Hamilton Spectator

Births 1849


January 6, 1849


JOLLEY - In this city on Monday morning, 1st instant, Mrs. James Jolley, of a daughter.


CONWAY - In this city on Thursday morning, Mrs. Edward Conway, of a son.


PARKS - On Saturday, the 30th December, Mrs. William Parks, of a son.


January 27, 1849


ALLAN - On Monday last, the wife of Mr. William Allan, city street surveyor,  of a son.


February 7, 1849


NELLES - At Grimsby, on Thursday last, the wife of P. B. Nelles, Esq., of twins, son and daughter.


WILLSON - At Willow Grove Farm, Trafalgar, on Thursday, the 1st instant, the wife of Levi

Willson, of a son.


DUGGAN -  in this city on Friday, the 26th ultimo, the wife of R.  D.  Duggan,  Esq.,  of a son.


GILBERT - In this city, on the 3rd instant, Mrs. W. J. Gilbert, a son.


February 21, 1849


ROBINSON - In this city, on the 16th instant, Mrs. Joseph Robinson, of a daughter.


HEWSON - In this city, on the 10th instant, Mrs. E. Hewson, of a son.


MCDONALD - In this city, on the 20th instant, Mrs. Robert McDonald, of a daughter.


February 28, 1849


PRICE - On the 27th instant, Mrs. W. G. Price, of a son.


LOGIE - At West Flamboro', on the 12th instant, Mrs. William Logie, of twin sons.

March 7, 1849


DALLEY - In this city, on the 22nd instant, Mrs. E. Dalley, of a daughter.


TINDELL - In this city, on Friday, March 2, Mrs. Thomas Tindell, of a son.


March 14, 1849


STEVENSON - At Brantford, on the 16th instant, Mrs. James Stevenson, of a son.


March 24, 1846


STRACHAN - At Goderich, on the 15th instant, the lady of John Strachan, Esq., of a daughter.


___________ - In Toronto, on the 18th instant, the lady of the President of the University, of a daughter.


April 4, 1849


CLARKE - At Palermo, on the 30th March, the lady of Samuel Clarke, Esq., Warden of the Gore District, of a daughter.


INMAN - In this city, on the 1st instant, Mrs. I. W. Inman, of a daughter.


April 11, 1849


EASTWOOD - In this city, yesterday morning, Mrs. Daniel Eastwood of a son.


April 14, 1849


KERR - In this city, yesterday, the wife of Archibald Kerr, Esq. of a daughter.


STREET - At Ham Farm, West Flamboro', on the 10th instant, the wife of Richard Street, Esq., of a son.


May 9, 1849


BULL - In this city, yesterday evening, Mrs. H. B. Bull, of a son.


May 19, 1849


HEATHFIELD - In this city, on the 16th instant, Mrs. E. Heathfield, of a daughter.

May 19, 1849


LIZARS - At Stratford, on the 7th instant, the lady of D. Home Lizars, Esq., of a son.


May 26, 1849


ELGIN - The Countess of Elgin, on Wednesday, presented His Excellency, with a son and heir.


June 13, 1849


KENNEDY - In this city, on the 11th instant, Mrs. Aeneas S. Kennedy, of a daughter.


June 27, 1849


BARNARD - On the 25th instant, at Caledonia, Grand River, the lady of Mr. P. C. Barnard, of a son


CAHILL - In this city, on the 20th instant, Mrs. Cahi11, of a daughter.


July 4, 1849


HARVEY - At Barton Park, on the 22nd ultimo, Mrs. James Harvey, of a son.


ROACH - On Sunday, the 1st instant, Mrs. George Roach, of a son.


LEGGO - On Monday morning, the 2nd instant, Mrs. William Leggo, of a son.


July 25, 1849


MULLIN - On Monday, the 25th ultimo, the wife of James Mullin, Farmer's Hotel, of a son.


August 8, 1849


MATHEWS - In this city, on the 6th instant, Mrs. J. B. Mathews, of a daughter.


NIXON - On the 31st ultimo, Mrs. James Nixon, Victoria Gardens, Hamilton, of a daughter.


ROSS - On the 4th instant, Mrs. George Ross, of a daughter.

August 18, 1849


MCKLLLOP - In this city, on the 14th instant, Mrs. John McKillop of a son.


August 25, 1849


WILSON - At Simcoe, on the l7th instant, the lady of William M. Wilson, Esq., Clerk of the

Peace for the Talbot District, of a daughter.


September 5, 1849


BAKER - In this city, on Saturday, the 1st instant, Mrs. Hugh C. Baker, of a daughter.


September 8, 1849


CARTWRIGHT - On the 6th instant, Mrs. G. E. Cartwright, of this city, of a son.


September 12, 1849


WRIGHT - In this city, on Saturday, the 1st instant, Mrs. William Wright, of a daughter.


September 15, 1849


SIMS - In this city on Friday, the 7th instant, Mrs. C. W. Sims, of a son.


September 22, 1849


MONTGOMERY - In this city on Saturday, the 15th instant, Mrs. John Montgomery, of a daughter.


SAUNDERS - On Thursday, Mrs. Douglas Saunders, of a son.


October 3, 1849


BULL - On Sunday morning,  in this city, Mrs. Richard Bull, of twin daughters


WEBSTER - Yesterday morning, Mrs. C. H. Webster, of a daughter.


November 3, 1849


BEARDMORE - On the 30th ultimo, Mrs. G. L. Beardmore, Gore Street, of a son .

November 14, 1849


CLARK - In this city, on the 9th instant, Mrs. John Clark, of a son.


November 21, 1849


ROUTH  - At Port Stanley, on the 11th instant, Mrs. Robert T. Routh, of a son.


GOLDIE - In this city, on the 20th instant, Mrs. Adam Goldie, of a son.


HUNTER - On the 15th instant, the wife of John W. Hunter, Esq. M.D., of a daughter.


November 24, 1849


TAYLOR - In this city on the 20th instant, Mrs. W. T. Taylor, of a son.


GRANT - In this city, on the 21st instant, Mrs. Peter Grant, of the firm of Snowden and Grant, of a daughter.


December 5, 1849


HAMILTON - In this city, yesterday, the wife of Mr. Alexander Hamilton, druggist, of a daughter.


SUTHERLAND - In this city, on the 20th ultimo, the wife of Capt. James Sutherland, of a son.


December 19, 1849


MACKIDD -  On Friday, the 14th, the wife of Mr. James MacKidd, of a daughter


December 26, 1849


GEDDES - On Christmas Day, the wife of James C. Geddes, Esq., of a daughter.


December 29, 1849


ROY - In this city, on Tuesday, the 25th instant, Mrs. Robert Roy, of a daughter.