Hamilton Spectator

                                                                    Births 1851


January 4, 1851


EASTWOOD - In this city, on the 1st instant,  Mrs. D. H. Eastwood, of a daughter.


January 8, 1851


BRAINARD - On the 29th December, 1850, at Caledonia, Grand River, the wife of P. C. Brainard, Esq., of a daughter.


January 11, 1851


GRANT - Yesterday morning, Mrs. Andrew Grant (Rob Roy Inn) of a daughter.


January 15, 1851


THOMSON - On Monday morning, Mrs. Angus Thomson, wife of the mate of the steamer “Magnet” of a son.


January 18, 1851


BISHOP - On the l6th instant, Mrs. Jacob Bishop, of a daughter.


January 22, 1851


BEASLEY - On the 21st instant, Mrs. R. S. Beasley, of a son.


January 25, 1851


LAND - In this city, on the 8th instant, the wife of R. A. Land, Esq., of a daughter.


February 1, 1851


CHRISTIAN - In this city, on the 26th ultimo, Mrs. John Christian, of a daughter.


BOOKER - In this city, on the 28th January instant, Mrs. A. Booker, jr., of a son.


February 15, 1851


ERMATINGER - At St. Thomas, on the 5th instant, Mrs. E. Ermatinger, of a son.

February 22, 1851


PATTINSON - On the 5th instant, at Harnside,  near London, C.W,, the lady of Richard Pattinson, Esq., formerly of the 16th (Queen's) Lancers, of a daughter.


February 26, 1851


MILNER - On Tuesday, the 25th instant, Mrs. Benjamin Milner, of a son.


March 12,  1851


GAY - In this city, on the 9th instant, Mrs. R. Gay, of a daughter


March 15, 1851


INMAN - In this city on the 13th last, Mrs. J. W. Inman, of a son.


SYLVESTER - In this city yesterday, Mrs. Thomas Sylvester, of a daughter.


March 26, 1851


GOURLAY - At Barton Lodge, on the 21st instant, the lady of Lieut. Col. Gourlay, of a son.


WALKER - In this city on the 21st instant, Mrs. Archibald Walker, of a daughter.


BEALL - On the 13th ultimo, at Croswell Park Blackheath, London, England, Mrs. Richard Beall, of a daughter.


March 29, 1851


HENWOOD - In this city on the 26th instant, the wife of Dr. Henwood of a daughter.


April 2, 1851


KNEESHAW - In this city, on the 1st instant, the wife of Mr. Kneeshaw, druggist, of a daughter.


March 19, 1851


BURTON - On the 18th instant, the wife of George Burton, Esq., of this city, barrister‑at‑law, of a son.


STUART - In this city, Mrs. D. Stuart, of a son.

April 9, 1851


HORE - In the Township of Flamborough West, on the 28th ultimo, Mrs. Francis Hore, of a son.


April 16, 1851


MUNRO - Yesterday, Mrs. John C. Munro, of a son.


YOUELL - At Middleport, Grand River, on the 13th instant, the lady of George Youell, Esq., of a son.


April 19, 1851


BRAY - In this city, on the 16th instant, Mrs. Josias Bray, of a daughter.


April 23, 1851


BULL - In this city, on the 21st instant, Mrs. Richard Bull, of a son.


April 26, 1851


ANSON - At Oakville, on the 13th instant, Mrs. S. A. Anson, of a son


CAHILL - In this city, on the 25th instant, the wife of James Cahill. Esq., of a son.


May 10, 1851


TURNER - In this city, on the 7th instant, Mrs. James Turner, of a daughter.


GEDDES - At the Rectory, on Saturday,  the 26th ultimo, the wife of the Rev. J. G. Geddes, of a daughter.


May 14, 1851


BICKLE - In this city, on the 13th instant, Mrs. John W. Bickle, of a son.


May 17, 1851


EWART - On the 5th instant, Mrs. J. B. Ewart, of a daughter.


May 24, 1851


SADLEIR - On Wednesday, the 21st instant, the wife of Charles A. Sadleir,Esq., of a son.

June 4, 1851


KERR - In this city, on the 3rd instant, Mrs. Thomas C. Kerr, of a daughter.


HALL - At Wenninton Cottage, Esquesing, on the 28th ultimo, the wife of Robert Skirrow Hall, Esq., of a son and heir.


June 7, 1851


MANSON - On Tuesday,  the 3rd instant, Mrs. William Manson, of a son.


June 14, 1851


TITUS - On the 11th instant, Mrs. H. N. Titus, of a son.


June 25, 1851


KINREAD - On Saturday, the 21st instant, Mrs. T. Kinread, of a son.


PLOWRIGHT - In this city, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs. James Plowright, of a son.


June 28, 1851


Beardmore - On the 20th , Mrs. G. L. Beardmore, of a son.


MAGILL - On Wednesday, the 25th instant, Mrs. Charles Magill, of a daughter.


July 2, 1851


MASTERSON - In this city, yesterday morning, Mrs. H. Masterson, of a daughter.


July 12, 1851


MYLES - On the 10th instant, Mrs. William Myles, of a daughter


MCNABB - On the 11th instant, Mrs. Duncan McNabb,  of a son.


July 26, 1851


STEVENSON - On the 25th, in this city, Mrs. James Stevenson, jun., of a daughter.


August 2, 1851


AITKEN - On the 12th July, Mrs. William Aitken jun., of a daughter.

August 6, 1851


MATHEWS - In this city, on the 3rd instant, the wife of Mr. James Mathews, of a son.


August 16, 1851


SMITH - In this city, on Thursday, the 14th instant, Mrs. David Smith, of a son.


August 23, 1851


HARVEY - At Burton Park, on the 12th instant, Mrs. Jas. Harvey, of a son.


STERLING - On Thursday, the 21st instant, Mrs. G. Sterling, of a son.


September 3, 1851


STEVENSON - In this city, on the 31st August, Mrs. Jas. Stevenson, of a daughter.


August 27, 1851


OVERELL - At Indiana, Grand River, C.W,, on the 24th instant, Mrs. J. C. Overell, of a daughter.


September 10, 1851


MANSON - In this city, on Monday last, Mrs. George Manson, of a daughter.


September 13, 1851


GEDDES - On Thursday, the 11th instant, the wife of James E. Geddes, of a son.


GALBRAITH - On the 11th instant, Mrs. D. B. Galbraith, of a daughter.


September 17, 1851


YOUNG - On the 11th instant, the wife of John Young, Esq., of a son.


October 1, 1851


BEGG - In this city, on the 21st ultimo, Mrs. Stewart Begg, of a daughter.

October 8, 1851


THOMAS - On the 4th instant, Mrs. G.S. Thomas, Peel street, of a daughter.


LONG - On Sunday, the 5th instant, on Main Street, the wife of Dr. Long, of a son.


October 22, 1851


BAKER - On Saturday evening, the 18th instant, Mrs. Hugh C. Baker, of a daughter.


MAXWELL - At Grimsby, on the 16th instant, Mrs. George Maxwell, of a son.


November 5, 1851


WHITTAKER - On Sunday, the 2nd instant, Mrs. Whittaker, of a son.


November 8, 1851


FREELAND - In this city, on the 3rd instant, Mrs. Charles Freeland, of a son.


SABINE - On the 5th of November, the wife of Jas. E. Sabine, of a daughter.


November 22,  1851


LISTER - In this city, on the 20th instant, Mrs. J. Lister, of a daughter.


December 3, 1851


KEMP - At Ancaster, on the 29th ultimo, the wife of Mr. W. Kemp, of a son.


December 6, 1851


DONALDSON - In Toronto, on the 31th ultimo, the lady of Capt. William Donaldson, steamer “Mazeppa”, of a daughter.


FEEHAN - In Toronto, on Monday, 1st of December, Mrs. D. K. Feehan, of a son.


December 17, 1851


FERNSIDE - In this city, on the 13th instant, the wife of Mr. E. C. Fernside, of a son.


December 20, 1851


SAMUEL - On the 19th instant, Mrs. James Samuel, of a son