Hamilton Spectator

Births, Jan-June 1876


January 6, 1876


CAMERON - At 31 Victoria avenue south, the wife of Hugh Cameron, of a son.


January 17, 1876


TURNER - At No 2 Sandyford Place, on the 6th instant, Mrs. Alexander Turner, of a son.


January 28, 1876


BATTERSHILL - In this city, on the 28th instant, the wife ot Mr. John Battershill, of a son.


February 5, 1876


LEWIS - On the 3rd February, the wife of Tom Lewis, cigar manufacturer, of a daughter.


February 7, 1876


ALEXANDER - At Wentworth street south, on the 6th instant, Mrs. A. Alexander, of a daughter.


February 10, 1876


BEATTY - On the 10th instant, the wife of Robert Beatty, MacNab street, of a daughter.


February 14, 1876


COLE - On the 6th instant, Mrs. F. W. Cole, of a son,


February 24, 1376


FINDLAY - At 106 Main street west, Hamilton, on the 24th Instant, the wife of W. F. Findlay, of a son.


February 28, 1876


NEWSON - In Hamilton, on Friday, 25th instant, the wife of W. Newson, of a son.


March 2, 1876


ANDERSON - At 'The Maples', Burlington street Barton, on the 29th February, the wife of W. J. Anderson, of a son.


March 6, 1876


PIERCE - On Sunday, at No 3 Bay street south, Mrs. C. E. Pierce, of a son.


FURNER - On the 16th February, at papourie Villa, Penge, England, Mrs. G. H. Furner, of a daughter.


March 8, 1876


BEATTY - On the 7th instant, Mrs. Robert Beatty, 186 John street north, of a daughter.


March 11, 1876


JACKSON -On the 11th instant, the wife of Sir Keith G. Jackson, Bart, of a son.


March 13, 1876


ROUTH - At Pollington Lodge, on the 11th instant, Mrs. H. W. Routh, of a son.


March 20, 1876


FAHEY - In this city, on the 18th instant, the wife of Mr. James Fahey, of a son.


March 27, 1376


TUCKETT - On Sunday, the 26th instant, the wife of George E. Tuckett, of a son.


GARTSHORE - On the 26th instant, at 87 Maiden Lane west, the wife of A. Gartshore, Esq., of a daughter.


April 8, 1876


MCCLELLAND - In this city, on Friday, April 7th, at 22 Spring street, the wife of Mr. William McClelland, of a son.


April 10, 1876


MCINNES - On Saturday, the 8th instant, at Holmwood, this city, Mrs. A. Mclnnes, of a daughter.


April 15, 1876


BRUCE - At MacNab street, on the 11th instant, Mrs. F. C. Bruce, of a son.


April 17, 1376


AMOS - In this city, on the 15th instant, the wife of Mr. Robert Amos, of a daughter.


April 18, 1376


ARMSTRONG - At 81 Cannon street west, on the 13th instant, the wife of Charles Armstrong, of a son - stillborn.


April 23, 1876


KEMP - In this city, on the 27th instant, the wife of Mr. John C. Kemp, manager Canadian Bank of Commerce, of a daughter.


JOHNSTON - On Wednesday, April 26th, 1876, the wife of W. S. Johnston, Publisher of the Arthur "Enterprise", of a son.


May 1, 1876


MCQUESTEN - At No 1 Bold street, on the 1st instant, the wile of I. B. McQuesten, of a son.


May 12, 1876


PAPPS - On the 12th May, at 60 Bay street south, the wife of George S. Papps, of a son.


May 27, 1876


SPICER - At Glen Field, Chedoke, the wife of Alfred Spicer, Esq., of a daughter.


CHAMP - On the 27th instant, at 86 Wellington street south, Mrs. W. S. Champ, of a daughter.


May 29, 1876


MASON - In this city, on the 29th instant, the wife of Mr. J. J. Mason, of a daughter.


June 5, 1876


GROSSMAN - On June 4th, at 53 Wellington street south, the wife of Mr. Julius Grossman, of a son.


June 8, 1876


DEWAR - At Montreal, on the 7th instant, the wife of A. L. Dewar, Esq., of a son.


June 12, 1876


NASH - On the 11th instant, Mrs. Samuel Nash, 187 John street north, of a son.


June 30, 1876


HENDRIE - At the Holmestead, this city, on the 29th instant, Mrs. William Hendrie, of a son.