Hamilton Spectator




January 14, 1886


BAIRD - In this city, January 13, the wife of Charles Baird, Esq., merchant, of a daughter.


RYCKMAN - At Willow Bank Farm, Ryckman's Corners, Barton, on Saturday, January 9, the wife of George H. Ryckman, of a son.


January 20, 1886


BUCHANAN - At Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on January 19, the wife of Harris Buchanan, Esq., of a son.


January 23, 1886


PHILP - At 22 Emerald street north, January 22, the wife of Henry W. Philp, of a son.


January 25, 1886


BLACHFORD - On January 23, a son to C. D. and Rhoda Blachford.


BIRELY - On January 21, at 580 Fargo avenue, Buffalo, the wife of L. C. Birely, of a daughter.


January 29, 1886


WOODS - In this city, on January 26, the wife of Fred L. Woods, of a son.


WALKER - On Wednesday January 27, at 63 Hunter street east, the wife of Frank E. Walker, of a daughter.


February 2, 1886


THOMPSON - In this city, at 40 Peter street, on January 26, the wife of W. H. Thompson, of a daughter.


February 3, 1886


PETTIT - In Grimsby, on January 30, the wife of J. A. Pettit, of a daughter.


SEMMENS - On February 1, at Markland street, the wife of Arthur W. Semmens, of a son.


February 9, 1886


SMITH - On February 8, at 133 Market street, the wife of W. P. Smith, of a daughter.


SOUTHAM - On Sunday, February 7, the wife of W. Southham, of a son.


February 11, 1886


HULL - At Cayuga, February 6, 1886, the wife of H. Hull, of a son.


February 16, 1886


MALLOCH - On Monday, February 15, the wife of F. S. Malloch, of a son.


February 20, 1886


GROVER - On Thursday, February 18, at 216 Jarvis street, Toronto, the wife of G. A. Grover, of a son.


February 22, 1886


FRASER - On Sunday, February 21, at 80 Merrick street, the wife of Abner Fraser, of a son.


February 23, 1886


CARPENTER - At Lakeview, Township of Saltfleet, on February 21, the wife of F. M. Carpenter, of a son.


February 27, 1886


STUART - At 156 Main street west, February 26, the wife of John Stuart, of a daughter.


March 1, 1886


WILLIAMS - On February 27, at 50 Ferguson avenue, the wife of Mr. Edward Williams, of a son.


March 3, 1886


BRITTON - At 80 Florence street, Hamilton, on March 1, the wife of R. Britton, of a son.


March 8, 1886


GATES - At 121 Bay street south, on Saturday, March 6, the wife of A. B. Gates, of a son.


March 9, 1886


HOSSACK - In this city, on March 6, the wife of J. S. Hossack, of a daughter.


March 10, 1886


TUCKETT - On March 3, the wife of John E. Tuckett, of a son.


March 15, 1886


MILLARD - At 83 East avenue south, in this city, March 13, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Millard.


March 19, 1886


CORNELL - At 86 James street south, on March 18, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Cornell.


March 20, 1886


KIRKPATRICK - At 113 Barton street east, on March 17, the wife of J. Kirkpatrick, of a son.


March 22, 1886


HIGNELL - On Saturday, March 20, at 62 Cathcart street, a son to Mr. and Mrs. a. B. Hignell.


March 23, 1886


MCPHERSON - At 196 Main street east, the wife of James a. McPherson, of a daughter.


March 24, 1886


RUMSEY - In this city, on March 25, at 71 Victoria avenue north, the wife of T. Rumsey, of a daughter.


March 29, 1886


STEVENSON - At Waterdown, on March 23, the wife of W. N. Stevenson, of a son.


April 1, 1886


EDWORTHY - On March 28, at 83 Bay street north, the wife of F. Edworthy, of a son.


MAVER - On March 26, the wife of A. A. Maver, 186 John street north, of a son.


April 3, 1886


UNDERWOOD - In this city, on April 2, 1886, a daughter to C. N. Underwood, and grand-daughter to David J. Garrick.


April 6, 1886


O'CALLAGHAN - At 179 Park street north, on April 4, the wife of F. F. O'Callaghan, of a son.


April 13, 1886


MURPHY - On April 8, 1886, the wife of L. J. Murphy, of a son.


April 14, 1886


HODGKISS - In this city, on April 13, at 49 Wilson street, a son to Mr. and Mrs. E. Hodgkiss.


April 27, 1886


CARPENTER - On Thursday, April 22, at 128 King William Street, the wife of John O. Carpenter, of a daughter.


April 29, 1886


OTTO - At 49 Augusta street, on April 28, the wife of Albert H. Otto, of a son.


May 1, 1886


MARTIN - On April 29, at No 10 Hannah street west, the wife of Henry Martin, Esq., of a girl.


May 4, 1886


FITZPATRICK - On May 2, at 128 York street, the wife of John Fitzpatrick. of a son.

HANHAM - On May 3, at 27 Jackson street west, Hamilton, the wife of Mr. A. W. Hanham, of a daughter.


May 5, 1886


CRAIG - On May 2, at 80 Florence street, the wife of J. H. Craig, of a daughter.


EVANS - On Monday, March 15, at 121 Bay street north, the wife of John D. Evans, of a daughter.


MCKEEVER - At 15 Vine street, on May 4, the wife of Robert McKeever, of a daughter.


May 6, 1886


PROCTOR - At Cedar Grove, on April 23, 1886, Mrs. John Proctor, of a son.


SHAW - On Wednesday, May 5, at 122 James street north, the wife of G. M. Shaw, of a son, stillborn.


May 7, 1886


EGG - At 24 St. Luke street, Montreal, May 3, the wife of William F. Egg, of a son.


May 13, 1886


BESSEY - At 75 Park street north, on May 12, the wife of W. Bessey, of a daughter.


ATTWOOD - In this city, May 11, the wife of C. W. Attwood, of a daughter.


May 14, 1886


COX - On May 13, at 34 Peter street, the wife of James A. Cox, of a daughter.


LAWRY - At Tredennock, mountain top, on May 13, the wife of T. H. Lawry, of a daughter.


May 17, 1886


MCBRIDE - In this city, on May 16, the wife of Patrick F. McBride, of a son.


TAFT - At 131 Market Street, on Thursday, May 13, the wife of J. W. Taft, of a daughter.

SONNTAG - On May 13, the wife of H. O. Sonntag, of a daughter. May 18, 1886


FEARMAN - On May 17, at 72 East avenue south, Mrs. F. C. Fearman, of a daughter.


May 21, 1886


ZIMMERMAN - At 65 George street, on May 19, the wife of Mr. A. Zimmerman, of a son.


May 22, 1886


SERVICE - At the Manse, Red Wing, Minnesota, on May 20, the wife of Rev. R. J. Service, of a daughter.


May 25, 1886


ELVIN - At 33 Wilsonstreet, on Saturday, May 22, the wife of W. D. Elvin, of a daughter.


BAIDEN - At Bowmanville, on May 12, the wife of George Baiden, of a son.


May 29, 1886


BEARE - On May 27, at 42 Markland street, the wife of W. Beare, of a daughter.


May 31, 1886


SMITH - In this city, at 130| Emerald street north, on May 27, the wife of Burton Smith, of a son.


June 4, 1886


NOYES - In this city, on June 3, the wife of Joseph Franklin Noyes, of a son.


June 8, 1886


DALLYN - At 90 Stinson street, on June 7, the wife of F. E. Dallyn, of a son.


June 9, 1886


YOUNG - On June 8, at 91 Macnab street south, the wife of J. M. Young, of a son.

June 11, 1886


POST - On Tuesday, June 8, the wife of Mr. Charles Post, of a daughter.


June 13, 1886


FURNISS - On June 13, the wife of Mr. William Furniss, of a son.


June 16, 1886


SCOTT - At Point Edward, on June. 12, the wife of Mr. George W. Scott, of a son.


June 22, 1886


DAVIS - At 37 Hannah street west, on June 19, the wife of W. R. Davis, of a daughter.


June 26, 1886


BURN - At Chedoke, Barton, the wife of Walter Scott Burn, of a son.


MONTGOMERY - At Palmerson, Ontario, on June 21, the wife of W. H. Montgomery, of the American Express Company, of a daughter.


June 29, 1886


CAMPBELL - At 276 King street east, on June 28, the wife of William Campbell, of a daughter.


July 3, 1886


GRANT - At 10 Magill street, on Thursday, July 1, the wife of Mr. Thomas Grant, G.T.R., of a daughter.


SCHUMACHER - At 96 Jackson street east, the wife of George Schumacher, of a son.


July 6, 1886


PATTERSON - On Saturday, July 3, Mrs. John B. Patterson, corner of Duke and Hess streets, of a daughter.


July 8, 1886


HAMMILL - At Ancaster, July 5, the wife of Otto S. Hammill, of a son.


July 9, 1886


LEITCH - At 36 Hughson street south, on Thursday, July 8, the wife of William G. Leitch, of a son.


FREEMAN - (Paris) We published the birth of twin boys at Sterling Freeman's house a few weeks ago. We have always believed the Lord would provide for his creatures and now we know it, for one of Sterling's cows has ,just given birth to twin heifer calves, a cow for each boy.Later we hear the Lord has further provided for Sterling and his flock by sending him a pair of twin pigs.


July 13, 1886


ENNIS - On Thursday, July 8, Mrs. James Ennis, 134 Main street, of a son.


July 14, 1886


RICHARDSON - At Listowel, on July 12, the wife of George H. Richardson, of a son.


July 15, 1886


CHAMBERS - At 193 Bay street north, on July 13, the wife of James Chambers, G.T.R. conductor, of a son.


July 23, 1886


GRAHAM - On July 22, at 101 Hess street south, the wife of George Graham, of a daughter.Weight 10 pounds.


July 28, 1886


JELFS - At 86 Herkimer street, July 25, the wife of George F. Jelfs, barrister-at-law, of a son.


HOODLESS - At 43 Jackson street west, on July 27, the wife of Mr. John Hoodless, of a daughter.


July 30, 1886


RAYCROFT - On July 28, at 38 Magill street, the wife of Thomas J. Raycroft, of a son - stillborn.


August 2, 1886


CAREY - At 134 Bay street south, Hamilton, Ontario, on Sunday, August 1, 1886, the wife of William Carey, of a son.


August 3, 1886


REID - At 188 King street west, Hamilton, Ontario, on Sunday, August 1, 1886, the wife of J. S. Reid, of a son.


CAMPBELL - At 111 Main street west, on August 2, the wife of Robert Campbell, of a daughter.


August 4, 1886


CONN - At Alvinston, on August 1, the wife of J. E. Conn, banker, of a daughter.


August 6, 1886


SOMERVILLE - In this city, at 79 George street, on August 5, the wife of William Somerville, Jr., of a son.


August 9, 1886


THOMSON - At No 10 Peter street, on August 7, the wife of John Thomas, lumber dealer, of a daughter.


August 13, 1886


SHARP - At 5 Queen street south, on August 12, the wife of T. H. Sharp, of a daughter.


August 18, 1886


LANCEFIELD - At 105 York street, on August 9, the wife of C. J. Lancefield, of a son.


August 19, 1886


LEWIS -At 66 Oak avenue north, on August 17, the wife of William Lewis, of a daughter.


August 25, 1886


EVELL - At 100 Cannon street west, on August 21, the wife of James J. Evell, of a daughter.


August 27, 1886


STORM - In this city, at 47 Wilson street, on August 25, the wife of A. F. Storm, of a daughter.


PORTER - At Walkerton, Ontario, on August 26, the wife of R. T. Porter, Esq., M.D., of a son (daughter of Josias Bray of Hamilton, Ontario)


August 28, 1886


ARLAND - In this city, on August 26, the wife of W. H. Arland, of a son.


LOUGHREY - In this city, at 94 Victoria Avenue north, on August 26, the wife of S. B. Loughrey, of a daughter.


September 1, 1886


LAMBE - On August 30, at 87 Hughson street, the wife of Harold Lambe, of a son.


September 3, 1886


FILGIANO - On September 2, at 153 Main street east, the wife of A. T. Filgiano, of a son.


September 7, 1886


KITTSON - On September 5, at 29 Wellington street south, the wife of H. N. Kittson, of a daughter - stillborn.


MORTON - At 53 Emerald street south on September 4, the wife of John Morton, of a daughter.


September 8, 1886


WOODS - At 154 Macnab street north, on September 5, the wife of Walter Woods, of a daughter.


September 9, 1886


GIBSON - On September 8, the wife of J. M. Gibson, of a daughter, September 10, 1886


BROWN - At 32 Jackson street west, on September 9, the wife of W. R. Brown, Esq., of a son.


September 14, 1886


BOARD - In this city, on September 12, at 133 Emerald street south, the wife of A. H. Board, of a daughter.


September 17, 1886


DARLING - At Cherry street, on September 16, the wife of T. B. Darling, of a daughter.


September 18, 1886


OSBORNE - On September 17, at 159 King street west, the wife of Bryson Osborne, of a son.


September 21, 1886


BOWMAN - At Hamilton, Ontario, on Monday, September 20, the wife of William Bowman, of a daughter.


CLARK - At 28 Scott street, Toronto, on September 17, the wife of Benjamin Clark, 182 Victoria avenue north, of a son.


September 27. 1886


HINES - At Mount Hope, Glanford, on Saturday, September 25, the wife of Thomas Hines, of a son. Harold Henry(editorís note name was hand written)


September 30, 1886


RAPHAEL - At 96 John street south on September 29, the wife of I. Raphael, of a daughter.


October 5, 1886


MARLATT - At Elm Hill, Strabane, on September 26, the wife of C. W. Marlatt, of a son.


October 6, 1886


HAM - In this city, at 64 Lower Cathcart street, on October 5, the wife of Thomas Ham, of a daughter.


MCDONNELL - On October 5, at 156 King street west, the wife of John McDonnell, of a daughter.


October 9, 1886


HUNTER -At 130 York street, on October 7, the wife of A. Hunter, of a son.


HOLDEN -In this city, at 143 Victoria avenue north, on October 7, the wife of W. Holden, of a daughter.


October 11, 1886


DIXON - At No 35 East avenue south, October 9, the wife of William Dixon, of a son


PATTERSON - At 44 Allanson street, on October 8, the wife of Peter Patterson, of a son.


EGENER - On October 4, at 70 Herkimer street the wife of A. Egener, Inland Revenue Department, of a son.


FITZGERALD - In this city, on October 9, the wife of James Fitzgerald, of a son.


October 14, 1886


JACKSON - At 24 South street east, on October 12, the wife of James H. Jackson, of a son.


ORR - On October 12, at 37 James street south, the wife of John A. Orr, of a son.


FEE - At No 9 Margaret street, on October 12, the wife of Thomas Fee, of a son.


TOWERS - In this city, on October 12, the wife of Thomas Towers, of a son - stillborn.


October 19, 1886


MEAKINSIn this city, on October 17, the wife of O. W. Meakins, of a daughter.


KRETSCHMANN On October 18, at 6 Steven street, the wife of L. F. Kretschmann, of a daughter.


October 25, 1886


MORROW In this city, on October 22, the wife of John Morrow, of a son.


October 30, 1886


SHOOTS - At 172 Victoria avenue north, on October 29, the wife of James Shoots, carriage maker, of a daughter.


October 23, 1886


HUTTON - On October 21, at No 5 Augusta street, the wife of F. M. Hutton, of a son.


DURHAM - At 1 Mill street, on October 18, at 2 p.m., the wife of Daniel Durham, of a son.


November 2, 1886


HAWKES - In this city, on October 30, the wife of Edward Walter Hawkes, of a son.


LEWIS - In this city, the wife of R. J. Lewis, of a daughter, November 9, 1886


BRETHOUR - On November 7, at 190 King street east, the wife of E. J. Brethour, of a son.


DOMVILLE - In this city, November 2, the wife of A. E. Domville, St. Thomas, of a daughter.


November 11, 1886


DAVIE - At Owen Sound, on November 3, the wife of Lewis Davie, of a son.


MCLEOD - On November 10, at No 9 Napier street, the wife of J. P. McLeod, of a son.


November 15, 1886


WALKER - On Wednesday, November 11, the wife of R. Walker, 7 Murray street, of a son.


November 16, 1886


ZINGSHEIM - On November 15, 1886, the wife of J. Zingsheim, of a daughter.


LILLIE - On November 14, the wife of J. S. Lillie, of a daughter.


November 25, 1886


LAND - At Woodland, Wentworth street, November 23, the wife of Peter M. Land, of a daughter.

MATTICE - On Wednesday, November 24, at 70 Catherine street north, the wife of J. H. Mattice, of a daughter.


November 30, 1886


ARMSTRONG - At Collingwood, on Saturday, November 27, the wife of John Harvey Armstrong, C. E., of a daughter.


December 1, 1886


HAMILTON - In this city, on November 30, the wife of Charles Hamilton, of a son.


December 11, 1886


COOKE - At Palmerston, on Thursday, December 9, the wife of Rev. George B. Cooke, of a daughter


December 17, 1886


HAMPSON - At 112 Jackson street west, on December 16, the wife of J. E. Hampson, of a son.


December 20, 1886


BESSEY - In this city, on December 18, at 42 James street north, the wife of O. Bessey, of a son.


ALMAS - At 57 Catherine street north, on December 8, the wife of Albert Almas, of a daughter.


December 22, 1886


SMITH - In this city, on Friday, December 17, at 89 Bay street south, the wife of F. C. Smith, of a daughter.