rev. George T. Webb, of a son.

Greenlee On July 26, at 85 Wood street east, the wife of Robert Greenlee, of a son.


July 28, 1891


CULHAM - At West Lawn, Hamilton, on July 27, the wife of J. A. Culham, of a son.


July 30, 1891


MOORE - 373 Victoria avenue north, on July 29, the wife of G. P. Moore, of a son.


JONES - In this city, on July 30, at the Walker House, the wife of Michael Jones, of a son.


August 3, 1891


ROGERS - In this city, on August 2, the wife of F. R. Rogers, of a daughter.


MARTIN - In this city, on August 3, 1891, at 267 King street east, the wife of Alf J. Martin, of a daughter.


August 8, 1891


WILSON - On August 8, at 250 King street west, the wife of Ross Wilson, of a son.


August 13, 1891


JONES - At Jarvis, Ontario, August 13, 1891, the wife of Edward F. Jones, of a daughter.


August 15, 1891


ALEXANDER - On Friday, August 14, the wife of Ernest Alexander, of a son.


LINDNER - At 172 Wentworth street south, on Saturday, August 15, the wife of E. G. Lindner, of a daughter.

August 21, 1891


GILBERT - On August 20, the wife of Herbert J. Gilbert, of a daughter.


FARTHING - At Greenwich, New York, August 19, the wife of Mr. John W. Farthing, late of this city, of a son.


August 22, 1891


JACKSON - On August 19, the wife of George V. Jackson, of a daughter.


August 26, 1891


KELLOND - On August 25, at 153 West avenue north, the wife of John Kellond, of a son.


BEWS -t 96 Emerald street south, on the 26th instant, the wife of W. D. Bews, of a daughter.


August 27, 1891


COULSON - At Orange, N.J., on Sunday, August 16, the wife of W. J. Coulson, of a daughter.


August 28, 1891


ROBINSON - On the 28th instant, at 84 Pearl street south, the wife of J. H. Robinson, of a son.


ARNETT - On August 27, the wife of George Arnett, Wentworth street north, of a daughter.


August 29, 1891


LEITCH - At 66 Hughson street south, on August 25, the wife of W. G. Leitch, of a daughter.


August 31, 1891


LANAWAY - On August 30, at Flamborough House, East Flamborough, the wife of S. T. Lanaway, of a daughter.


September 7, 1891


CAMPBELL - On September 5, at125 Jackson street west, the wife of John Campbell, of a daughter.

MCGILVRAY - On the 5th instant, at 140 Wellington street south, the wife of Albert S. McGilvray, of a son.


September 11, 1891


GREIG - On the 9th instant, at 14 Greig street, the wife of J. Greig, Jr., of a daughter.


September 12, 1891


MCKINLEY - On the 11th instant, at 272 Cannon street east, the wife of J. McKinley, of a son.


TYRRELL - At 2 o'clock, on September 8, at 82 Herkimer street, the wife of James W. Tyrrell, of a daughter.


September 14, 1891


ELLIOTT - On September 11, the wife of Harry Elliott, Stony Creek, of a daughter.


September 16, 1891


BIRD - At 98 Erie avenue, on Monday, September 7, the wife of W. R. Bird, of a son.


September 17, 1891


KIRK - At 23 York street, on Wednesday, September 16, the wife of James Kirk, of a daughter.


September 24, 1891


BALDWIN - On Thursday, September 24, the wife of D. C. Baldwin, Hamilton, of a daughter.


MARR - (Glanford) The household of Colin Marr was enlivened on Friday morning by the presence of a young daughter.


September 25, 1891


WILSON - On September 25, at 231 Wellington street north, the wife of Robert George Wilson, of a daughter. Both doing well.


September 26, 1891


CLAPHAM - On September 12, the wife of C. J. Clapham, of a daughter.

RICHARDSON - At 457 York street, on September 26, the wife of G. J. Richardson, of a son.


SAYER - At London, Ontario, on September 25, the wife of Charles R. Sayer, of a son.


September 28, 1891


MCRAE - In this city, on Sunday, September 27, at 49 Magill street, the wife of J. McRae, of a son.


October 1, 1891


WODEHOUSE - In this city, on September 29th the wife of R. F. Wodehouse, of a daughter.


OLD - On October 1, the wife of William Old, King street east, of a daughter.


October 5, 1891


HARVEY - In this city, on September 21, the wife of Mr. J. H. Harvey, of Manitoba, of a daughter.


October 6, 1891


IRWIN - On Monday, October 5, the wife of J. Irwin, 449 Catherine street, of a son.


October 8, 1891


HEWSON - On Wednesday, September 30, at 170 Maria street, the wife of John H. Hewson, of a son.


October 10, 1891


WALTON - On October 9, the wife of N. Walton, Oxford street, of a son.


October 12, 1891


TOWNSEND - On Sunday, October 11, the wife of William J. Townsend, Wentworth street, of a son.


October 13, 1891


ROLSTON - In this city, on October 13, at 206 Hughson street north, the wife of Edward D. Rolston, of a daughter.

October 14, 1891


YOUNG - On October 13, at 194 Park street south, the wife of J. M. Young, of a son.


MCILWRAITH - At 94 Jackson street west, on October 14, the wife of T. F. McIlwraith, of a daughter.


October 15, 1891


BATES - At Glanford, on October 15, the wife of J. H. Bates, of a daughter. (Elsie Anita, mother Anna Gretta Shaw)


BISHOP - On October 17, the wife of P. F. Bishop, 13 Canada street, of a son.


October 20, 1891


YEO - On October 20, at Glanford, the wife of J. B. Yeo, of a son.


RALSTON - On Sunday, October 18, at 260 Jackson street west, the wife of Barry E. Ralston, of a son.


LEE - At Edgemont Farm, Saltfleet, October 19, Mrs. Erland Lee, of a daughter.


October 23, 1891


PENTECOST - On the 23rd instant, at 156 James street south, the wife of R. W. Pentecost, of a daughter.


October 26, 1891


EDWARDS - At Waterdown, on Sunday, October 25, the wife of H. A. Edwards, of a son.


SKINNER - On Sunday, October 25, at 27 Herkimer street, the wife of Robert D. Skinner, of a son.


October 27, 1891


FLYNN - On October 26. at 97 James street south, the wife of Edward H. Flynn, of a son.


October 31, 1891


WATERBERRY - In Saltfleet, on October 29, the wife of William W. Waterberry, Hamilton waterworks, of a daughter.

November 2, 1891


DEVINE n Saturday, October 31, at 350 James street north, the wife of John Devine, of a daughter.


November 3, 1891


TRUSCOTT - In this city, at 64 Pearl street north, on November 2, the wife of Thomas Truscott, of a son.


November 5, 1891


THOMPSON - On Wednesday, November 4, the wife of R. C. Thompson, of a son.


November 6, 1891


CLARK - At 113 Walnut street, on November 6, the wife of William S. Clark, of a daughter.


November 7, 1891


RAE - On Saturday, November 7, at 99 Vine street, the wife of George Rae, of a son.


November 9, 1891


DALLEY - At 84 Duke street, on November .., the wife of F. F. Dalley, of a son.


November 16, 1891


MILLS - On November 14, at 23 Ferrie street east, the wife of James Mills, of a daughter.


BARRETT - At 188 Hunter street west, on November 6, the wife of C. Barrett, of a daughter.


November 23, 1891


MINNES - At 248 Bold street, on November 22, the wife of the late John Minnes, of a son.


TURNBULL - At Arkeldun, on November 22, the wife of John Turnbull, of a son.


WALSH - On Sunday, November 22, at 24 Wilson street, the wife of Hilliard Walsh, of a daughter.

November 24, 1891


GUNBY - (Nelson) W. Gunby was the happiest man in the county last Wednesday when his wife presented him with a child.


November 30, 1891


BRENNEN - On Sunday, November 29, 1891, the wife of Hugh S. Brennen, of a daughter.


December 3, 1891


FAREWELL - On November 28, at 132 Main street east, a daughter to Dr. and Mrs. Farewell.


DONALDSON - On Tuesday, December 1st, at 133 Robinson street, the wife of Robert Donaldson, of a son.


VANDERLIP - On Wednesday, December 2, at 173 Market street, the wife of George Vanderlip, of a son.


December 9, 1891


TANSLEY - (Carlisle) S. S. Tansley is happy. It's a boy.


December 10, 1891


ASHBURY - (Jerseyville) Robert Ashbury is all smiles over the arrival of a son and heir.


December 12, 1891


RUSSELL - On December 11, at 138 East avenue north, the wife of Charles Russell, of a son.


WATT - On December 11, 1891, Mrs. Alexander Watt, of s son, stillborn.


GORDIKE - In this city, on December 9, the wife of George G. Gordike, of a son.


VANALLEN - On Saturday, December 12, at 33 Bay street south, the wife of E. VanAllen, of a daughter.


December 14, 1891


LANCEFIELD - At 90 Jackson street west, on Saturday, December 12, the wife of Richard T. Lancefield, of a son,

December 15, 1891


JOHNSTON - At 175 Walnut street, on Monday, December 14, the wife of George L. Johnston, of a son.


December 16, 1891


FITCH - On December 15, at 15 Murray street, the wife of William Fitch, of a daughter.


PATTERSON - At 176 Victoria avenue north, on December 15, the wife of Thomas Patterson, Jr., of a daughter.


December 17, 1891


HAWKES - At 1256 Wabash avenue, Detroit, Michigan, on Wednesday, the 9th instant, the wife of Mr. Frank G. Hawkes, of Hamilton, Ontario, of a daughter.


December 18, 1891


CHAGNON - At 224 Victoria avenue north, on Thursday, December 17, the wife of Louis E. Chagnon, of a son.


December 19, 1891


MORRIS - At 41 Duke street, on December 19, the wife of R. S. Morris, of a daughter.


December 24, 1891


MORTIMER - At Burlington, Ontario, on December 23, the wife of James Mortimer, of a daughter.


December 26, 1891


HARBISON - At 137 Hughson street south, on December 25, the wife of James Harbison, druggist, of a son.


JOHNSON - On December 24, the wife of A. E. Johnson, express messenger, Barrie, of a daughter.


December 28, 1891


DONOHOE - On December 20, at 10 Wentworth street north, the wife of Alexander Donohoe, of a daughter.

DYMENT - (Jerseyville) Henry Dyment, Jr. got a fine Christmas box in the way of a real live son and Henry is happy.


December 31, 1891


ANDERSON - At 126 Inchbury street, on December 30, the wife of Robert P. Anderson, of a son.