January 13, 1847


GRANT - On Saturday, the 9th instant, Mrs. Andrew Grant, of the Rob Roy Inn, of a daughter.


January 16, 1847


GRAHAM - In Waterdown, on the 14th instant, Mrs. H. A. Graham, of a son.


January 20, 1847


MACKRIDGE - In Brantford, on the morning of the 13th instant, at the residence of her father, the proprietor of the Brantford Courier, the wife of the Reverend James Mackridge, Rector of Warwick, of a daughter.


February 13, 1847


NORTON - In this city, on Wednesday morning, Mrs. Charles Norton, of a daughter.


March 17, 1847


TILNEY - At Paris, on Saturday, the 13th instant, Mrs. Joseph Tilney, of a daughter.


March 31, 1847


KEMP - At Ancaster, on the 17th instant, Mrs. William Kemp, of a daughter.


April 24, 1847


HAINES - On St. George's Day (April 23rd) Mrs. Thomas Haines, Jr. , of a son.


May 8, 1847


CAMERON - In Hamilton, on Wednesday, 5th instant, the wife of Mr. R. W. Cameron, of a son.


May 19, 1847


YOUNG - In this city, yesterday morning, the wife of Mr. John Young, of a son.

May 26, 1847


POWELL - At Guelph, on Monday, the 24th, instant, the lady of W. D. Powell, Esq., of a son.


May 29, 1847


COOK - In Hamilton, this morning, Mrs. A. H. Cook, of a son.


June 5, 1847


RAE - Yesterday, the lady of Thomas Rue, Esq., in this city, of a son.


July 24, 1847


WHITNEY - On Sunday morning, the 18th instant, the wife of P. F. Whitney, Esq.,  of Pickering, of a son.


August 25, 1847


PRICE - In Toronto, on the 18th instant, Mrs. Henry Price, of a son.


August 28, 1847


NEWBURN - At Drummondville, near the falls, on the 7th August, the wife of Dr. Francis Clarke Newburn, of a daughter.


September 1, 1847


KENNEDY - In this city on the 25th ultimo, Mrs. Charles Kennedy, of a son.


September 29, 1847


RIGBY - In this city, on the 24th instant, Mrs, John Rigby, of a son.


October 27, 1847


TIGNER - At St. Thomas, on the 15th ultimo, Mrs. Emma Tigner, of a son.


HOLDEN - On the 22nd instant, the lady of John R. Holden, Esq., of a daughter


DODSWORTH - In this city, on Tuesday, the 19th instant, Mrs. John Dodsworth, of a son.

October 27, 1847


LOGIE - On Monday morning, Mrs. William Logie, of a daughter.


October 30, 1847


ROY - In this city, on the 26th instant, Mrs. Robert Roy, of a daughter.


CARSWELL - On Friday, the 29th instant, Mrs. John Carswell, of a son.


November 20, 1847


SMITH - At Lloydtown, on the 17th instant, Mrs. J. H. Smith, of a son.


November 27, 1847


MCQUESTEN - In this city, on the 26th instant, the lady of Calvin McQuesten, Esq., of a son.


MCKENDRICK - On the morning of the 27th, instant, Mrs. McKendrick, of a son.


December 1, 1847


COWAN - At Louth Mills, on the 10th ultimo, Mrs. Samuel Cowan, of a daughter.


December 29, 1847


BROADGEEST - In this city, on Christmas morning, Mrs. Broadgeest, of a daughter.


HEATHFIELD -At Seneca, Grand River, on the 17th instant, Mrs. E. Heathfield, of a daughter.


December 31, 1847


CAHILL - In this city, on the 27th instant, Mrs. Cahill, of a daughter.